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Hubby and I recently celebrated 10 years of wonderful marriage bliss….

ok…well we’ve been married for 10 years now. ¬†ūüôā ¬†So we decided to do something different for our ten year anniversary.

We, of course, went to the Toby Mac concert on the night before (Wednesday)….but that was all for me. ¬†Hubby decided he wanted to do something…a bit more challenging and fun for him.

So we decided to go do TreeGo together.

Now, for all of those who don’t know…basically TreeGo is an obstacle course that is set up HIGH off the ground in trees. ¬†You use a harness, pulleys and carabiners to get yourself around the obstacle course and to ensure your safety.

Here…see for yourself.

(This video was taken off of Youtube)

Some of you are probably thinking that this looks like a lot of fun. ¬†Well..it was…but for somebody scared of heights it was more of a “let me get this over with, but let it look like I am enjoying it for the sake of doing something fun with hubby that he wants to do.”

At the very first you start off with a course that teaches your basics and the wonderful guy at the beginning just must have seen the scared looked that was on my face and decided to have some fun with me. (or it might have just been standard procedure) ¬†When he went to explain the zipline to us and give us directions for that…he told us that we needed to make sure our head was back away from the rope or else it could seriously do some harm to our skull.

Yes…thank you for that.

Kevin and I had recently watched a movie about people trying to get out of this cave and this woman was climbing up the rope and her carabiner got stuck or something around her hair and then something happened so she lost her footing…and yah well it wasn’t pretty. ¬†Her hair was ripped right out of her skull…along with some of her head too.

Yes…this is what I was picturing EVERY SINGLE TIME I went down a zipline. ¬†Let me just tell you…my head was FAR AWAY from the rope.

Oh yes…have I mentioned that I’m scared of heights?? ¬†Well..in case I didn’t…I am…really really am…but by the end of it I think I was doing pretty good.

Now…most of the courses you are supposed to rely and trust in your harness and the carabiners to hold you up…and be able to balance yourself to walk across the ropes and obstacle courses. ¬†Not me…NOPE. ¬†I held on to the top rope with all that I could. ¬†Even when the trees were blowing I was just a screaming.

(I’m sure hubby had a great laugh)

There are four courses. ¬†I only did three (which to pat myself on the back…is pretty impressive for somebody scared of heights). ¬†However, at the end of the third one there was this T shaped bar and you were supposed to swing yourself off of one platform and onto the next which was about maybe 20 feet away.

By this time my hands and arms were so sore from holding myself up and NOT trusting in my harness that I really didn’t feel like I could do it. ¬†However, this was the end of the third course and I had already told hubby I wasn’t going to do the fourth one. ¬†I could see the end in sight so I decided to go for it. ¬†I swung myself off and only managed to get half way across. ¬†I was holding on for dear life trying to swing myself the rest of the way…but to no avail. ¬†I heard the guide tell hubby to pull me back. ¬†Meanwhile I was screaming “DON’T PULL ME BACK I’M ALMOST THERE”….knowing full well that I was going to have to do this all again.

The second time I made it..but just barely…and that was the end for me.

I did however…learn some valuable lessons on this adventure.

1) ¬†I need to learn to trust things around me more. ¬† A lot of the time I lean on my own understanding of things and think that I can do it so much easier instead of just following directions. I didn’t trust in my harness and boy did I pay for it afterwards. ¬†I was so tense and sore from holding myself up I had a hard time moving for the next two days. ¬†Everything inside and outside of my stomach hurt like crazy…as well as my arms and legs.

2) ¬†I depend on my husband for encouragement. ¬†This isn’t a bad thing. ¬†We all need encouragement in our lives…and who better to give it to you than your spouse. ¬†I learned that I need to encourage him more as well.

3) ¬†When I can see the end in sight things are always so much better. ¬†Some of those times when I was walking on the swinging boards all I could think of was the end. ¬†Once I saw the end I basically ran to the finish, relaxed and then prepared myself for the next course. ¬†Sometimes things in life are bad…but I always seem to get through them…and when I’m finished going through the bad things I can look back and see how well I may or may not have done.

So….yes it definitely was challenging but rewarding in the same aspect.

Would I do it again?


But you should try it ūüôā


Blessing: ¬†I didn’t fall to my death.

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The first time….

Tomorrow is the first time that I am leaving Little E overnight and most of the next day….EVER.

Well..ok…technically not ever….cause when he was at the IWK I went and slept at my mom’s for a night…but hubby was right there.

So…let me rephrase that.

Tomorrow is the first time that hubby and I will be leaving Little E overnight and most of the next day….EVER.

Thursday is our ten year anniversary so we are doing something special.

Well…ok the first part might be a little more special for me than hubby but I’ll make it up to him.

Wednesday night we are heading out to a Toby Mac concert….where I actually get to go backstage and meet Toby Mac…(that’s another post for another day) and then we are staying in a hotel together. ¬†Hubby and I…not Toby Mac and I…let me clarify that…yikes.

We were talking the other day and aside from our honeymoon this is basically the only time (that we can remember) where we stayed in a hotel together. ¬†Sure, we had the trip to Florida and also the trip down here to check out Sydney but we were always travelling with people…so this is the first time that it will be just us (and 1500 other people at the Toby Mac concert).

I told hubby that I was more excited about staying in a hotel with him and just getting away than going to the Toby Mac concert.

For some reason he didn’t believe me. (not sure why)

Then Thursday, (on our actual anniversary) we are going to TreeGo.  If you have never heard of TreeGo then you need to check out this website:  http://www.treegomoncton.com/

Yup…that’s what we are going to do. ¬†Have I mentioned that I’m scared of heights? ¬†Sure am!

But, I figure if hubby can endure a night of a Toby Mac concert then I can do this.

I’m actually pretty excited about it….until I get up there…and then I’ll probably cry like a baby.

Please pray for me. ¬†ūüôā

Yes, if leaving my boy for pretty much two days wasn’t enough…I might just kill myself by falling 30 feet off the ground…but at least I’ll be with hubby….and we’ll be celebrating. ¬†ūüôā



Blessing: ¬†I’m so thankful to have family members around that volunteer to take care of Little E…so I can rest easy. ¬†Thanks guys!!¬†



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