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I can’t see!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I can’t see in the dark!

Nope…can’t see a thing.

It’s weird.

The other night I turned off all the lights in the living room before heading to bed and was walking to the other end of the living room when I ran into the chair and bruised my knee.  Another time all the lights were off and I tripped over a toy that was left out and nearly killed myself.

You would think I would learn.  But I don’t.

I need vision like a cat…or night vision goggles.

Yes..I’m sure those would come in handy!

Until then if you happen to drive by my house just after the lights go out and see me walking around like this:

then you will know that I just turned the light off…and I’m trying to make my way to the bedroom without running into anything and killing myself.


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