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It has finally happened.

I have waited for it for so long!!!

Elijah said those four little words that I have been longing, aching, and hoping to hear.

He said:

I am so proud…my heart swells.

The other day we were having morning snuggles before our day started and Elijah leaned over to daddy and said “I love you dad!”

I gasped.

Hubby looked at me and said “Are you ok?”

I said (with almost tears in my eyes) “that’s the first time he’s said that”.  Up until this moment I had been anxiously awaiting for him to say these words all on his own.  Sure, he’s said them after we have…but it wasn’t the same.

Hubby (who apparently has no heart…none at all) looks at me and said “No, he’s said that to me before.  He said it to me over Christmas vacation.”

Mortified I was!

How could my child (the one I feed, bathe, clean, play with) tell his daddy that he loves  him before he tells me???  How dare he!  🙂

I pretended I had something in my eye and went to the bathroom to compose myself.

Hehe well it wasn’t really that bad…ok maybe it was.  🙂

BUT today….today it was my turn!!!!

Those four simple words have filled my day with such joy.  I can give daddy back his moment and keep my treasured and tucked inside my heart forever.  🙂

Ahhh…it feels good to be loved.


Ps…my husband was not harmed during any of this process 🙂

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