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It’s Sunday….it’s time to show the things I have been thankful for over the past week.

PS.  This might not interest any of you…but it holds me accountable for showing how blessed and appreciative I am.

1)  For the lady at Vogue Optical who fixed Little E’s glasses for FREE…even though when we called before they told us it would be $90.

2)  For Little E having a great day at his first day at preschool.

3)  For a husband who is a great handyman and can fix my house.

4)  For finding Little E’s sweater…after I had been looking for it for 2 days.

5)  Seeing old friends.

6)  Laughter

7)  Hugs and kisses.

8)  For a Jesus who loves me and finds me worthy even when I don’t.

9)  Zumba

10) A chance to sleep in.

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I don’t like change.

I’m not talking about the loose coins in my pocket (or lack thereof). No, I mean the change of my regular routine, the thought of something new.

I don’t exactly know when this happened.  When I was a little girl I loved changing my room around, putting things in new places and such, but now if hubby asks me to move the couch in a different direction I just can’t do it!  Can’t.  Won’t even think about it.  Don’t want to!!!

My epiphany came to me tonight as I was in Zumba (a Latin dance fitness class).  Usually my friend and I go to Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday nights (this used to be Monday and Wednesdays last year…THEY CHANGED IT…something I also had to get used to) at 7 PM.  My friend is a nurse so sometimes we can’t make it to those classes because she is working.  I usually go with her because I don’t like going by myself..but that’s a whole other issue for another time.  (Maybe I need to go see a therapist lol). So we decided to check out this class in our neighbourhood that happens Monday nights at 7:30.  Tonight was our first night.  It’s held in a much smaller facility and has new people..which means people I’m not used to being around and also people can see me now that we are in a smaller place.

I decided to give it a try anyway.



Oh not good.

The instructor was great but she never explained the steps ahead of time.  Which normally would have been fine if we were doing the same steps as the ones we do on Tuesday & Thursday nights.  However, they weren’t the same steps at all…but completely different..oh so different.  I have to see something happen about twice before I could catch on and so by the time I caught on to this ballet/dance type of Zumba the moves changed.  I just felt like I couldn’t catch up and I wanted to do the songs the way I had done them in my other Zumba class.

I had fun though.  I laughed at myself…got a fairly decent workout…but I won’t go back unless my friend begs me. She said she had a great time and would go again..but you know why I couldn’t enjoy it?  Because it was CHANGE and it was way too much!  Half way through I just kinda gave up and focused on getting the songs over with so that I could go home.  I tried not to have a horrible attitude but I just couldn’t deal with all of this new stuff all at once.

You know what the funny thing is?  Change is always going to be a part of my lifestyle.  It’s a percentage of who I am as a pastor’s wife.  I have to be adaptable to change if we decide we need to move to another place or do something different with our lives someday.  I have to be adaptable to change if things don’t turn out my way.  I just have to be adaptable to change period!

Not all change is bad…oh no no no.  The change of going from a two person family to a three person family was AWESOME…hard..but so worth it.  I love living in this city…even though it was hard meeting new people. I’m sure there are other changes that have happened to that aren’t bad at all..but I don’t deal well with change that I can’t control. (At this moment I am having the light bulb moment that Dr. House has in each of his episodes.  I am perfecting the “stare” and the “ah ha!” moment as we speak)

So my challenge (and an ongoing one) besides the laughing more and being more loving is to try to adapt to change more.


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