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In my family we name everything.

My laptop’s name is Elvis (long story behind that one)
My ipad’s name is Silver

My ipod’s name is Priscilla…had to have a companion for Elvis

Our car’s name is Nero.

My coupon binder’s name is Big Red.

Our van’s name is Penelope..

hubby has many names for his tools.

Don’t ask why…it’s just something we do….our quirky little thing.

So when my BFF got a new van….I just had to come up with a name for it.

It’s White…her last name is White…so I named the first name: Betty.

So..yup…Betty White.

Get it? Golden Girls….Betty White..

yah..I thought you did.

Anyway….last weekend we went on a trip and my BFF came down to visit. Little E asked me what my BFF’s van’s name was and so I told him.

We went to the beach and on the way back to the van…Little E starts yelling at the top of his lungs:

“I LOVE BETTY WHITE!  I LOVE BETTY WHITE!!!” While running around in circles.

Oh and should I mention that there were at least 50 people within earshot of him doing this?

I quickly looked at the person closest to me who was snickering and I was like…Ummm Betty White is the name of her van.

Yah…cause that makes it sound so much better.


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Little E and I have been watching Peep and the Big Wide World lately.  He loves watching it and so do I and hubby.  Makes us LOL (truly truly does).  The other morning Little E got up and said to hubby:  “Daddy’s it’s a sunny day!”

Hubby said “Is it?”

Little E said “Yup and I feel brand new!”

Check out the video to see where he got that from….thought it was too cute!


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The other day Little E and I were playing.  I can’t remember exactly what we were doing but I must have been bugging him because he looked up at me and said:

“Mom is that really necessary”.

I kid you not…plain as day.

Just shows you how much your words impact your kids 🙂


Blessing:  I had a great relaxing day today and found a great deal on a new pair of jeans!

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The other day we were sitting around the supper table talking about presents for Christmas.  My hubby asked me what I told my dad that I wanted for Christmas.

I told him that I asked for a goat.  (not a real goat…but a goat to help a family overseas that would help to bring in some extra food or income for a family that needed it)

Little E pipes up and says:

“Come on guys!  Santa doesn’t have goats!  He has reindeer!”

Kid’s got a point.  Foolish mommy!  🙂


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I was sitting on (as my friend Kim says)  Amazing A and Lucky L the other day and Amazing A kept looking out the window at the little girl across the road, who we’ll name T for this short story.

He kept getting up and looking out the window and then laying back down to watch the tv show.  He did this on and off for a bit when I said “Hey Amazing A is T your girlfriend?”

He replied, “No!”

I said “oh I think she is!!!”

Lucky L then piped in and said “Trust me, if she was I think I would know.  He would have told me!”

I said “well he keeps looking out the window at her…I think she’s his girlfriend!”

Amazing A quickly replies “It’s not, we had a little talk!”

Haha thought it was cute!

Enjoy and happy Monday!!


Blessing:  I had a great day today and got Little E didn’t cry at preschool today!!!


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The other day Little E wanted me to play something with him and at the time I really really didn’t want to do anything so I made up this excuse:

“Mommy’s too old to play that game”

to which Little E responded:

“You’re not old….you’re new!”


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We were driving to church the other day and I was telling hubby about driving around the rotary with Little E story when we hear a little voice from the back of the car that says:

“Daddy, will you teach mommy how to drive?”

Thanks kid…..mommy loves you too 🙂


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