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“Don’t eat my flowers!”

So…a year ago we decided to spruce up our front lawn a bit and hubby made me a little flower garden.  I don’t know much about flowers but I like to plant them.  So off we went to the local greenhouse to get some nice perennials and such.

Hubby and I picked out some nice purple and yellow perennials and then Little E and I picked out a nice orange plant with flowers on it.  It might have been a plant with the name “tiger” in it…I’m not entirely sure.  Doesn’t matter anyway..it died when the fall/winter came.  It died gracefully though.  It hung on until about November.

Sorry…rabbit trail over with.

When we went up to pay for the flowers we got to chatting with the lady and she told my hubby that the perennials were ok to eat.  Say, for instance, if you were stuck in the woods and were hungry.

The lady obviously didn’t know my husband…or else she wouldn’t have told him this!

That summer I’m sure hubby and little E ate a few of my flowers.  Mind you they didn’t eat the whole flower at once…just a petal at a time.

This year we went and got more…for the other side.

Hubby once again showed little E that he could eat the flower petals which soon turned into a game for both of them.  The game was called something like this:

“Let’s eat a petal off the flower, open our mouths and show mommy what we have done!”

To which I have to turn around with my hands on my hips and say “Don’t you eat my flowers!”

Most people have nice flowers in their garden.  Me?  I just have stems.

Blessing:  At least Little E is eating flowers instead of bugs.

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Just Eat it!

Every night at around 5:30 I find myself in a fight with my child.


Then five minutes later I say it again.

And again in five more minutes.

I find myself not enjoying my meal because I’m constantly telling my child to eat his food.

The only time he seems to eat his food is when it’s just chicken or pork chops and veggies.

Oh I dread the thought of my child just being a meat and potato type of person. (Except he really doesn’t like potatoes)

I want him to be able to try new things and not be scared of things that may be different.

Don’t get me wrong..I’m happy that he’s at least eating something…but I refuse to make a different meal for him than what we are eating.  Just not going to happen.

The other day hubby and I came to a standstill with Little E and his supper shenanigans.  He was tired and didn’t even want to try his supper.  We told him he had to sit there until it was all gone.  He cried and screamed and threw a little temper tantrum right there at the supper table.

Hubby and I got up and left the table and went into the living room…telling little E that we would return when he had his supper gone.

This didn’t work as well as we had planned.  The screaming and tantrum continued.

Finally hubby went and finished feeding him by basically putting spoon to mouth himself.

Although this works, it’s not how I want my child to eat.

So…I’m on the hunt for creative ways to feed my child…and I’m open to any suggestions that you may have.  If you have any leave me a comment.


Blessing:  At least my child will eat his veggies (except for green beans)

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