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See this thing right here?

This “gadget” has been the bane of my existence for the past….oh….month and a half.


WELLLLLLLL….because I wanted to buy this for Little E for Christmas.  He loves using my iPod touch and I knew that he would just LOVE this.

About a month and a half it came on sale at Walmart for $89…which is a $20 price drop from the original price.  I went to our nearest Walmart and they didn’t have it…so drove all the way to the other Walmart (it’s not really far…but remember my story about going around the rotary?  Yeah…what should have been a ten minute drive turned into about a 20 minute drive).  I found it at the other Walmart…buttttttttttttt…and here’s the BIG BUT…they only had one left and it was in the color PINK.

However  because I can always find a way to get myself out of a mess (usually) I decided to buy it and then later on when they had green ones in stock exchange it for a green one at the same price of $89.

Little did I know that the evil elves of Walmart didn’t feel the need to stock up on anymore LeapPad Explorers.  And the extra naughty elves of the internet were selling them on Amazon and Ebay for almost double and triple what they were worth.

All I could think of was “this is just like the Tickle Me Elmo” scenario a few years back.  However, I didn’t run over anybody (yet) to get one.

So I brought it home…hid it in my closet and probably annoyed all my friends with my asking them if they were going away so that they may be able to get one for me in the color GREEN.  I called other stores…even 4.5 hrs away…and all were sold out.

Then last night the magical elf that loves me came to visit.  He brought me a flyer from Zellers that said “LeapPad Explorer’s on sale $99.00”.  I was soooo excited.  Here was my chance to get a green one. We hurried out to Zellers the night before the sale and the nasty sales lady said “they don’t go on sale till tomorrow…they won’t be out on the floor until tomorrow.”  I replied….”I’ll buy one for regular price.  All I want is a green one”.  She nastily replied “be here at 8 in the morning if you want one”.

Seriously…cause nobody works right?

In my head, though, I was plotting.  How will I be there at 8 in the morning.  I have to babysit kiddos all day…it’s just not going to happen.

I turned to hubby with my sweet eyes and kindly asked “hey can  you be there in the morning at 8 to get this for me?  Pretty please???”

He quickly agreed and he headed in to Zellers at 7:30 this morning.  I really think he was just tired of me talking about it the for the last month and a half.

At about 7:50 I texted him and asked him if there were a lot of people in line.  He said “5 and then me…so 6.  5 Crazy ladies and me…I feel so dumb.  Do I run?  Do I scream while I run?”

Oh the humor of that boy.

I said…”no just walk very very quickly!!”

There was silence and then I heard the lovely “twinkle” saying that I had a text message and this is what it said:

“for it” (yes…hubby is still learning how to text)

Then a reply came quickly after that “Got it!”

Woohoooooooooooooooooo I was so excited.  Little E wouldn’t have a pink LeapPad after all. (Although I’m sure he probably would prefer the pink one)

And what am I doing with my pink one?

Hahaha…I’m joining the thousands on ebay and trying to sell it for more than it’s worth.  If it doesn’t sell then I’ll post it on Kijiji or take it back to Walmart…but a girl has to try right?


Ps.  Note to self:  Buy the popular items ahead of time!

Blessing:  No women were killed or trampled on while my husband grabbed the LeapPad Explorer.  🙂

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As I have mentioned before I’m an avid follower of the blog entitled:  No Time For Flashcards.

I turned to it the other day hoping to find a nice easy craft to do for Father’s day on Sunday and found this link that I hadn’t noticed before!  Allison is having a summer reading contest.

I checked everything and it seems to be valid for Canadians too…at least I didn’t see anything saying that it wasn’t…and besides what’s the worst that could happen?  You spend time reading with your child?  hehe I don’t think that’s bad at all!

So Allison is giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate as the summer reading contest prize.

Check out the link here to see what it’s all about:  www.notimeforflashcards.com

Basically you read as many books as you can with your child and even if you read the same book three times it still counts as three books being read.  There are dates that you submit how many you have read for that week.  I believe the contest goes till the end of August.

I found a cool chart and we started today!  We have read five books.  Remember: reading is a fun thing!  Don’t pressure your child into reading books with you.  Reading books is rewarding and doesn’t need to be looked on as a chore.  Let your child’s imagination run…don’t read fast just to get the book done.  Enjoy the time with your child.

(Ps.  Your child doesn’t have to read it…even if you have younger children you can do this…just as long as a book is being read)

So who’s with me?  Let’s get some reading done!!!  I’d love to hear what books are your child’s favourite!!

Also..I have been thinking of doing this for a while now.  Allison does it on her blog and I have gotten a lot of cool books from her reviews.  Starting probably in August (once the summer dies down a bit) I’m going to start doing children’s book reviews as well as my adult ones.   So that’s something to be looking forward to!

Blessing:  I love to read and I’m glad I can share this with Little E!

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