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My friend, Christy, wrote on her blog http://terrishoyt.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/new-years-resolutions/ the other day about how her pastor challenged her to take a word for one year, focus on it and claim it…work on it…let it mould you. (You really should check out her blog…she’s quite funny)

I was sitting in church today and I was thinking about her post and was challenged to do the same.

So my one word for this year is:


I want to encourage others through my words, actions and thoughts.

One way that I am planning on doing this is through facebook. I tried to do this last year but didn’t get very far.

So new year….new try.

This is my one and only New Year’s resolution. Sure, I have other things I would like to change about myself but I figure if I can focus one thing rather than twenty….that’s far better…and hopefully “easier”.

So my plan on facebook? To encourage people on their birthday. Sure…it’s great to come on Facebook on your birthday and see all those “happy birthday” wishes….but I believe it’s better and nicer to come on Facebook and see how somebody really feels about you. Picking out your great qualities….taking the time to really reflect on you and let you know that they are important to you.

Soooo….that’s my plan. I plan to encourage and uplift others on their birthday.

Who knows….maybe it will catch on??


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