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Last night I was on facebook (shocker!) and one of my friends shared a beautiful article on how mom’s sometimes don’t want to be in the picture because they may not look like they did pre-child days.  It was a GREAT read that went on to explain that us mom’s should want to be and NEED to be in the pictures because someday our child(ren) are going to look back on those pictures and wonder mommy wasn’t with them at events.

Also, It’s great to show them  how young we looked back then.  We don’t need to look our 100% best…who are we trying to impress?  Them?  NAH…we’ve already won their love when we kissed their aches, or held them when they were sick, paid attention to their stories or gave them  unconditional love.

Read the article here…it’s worth it.


So…that being said…I have a proposal.

I propose that each of us takes a picture of  us (that’s mommy and kids…and even daddies and kids, or whole families and kids) once a day for the next month.

That’s from now until November 4th.

Take them, make a collage out of them and hopefully by then I’ll figure out how to get it so that you can upload your picture on here and we can all share our mommy and kid photos.

Don’t cheat…just do it.  Do it unedited….don’t go fixing yourself up all nice first.  Be you, the real you….so your kids will recognize you.

What do you think?

Here’s day one for me:

My goal is to post mine on here each day…(as long as I can make it on) and then make a collage out of it at the end)


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Here is last year’s Easter picture.  I think it’s hilarious.  Both him and the Easter Bunny look scared out of their mind!

Easter 2010 - Looking Scared!

And here is this year’s picture:

Easter 2011 - MUCH BETTER!

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