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Nothing like a good piece of watermelon on a hot day!

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My sweet little adorable man sang Happy Birthday to me over and over and over again all day today.

I recorded it all so you can hear it.  At the end he’s saying “and many more”.

Makes me swell with pride every time I watch it.  He’s my cute little man!


Blessing:  I had a very relaxing and enjoyable birthday!  

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This is my all time favourite quote from Amazing A.

We were talking about marriage one day…I’m not sure why.  It seems like we have a lot of discussions on this and this is what he came :out with:

Someday I’m going to dress my brother up like a girl and marry him”.


I had to go in the other room to control my laughter.


Blessing:  Kids.

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OK so i’m moving wordless wednesday to Tuesday today because I want to show you little E with his glasses on.  Just got them today.

New Glasses

They are a bit crooked on his face in this picture…but we fixed them.

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Most of you know that I babysit children.

Most days these little ones say stuff that is just witty, crazy and down right hilarious.  So I’ve decided to start a new post called Laughable Lines from the Little Ones.  I will work hard to post these funny sayings on Mondays as I’m sure we could all use a little laugh on one of the hardest days to get back into the swing of things.  🙂

First let me recap who these little ones are:

Amazing A (Age 5)

Lucky L (Age 7)

Silly S (Age: Almost 2)

Little E (Age 3: He’s mine))

Pretty E (Age 1…she’s on a break until school starts again)

Jumping J (Age almost 3 I think)


On a side note here:  I’m thinking of asking hubby to draw little super hero characters for each of the kids for here.  (Yes I realize this goes against my super hero thing…but ah well)


So today’s Laughable lines from the little ones is brought to you today by Lucky L:

My mother had pain in her belly when I was in there because I was building buildings in there with a hammer.  I was building a whole city…but I made sure I took them down before Amazing A lived there.

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After four days of continual rain we finally had some SUN!

(Of course it was on a Sunday when I’m NOT babysitting..but we’ll just forget about that one for now)

So, after church we decided to load up Nero (that’s our car) and head to the local splash pad.

Little E played, sat on the water, played some more and made some new friends…all without the help of mommy and daddy going through the splash pad with him.  (YAY for not getting wet!)

After he was done with this we headed over to the playground.

I thought that hubby and I were going to sit on the picnic bench and watch little E play with the other kids.  So I quickly laid out the wet towel and dug out my ipod for a quick check of my email.  After a few minutes I look over and hubby is motioning for me to come over.  As I approach him he says this:

“Little E just asked me if I would play with him cause mommy never plays with him”. (He swears that he actually said this)

Talk about a punch in the gut!

Mommy guilt at it’s finest. It was everything I could do to hold back the tears.

Regrettably I understand that this is something I need to work on. I realize I am on the computer a lot…or just need to get that extra bit of work done…or play the excuse:  “There are five other kids here…play with them…you don’t always need mommy with you all the time”.

However, that being said….here’s my confession:

I don’t know how to play.


It’s true.

It’s like my imagination has left me.  It’s like I’m Peter Pan…except I have finally grown up and have lost my shadow.

I have posted on this before…but obviously it’s still a work in progress for me…something that is a daily struggle.

I’m working on it..but man it wouldn’t hurt to have some accountability.  So at the end of the day…if you think of it and you have me as a friend on facebook or twitter…just send me a message asking me: “Have you played with your child today?”

I refuse to let the busyness of life get in the way anymore.

I refuse to let my addiction to the computer get in the way of spending time and enjoying life with my child.  (I’ve been on the other end of that and it sucks..I know it)

I can’t promise to be supermom…but I’ll do my best trying.

My child is only young once….so I’m going to choose to be young with him…with a hint of adult in there somewhere 🙂


Blessing: Had a great day with my family today!

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I have this “thing”.

This “rule”.

I’m the only one that follows through with it…my husband and my friends think I’m not being fair…but I’ve clung to it still.

Here it is:

No superheroes till Little E is four years old.

Yup…I’m sure some of you are saying: Laura is CRAZY!!!!

But I’m the mother and I’m the woman of the house and it’s my rule and all others must follow through.  🙂

My reasoning?

I don’t want my child going around killing people and knowing about good and bad superheroes right now.  I want him to be focused on Mickey Mouse,  Handy Manny, Oso.

Little boy shows…not bigger boy shows until he’s four.

Why four?

Well…I figure I don’t want him made fun of at school because he doesn’t know who super heroes are..so this gives him a full year of getting to know them and who they are…and also that’s when I have decided I won’t see him as a baby anymore.

Yah right…I know I’ll always see him as my little boy…but I guess this is the time where I will mentally accept it…or where I will prepare myself for it.

So my “no superhero” rule has done good so far….except for the constant chiding of my friends and husband.

It’s not like I tell him that he can’t look at it…I just don’t have too many superhero stuff in the house…no tshirts..barely any superhero cars..no action figures…things like that.

Until today.

Today changed everything….a little sliver of super hero has snuck in to my Little E’s life.

Yesterday he went to the eye doctor and <gasp> my little boy has to have glasses.

So today we went to Vogue Optical (where your second pair is free)…come on you know  you are singing it. 🙂 and the pair that he got most excited about were…….SPIDER MAN glasses.

So….I gave in…cause he has to like the glasses he is going to wear…they have to be HIS…not MINE.

So in a week my little boy will be having his first ever pair of glasses…complete with spider man features.



Blessing: These glasses don’t have a huge spider man hanging off of them….they are just decorated with webs on the side…so I still get to keep my little boy a little bit longer 🙂

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