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Top ten things I’m thankful for this week:

1)  For friends who go the distance (like walking to another building to get papers for me)

2)  For a semi relaxing weekend.

3)  For extra work for both hubby and I.

4)  For snow for my boy to play in.

5)  My bed.  I love my bed.

6)  For Karen who brings me coffee Tues, Wed & Friday.

7)  For my kindle.  I love that thing!

8  For morning snuggles from my little boy in his jammies.

9)  For Michelle who teaches the kids every other week so I can sit in church and listen to my hubby.

10)  My wonderful husband.

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1)  For friends who bring coffee 🙂

2)  For a nice warm  house on a cold windy rainy day.

3)  For “I love you’s”

4)  For good doctor’s appointments.

5)  For cheese

6)  For coffee creamer…you never know how much you want it until you don’t have it for a day.  🙂

7)  For peppermint hot chocolate from McDonalds.

8  For being able to spend family time together today and take Little E skating for the first time.

9)  For a wonderful preschool that Little E goes to…and for preschool days so mommy can get some other stuff done around the house.

10)  For great deals on Christmas presents!!

That’s it…top ten..in no particular order.  🙂


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1) Shauna Radman.  Without her my world would not turn correctly.  I would not have fairly regular coffee dates.  I would not have started Zumba…she is the very reason why I exist today.  She is the #1 reason I am thankful today.  She makes me happy when skies grey…and all that jazz.

2)  For having some work this week…even if it wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be….at least I still helped bring in some income.

3)  For a great date day yesterday with my boy.  We had fun shopping.

4)  For free coffee at McDonalds.

5)  For friends who pretend they care…even if they don’t.  🙂

6)  For finally getting my specialist appointment after waiting since March.

7)  For being able to send Little E to preschool so he can interact with others outside of the home.

8)  For families not related by blood.

9)  For my wonderful husband.

10)  For answered prayers.



Ps.  These are in no particular order…other than number 1.  That is in the correct order.

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I’m not having a very thankful day today so I thought that today of all days I really need to sit back and think of ten things I am grateful for.  So here goes:

1) Thankful for a great family visit this weekend.

2)  For my power bill being down under $100 (and that’s for 2 months!).

3)  For a fun filled day yesterday.

4)  For a great church family.

5)  That when my necklace broke this morning..it was only the chain and not the other pieces that I spent a lot of money on.

6)  For a relaxing afternoon today.

7)  For a washing machine and dryer that works great 🙂

8)  For coffee.

9)  For an extra babysitting job that I got this last week…helps pay the bills.

10)  For great books to read!

Also..sorry I’ve been slacking on my posting.  Last week and this past week have been extremely busy and hectic…but hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things this week!


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It’s Sunday….it’s time to show the things I have been thankful for over the past week.

PS.  This might not interest any of you…but it holds me accountable for showing how blessed and appreciative I am.

1)  For the lady at Vogue Optical who fixed Little E’s glasses for FREE…even though when we called before they told us it would be $90.

2)  For Little E having a great day at his first day at preschool.

3)  For a husband who is a great handyman and can fix my house.

4)  For finding Little E’s sweater…after I had been looking for it for 2 days.

5)  Seeing old friends.

6)  Laughter

7)  Hugs and kisses.

8)  For a Jesus who loves me and finds me worthy even when I don’t.

9)  Zumba

10) A chance to sleep in.

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I don’t usually post on Sunday but…being it Thanksgiving and all I figured it couldn’t hurt.  🙂

Thanksgiving – a time to remember all that you have and to be thankful for it.  (Basically that’s a pretty good definition of it without going into all the history of it).

Thanksgiving kinda irks me.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m plenty thankful for what I have…and I know I have an over abundance of things…but it still irks me.


Well, because it just seems that the whole world has to stop on this one day and find something that they are thankful for.  We go around the table and say something we are thankful for and it always seems like there is one person at the table who has to pause and think of something.  Why do we just have to take this one day???  Why can’t we be thankful all year round??

Today we talked about it in church and I paused.  Not because I wasn’t thankful…but I wanted to say something besides “my family”.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m eternally grateful for my family but I am thankful for them each and every day.  I wanted to say something that I was thankful for that maybe I take for granted.  In the end it seemed like I couldn’t come up with something fast enough so I mentioned that I was thankful for the vacation we just took.

I am always thankful.  It doesn’t seem like there is a day that goes by that I don’t realize how blessed I truly am…and I send my thanks to the appropriate places.  However, when I look back at my life I find that I do a lot more complaining than showing others how thankful I really am.

Let me explain that a little better.

I am thankful for everything in my life.  Truly, utterly grateful.  I give thanks to my God who gives me those things to be thankful for as well as others who have blessed me with things.  But, rarely do I ever show others why I am thankful.  Rarely do I ever tell somebody: “I was feeling really low and discouraged and then I got this card in the mail that just uplifted my spirits and I am so THANKFUL for that”.  No….I keep that to myself instead of sharing it with others. Instead, I tend to voice my complaints about other areas in my life so much so that all people see are things that are wrong in my life…instead of the joy.

I don’t want to be like this…it just seems to be a habit I have formed and I’m trying to work myself out of it (with God’s help of course).

So…right here…right now…under the stars….I promise..(oh wait…sorry got side tracked by a Toby Mac song)

So…right here on this blog I’m going to share some things I am thankful for…just from today alone.  Hopefully this will become a thing that will be a little more regular on here.

10 Things I am thankful for: October 9, 2011:

1)  My husband who brought me coffee when my eyes don’t seem like they want to stay open tonight.

2) Little E and his manners.

3)  Being told “I love you” on a constant basis from Little E and hubby.

4)  A church where I can go and relax and people accept me.

5)  Laughter and friends.

6) The beautifully warm sun

7)  Corn maze entertainment

8 ) For a clean fridge and stove and kitchen (Thanks Darlene!)

9) A car that I can rely on

10)For a husband who is an amazing dad and wonderful man of God.

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