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“Is this Sobeys?”

When we first moved here three years ago hubby decided that we needed to pick our own number and pick something that was easy to remember.  So we called the phone company and asked for an easy number.  They gave us a few to pick from and we came up with something that was fairly easy to remember.

Well…let me tell you…we should have done our research.

Turns out that our phone number is very similar to Sobeys.  So for the last three years we have gotten many phone calls from people saying “Is this Sobeys?”

I was polite at first.  But after oh the 10th time of people calling and waking my little boy up from his nap…mother bear came out.  I got angry and annoyed.  Seriously…how hard is it to get a phone number right???  SHEESH.  Technology has made it easier than ever  before.  These days we have touch tone phones (not the rotary ones where your fingers could get stuck in the holes) and we have telephones with screens on it so you can SEE the number you are dialing.

I know, I know…it’s an honest simple mistake.  But seriously you’re sitting there reading this and I bet you don’t get at LEAST three calls a day asking for Sobeys.

What’s worse is these  people:

Stupid caller 1: “Hello, is this Sobeys?”

Me:  “No, you have the wrong number.”

Stupid caller 1:  “Oh, I’m so sorry, bye!”

They hang up and immediately call back.

Me:  “hello?”
Stupid caller 1 again: “Is this Sobeys?”

Me: Click

 They call back again.  I let it ring, and ring, and ring and ring and think to myself:  “Sucker!  Now you are going to have to listen to my ridiculously long voicemail message!”

Stupid caller #2:  “Is this Sobeys?”

Me: “No, you have the wrong number.”

Stupid Caller #2:  “I have the wrong number?”

Me: (sigh) “yes”

Stupid Caller #2:  (two options to choose from here) A)  Can you tell me the number I called? or B) Is this ***-****?”

Me: reply to option A) You called ***-****  or B)  No this is ***-****

Stupid Caller #2:  “Oh, I guess I have the wrong number?”


Oh and the best is when I get a Sobeys store looking for Sobeys.  Yah that’s always fun.

***Last night I had a call for Sobeys from a totally different province.  I didn’t get to the phone in time so I waited and I waited for them to leave a message and they didn’t. So I called them back.   This is how the conversation went:

Me: “Did somebody from your house just call my number?”

Stupid stupid caller:  “NO”

Me: “Somebody just called her”

Stupid stupid caller:  “No, who is this?”

I give them my name

Stupid stupid caller: “No, we were calling Sobeys.”

Me:  “You’re from a different province?  Why would you be calling here to Sobeys?  Idiots…” Then I hung up.

Seriously….it’s hard soooooo very hard to be Christlike when people are so dumb!

On another note:  Maybe I should work for Sobeys?   🙂


Blessing:  At least I know the number for Sobeys when I need to call.

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Rant #2

I’m ranting again.  I have to…it’s in me.  I’ve ignored doing this post for a while now just because I don’t want to offend anybody but I have to get this off my chest.  The voices in my head (and my husband too) that hear me complaining about it say it’s time.  🙂


In NS all public places are smoke free.  They are supposed to be…it’s a law!


So why are people still smoking outside at public places?

Don’t get me wrong….I don’t hate smokers.  Not at all!  I just can’t stand when somebody is smoking right beside a shopping place entrance and my child and I have to walk through the stench of a cigarette to get to the door.

Do you know what gets me even more upset?



People do this…and nobody stops them! Why is nobody stopping them?  Where are the no smoking on public premises police?

Can they not see the sign?  All they have to do is turn their head and wipe away the smoke fumes and there’s the sign!  It’s huge.  The only way you could get out of this one is if you were blind.

Oh I rant and rave inside my head, mutter under my breath (cause apparently I still must show the love of God in a situation like this) and fume until I’m inside the door.

Don’t do it!  Don’t smoke in public places!  For the love of everything people…just stop!

Go smoke inside your car.

If you have children please don’t smoke inside the car.

Smoking is your habit…please don’t make other people enjoy it when they don’t want to.

You have a choice to keep others healthy around you even if you aren’t going to be healthy yourself.

So….please please please be responsible.

Walk the distance to the designated smoking area or  just wait until you are away from people.

A pastor I know has a saying; “Don’t be stupid!”

This would apply here.

Images used from Google images.

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OH MY *&^!

Ok…I’m just going to speak my mind on this topic.

If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s this:

Hearing people say: “Oh my God!” (from now on this will be referred to “oh my &^&!”

I know people are ignorant of why saying this is a “bad” thing and I know not all people have grown up in the church as I have..but it still irks me.

The reason?  They are using God’s name lightly.  They are not praising God…they are using it more or less as a swear word…a way to show annoyance, anger, disbelief, or frustration. Yes, sometimes it is shown as excitement, but most of the time it is still not used in the way it is intended to be used by God, which is for praise and adoration to Him.

What drives me even more batty?  When children say it.  Obviously they are just saying it because they have heard other people saying it…and it just becomes a part of their vocabulary.

Still it drives me up the WALL!

Why why why must we say it?

Shouldn’t the name of God be more powerful than just an ordinary word that falls off our tongue?  Shouldn’t it be said with adoration and thankfulness, rather than some other slang word that falls off our lips…like frig, shoot, or crap?

God is the one who made us, who created us, who knows all things, has all things planned, breathes life into all things…and we just use His name like any other word!

Now, I know not all people are believers and so they wouldn’t think twice about this..but it is a pet peeve of mine.

That being said…my pet peeve was uttered by my child. (He’s heard it from other people…not me…)

Yup…that’s right.  Little E said “OH MY &^&!”

We were at the supper table and having a conversation and Little E just blurted it right out.

I quickly told him that that phrase makes God sad and that he shouldn’t be saying it.

He hung his head and hubby and I went on to finish our conversation.

All of a sudden he raises his head and his hands up to the sky and says (while shaking his hands):


It was so cute.  I told him that was better and that he made God happy again by apologizing.

I love the pure love that he has for God and the innocence that is around him at this age.  LOL…by all means I am not saying my child is innocent…but right now his faith is innocent and I love the way he loves God with all that is in him.

Blessing:  My child loves God.

How about you? What is your pet peeve?


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