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I must confess…I have been slacking lately on the blog posts.  You probably can’t tell because I’ve scheduled the last little bit.  I have lots on my mind and lots to share with you…but things have just been super busy lately.

So I’m going to keep this light and “Christmasy” and next week I’ll share a little more of my deep theological mind.

Go ahead..you can laugh.  🙂

We put up our Christmas tree on the weekend.


Yup…right next to the pretty unfinished walls.  🙂

I love my tree.  Why do I love it?  Because it’s not perfect.  I see so many other trees on the internet or on tv where they are all decorated nice with bows and things flowing down them and you can tell that a kid never helped decorate that tree.  Not. at. all.

Our tradition has always been to decorate the tree as a family. (One time when hubby was a youth pastor we had the teens from the youth group come over and decorate the tree and make decorations to take home with them.  Another time it was the children’s church)

Hubby puts the lights and garland on and the star on top and then Little E and I and hubby decorate the rest of it.  We decorate it with old ornaments that Hubby and I both had as a kid, new ornaments that Little E has gotten over the year.  But the best decorations of all are the ones that Little E has made himself.  I love those and there are a few scattered here and there on the tree.  My tree is not perfect by “perfect decorating people” but it’s ours, it’s made by us and we love it.

Also this week Little E and I put up our advent calendar above the window.


It’s not really much of anything.  We bought a Christmas card holder from the dollar store…one that we can attach pieces of paper to.  Each piece of paper is for a different activity we can do as a family for each day before Christmas.  There are fun activities such as: “Go out for hot chocolate”, “Go visit our neighbour”, “Color Christmas pictures together”, “Go for a walk”, etc.  Just something fun and simple we can do as a family.  We did it last year and loved it.

So far this year…we are on December 6th and haven’t done one.  But, mark my words, we will be starting tomorrow night for sure!

When I was a little girl we used to go out either Christmas eve or a few days before Christmas and go look at Christmas lights.  I told Little E about this and he told me that was boring.  We shall see Little E…we shall see.  🙂

What about you…what are some of your favourite Christmas traditions you do as a family or when  you were a child that maybe you hope to pass on to your children someday?


Blessing for today: I had a chance to go to Little E’s Christmas Party at preschool.  Always a joy!

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