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The blog world is sad today.  Sad because a blogger is soon going to be heading home to be with Jesus.

If you have a chance within the next two days and haven’t already been connected with Gitzengirl’s blog then you NEED to go check it out.  You need to start at the beginning and just read.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Gitzengirl (who’s real  name is Sarah) suffers from a disease that has kept her in her house for the last three years…she hasn’t been able to leave.

My dear friend, Rebecca (who’s blog is here:http://iamrelevant.wordpress.com/ , turned me onto Sarah’s blog and I’ve seen so much Joy in the midst of what could have been bitterness for Sarah.  Please please please read it.

Here is her blog:


Read…and please pray for her, her family and her friends.



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Mommy Links

If you are a mom of a preschooler then you know that some days can be especially challenging when you are trying to find something to do that’s a little bit different than playing the same game of hide and go seek and hiding in the same places day after day.

If you are living in the Maritimes then you know that this Spring/Summer (we’re still waiting for it) has been especially challenging because there has been so much RAIN!

Rain + preschoolers inside all day without something fun to do = a very insane and crazy day!

I try to do something structured with the kids that I babysit and of course with Little E as well.

On Tuesdays we have “no tv tuesdays” which are awesome but I also like to have on hand some fun and different activities.

Since I’m not a very “creative” person I decided to turn to the internet.

If you’ve been on my blog and have just been reading my posts then you need to STOP what you are doing right now and look to the right of your screen.

See those words in a list over there?  Those are links to some very seriously cool websites that will help you pass your day with your preschooler(s).  They offer fun games, cool crafts and even some good books!

My two favourites are: www.followinginmyshoes.com (a funny mom named Rachel who has some great ideas but some really good posts that I can just sit back and laugh my head off at.  It’s a good blog for some “me” time…somebody that I can relate to.

The second one is www.notimeforflashcards.com (an awesome site that has crafts that teach your child, books to read with your child, a book club for parents, and sometimes some even cool snacks and songs!)  My favourite part of this website is the Sunday “link up” where other people can share their cool ideas and their blogs with this website and she puts them all on a chart on Sundays with the links to each one.  I have found some really cool blogs this way as well as some really cool crafts!

Check them out…you will not be disappointed!

While you are there..check out the other links to some cool blogs!


Blessing: That I am able to stay home and do crafts with Little E and his friends.

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