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Monday we were driving back from big E’s t-ball game and my gum was stale so I rolled down my driver window and threw it out.

I keep on driving through the city and then get ready to turn when I realized this:


Yeah….the gum didn’t quite land out the window like I thought I would.

So I’m driving through town trying to decide how to get this gum off my window. My first plan was to roll down the window. I started pushing the button for the window to go down when my brain started screaming “nooooooo don’t do it! Bad bad bad…it will get stuck.”

So I stopped. My next thought was to open my door at the next red light….but yeah not so good when traffic is coming at you.

So, as I waited at the red light, I decided to just act cool about it. I put my arm on my widow sill and stared straight ahead.

I could tell people were looking…people were laughing inside their head.

Stupid gum.

As soon as I got home I took the gum off the window.

Lesson learned??

You bet….next time make sure I have a better aim. ūüôā


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The other day my best friend and I took our kiddos to the beach. Big E sat in the back with two of the other kids. One of the teens asked him: “what is your favourite thing to do?”
To which he responded: “play with my mom”. I was excited to hear his response an my heart melted a little bit…but then came the second half of the response …. “But that doesn’t happen very often.”


I sat in the seat ahead of him and almost cried. Most people would say to me….. Laura that isn’t true you play with him lots. But it is true. I don’t take the time and play with him. He asks me to play and I usually say “no, not right now…” Or “I’m busy” or “I don’t want to play right now.”

It’s the same response time after time. I find that I say no far to often and not “yes” often enough.

I think it’s the same with somebody else though.

I think if somebody were to ask Jesus what his favourite thing to do was…he response would be “to spend time with Laura….but that doesn’t happen that often.”


We had a speaker in church today talk about imposter kings in our lives. He asked us to identify what ours was.

Mine would definitely be selfishness. Selfishness of my things. Selfishness of my time…selfishness of my love.

Just plain selfishness.

I’m determined for that not to be an imposter king any longer. I’ve spend 33 (almost 34) years with that king….he may be comfortable but I am not.

Today we sang the hymn…”I surrender all.” I sang it…I meant it. I’m surrendering my selfishness.

I’m going to dig in deeper with my relationships. All of them. And….gulp…if that means I have to hug somebody…then so be it….but baby steps people. ūüôā

What is your imposter king?

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We have enrolled Big E (remember he’s 5 now!) into t-ball this summer. ¬†This week there has been two practices to make up for all the rain we had in June. ¬†Monday night’s practice was basically just throwing the ball around, learning to hit and just getting used to the team jerseys. ¬†(They are massive lol). ¬†Today’s practice was a little more organized….as in they were divided on equal teams. ¬†They all had a chance to bat about ten balls and all had a chance to run after the ball and catch it.

For the first part of the practice Big E just stood beside another kid and watched the other kids run and catch the ball. ¬†For a good ten minutes he did this….finally I went up to the fence and yelled to him to run over and try to catch the balls.

One he started doing that he quickly gained a friend. ¬†Well, Big E would call him a friend…I would call him a somewhat bossy little kid. ¬†Goodness…I hope my kid is not a follower some day! ¬†Let’s call this kid Bossy McDoo. ¬†(uggh…maybe that’s mean)…ok maybe Mr. McDoo. ¬†Yah, sure, that’s better.

Anyway, Mr. McDoo drew a line in the dirt and told Big E not to go past it. ¬†I watched Mr. McDoo run and catch the ball on numerous occassions. ¬†Finally my Big E decided he wasn’t going to take any more of that and went after the ball himself. ¬†He missed…but Mr. McDoo gave him the ball. ¬†Yay! ¬†One point for Mr. McDoo!! ¬†(on the niceness card).

Well…after that Big E and Mr. McDoo were inseperable (for the next thirty minutes anyway). ¬†Mr. McDoo kept yelling to all of his older friends that this was his new friend. ¬†He kept looking at Big E and asking him what his name was. ¬†(Big E’s name is Elijah for those who don’t know). ¬†Well, apparently Mr. McDoo couldn’t say that and he kept calling him Rajah…or Wajah or something. ¬†And Big E kept saying “NO, it’s Elijah…. E. L. I. J. A H! ¬†(yup spelled it right out for him…take that Mr. Mcdoo!)

Anyway after about the third time Mr. McDoo said “How about I just call you Jaja!” ¬†Elijah said “Yah!”

and at the same time I said “NO!!!” (not out loud but under my breath.)


Breathe Laura…breathe.

Jaja!! ¬†And no Big E…..you can’t just let him call you that.

But you know what? ¬†Big E seemed to be ok with that. ¬†He’s not ok with kids calling him Eli…or Elij lol but JaJa he’s ok with.

And so….because he’s ok with it and because he’s going to school in September I have to step ¬†back and let him be ok with it…and I have to be ok with the fact that he’s ok with that.


I’m stepping back…I’m letting go…I’m learning….maybe.

September comes way to quickly…and with September comes independence. ¬†He’s getting it now…becoming bolder and bolder…but man oh man…it’s a whole new world in a few months. ¬†Scary and good.

My baby is growing up.


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