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Dear Cat….

Dear Cat

Do you really think you are fooling me?  Do you think I don’t notice?  Do you think I don’t “get you”?

Well…let me tell you something I do!!!  I’m on to you.  I know your ways.

I get the little game that you play with me.

You go to the door once I’m all nice and comfy in my chair.  All warm with all the blankets around me and just relaxing.  You go to the door and you sit there patiently for about three minutes. Then you make this fierce “meow” that can only come from the depths of hell…signaling that you want out.  If I ignore you it just gets louder.

So I huff and I get out of my chair…and I let you out.  Then I proceed to get all comfy again.  Five minutes pass (if I’m lucky) and then I hear a banging at the door.  Yup, it’s you.  You want back in.  Grumbling to myself I get back up and let you in.

This happens a good three or four times till finally you decide to come in for good and are all curled up on the couch with the blankets all around you.  When I go to grab the blanket you glare at me and don’t budge!  Well, I oughta…..

I also notice, oh yes I do, you running.  Yes, I’ve seen it happen.  I know you can do it.  You run at full force speed and then climb up a tree.  So…why is it that when I have to go to the bathroom you walk slower than a snail…and you zig zag in all directions so I can’t get around you?  Why?????  Don’t you know that time is of the essence when I have to use the bathroom.  It waits for no man..or woman!

When I try to step around you, you growl and then take your aggression out on the dog.  Now..really is that necessary?  He’s just an innocent bystander.

Oh let’s talk about the dog for a second!

Do you remember that little incident when all three of you (you, the other cat and the dog) were basking in the sun, laying on my living room floor??  Oh I bet you do!  Remember when the kitten got up and jumped on your head?  She remembers, I remember and the dog most certainly remembers.  The kitten got up and ran…the dog sat up straight and tried not to look you in the eyes…and all the world watched while you got your “mad” on.  The dog, oh the one that you love and give little head nudges to whenever you are feeling groovy, that poor dog didn’t stand a chance.  He was right in the line of fire.  He couldn’t make any sudden moves, couldn’t even look at you.  He tried to sneak a look in, noticed you were mad and then quickly turned his head back.

Poor dog, he really didn’t deserve the beating on the head you gave him after the fact.  You really should apologize.

Even though you are set in your ways and getting older I still love you…but I won’t play your games anymore.  You move when I say move, you stay in when I stay in and you sleep when I say sleep.

Is that ok with you?


Well..ok don’t get mad…let’s just keep things the way they were.  No need for aggression.


Ps.  I’m blessed to have two cats…just one of them is moody 🙂

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Little E and I have been watching Peep and the Big Wide World lately.  He loves watching it and so do I and hubby.  Makes us LOL (truly truly does).  The other morning Little E got up and said to hubby:  “Daddy’s it’s a sunny day!”

Hubby said “Is it?”

Little E said “Yup and I feel brand new!”

Check out the video to see where he got that from….thought it was too cute!


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Silence & Flyers.

It’s Thursday!

I love Thursdays!

When I was in elementary school I used to love Wednesdays because those were the days that we got to go to the library.  I know…I’m such a “geek” but I loved reading (and still do).

However, now as I’m older I have learned to love Thursdays.  Ok…it’s only been in the last few months but here’s why:

The main reason is:  Thursday is FLYER day!

Oh I get so excited when I see that lady with the strange hat coming to my mailbox, BECAUSE I know she’s coming to bring me my flyers.  I’m shaking with anticipation.  (Yes, I’m still a geek…but maybe for a different reason).  The reason why I love the flyers is because I can plan on how I am going to coupon for the week…and how I’m going to SAVE money!  I always wonder what great deals I’m going to get.  I sit and look at those flyers…inspecting every last deal for at least a good two hours (if not more).

And the second reason why I love Thursdays is because I can look at the flyers without any interruptions.  Hubby is usually out doing some type of work and Little E is at preschool.  It’s just me and the animals…and they respect my need to have silence.  I love it.  The past two Thursdays have been great because I haven’t had any kids to babysit on those days so I’ve had the whole day to myself.

Today I didn’t even get out of my pj’s.  I felt guilty for maybe a nano second..but I got over it and I had a wonderfully comfy time on such a snowy filled day.

Yes it was wonderful!  And I enjoyed every little second of it!

But I did miss my boys!  🙂


Blessing:  Silence.

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Hubby and I have been having a little bit of a hard time with Little E lately.  I’m not sure if he’s just at that stage or if he’s constantly crying out for attention or what but his behaviour hasn’t been the best lately.

Tuesday morning before hubby left for the day he told Little E to help mommy out and to not fight with the other kids and to be a good boy.  He said “I’ll be very proud of you if you can do that!”

And you know what….Little E was great ALL day!

When daddy came home Little E ran to the door and said “Daddy I was a good boy, I helped mommy out and I didn’t fight!  Are you proud of me??”  He just craves that.  He wants us to be proud of him all the time.  I love it, not just because it makes him behave better but also because I know that he values our opinions and what we think of him.

So hubby got down to his level and said “Yes Little E I’m very proud of you!  Just for that You can have this peanut butter cup!”

Sideline:  My husband is a HUGE peanut butter fan…eats it on everything….everything!  I’m not exaggerating at all.  So a peanut butter cup is gold in this house.

And you know what happened?

Little E looked at hubby and said “NO thanks dad…you can have it!”

Hubby just stood there with his mouth opened and said “You don’t want it?”

Little E said “No, I don’t like them…there is too much peanut butter in them.”

The house went silent.  I feared for Little E’s life.  What was going to happen?

Hubby looked at him with a hurt kind of look on his face and said “ok, I guess I’ll eat it then”.  Come on…we all know that wasn’t much of a sacrifice…if any at all.  🙂

The sad thing?  I don’t think Little E is much of a peanut butter eater.  He never wants it on his sandwiches and barely ever eats it now.  But…I’ll keep that little secret to myself.  Hopefully Little E breaks it to hubby gently.


Blessing:  I am HUGELY blessed.  I can’t even begin to describe it.  My week has been full of AHHH moments.  Good AHHH moments.  I’ll share more with you at a later date though.  🙂 Can’t have too many blessings pouring out of me at once….gotta save some. 🙂

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Yesterday we were having a lazy  Sunday afternoon because Little E was a little bit under the weather.  He was sitting on the couch with hubby watching Disney Cars videos on youtube.  He came across a video where it was showing the newest color changing toy.  He decided to show hubby and after watching it hubby said that looks really cool Little E, you will definitely have to save your money for it.

To which Little E replied:

“Yup I’m going to buy it when it comes on buy one get one free.”

Haha made me chuckle.  I think he’s been hanging out with his coupon freak mommy a bit too much!  🙂


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