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It’s that time again.  I get my weekly fill in the blanks from the blog: The Little Things we Do (check it out!)

1.   The last thing I ate was     Zesty Cheese Crunchers (chips) .

2.   The last song I listened to was   One Elephant went out to play (By Sharon Lois & Bram)    .

3.  Using the letters in my name I can spell    {Laura} Al, a, url, aura  (haha there isn’t a whole lot)

4.  If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick   Red…it’s bright and it makes people happy.
5.  If you were to look in my bag right now you’d find    a Pampered Chef catalog, gum, my wallet, Little E’s Wallet, nail file, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys, glasses cleaner, wetnaps.
6.  When I finish filling in the blanks I’m going to    go to bed!  .
7.  My all time favorite song to dance to is  Anything by  TobyMac or Undignified..(that’s a fun song to dance to)
Haha this one was just a bunch of random stuff…but still fun!
PS.  My goal is to write more next week.  I had my first Pampered Chef show this week on Thursday so I have been overhauling with Pampered Chef info to the brain the last week 🙂
Blessing:  My husband had work today…AND we got oil in our tank!! (That’s a double blessing…kinda like a double cup at Tim Horton’s…..can you tell I want coffee!!)

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If you don’t know me then there is something that you really really ought to know about me.

For to truly know me is to truly accept this one treasure in my life.  Some say it’s a “flaw”…but I disagree.  I think it’s a wonderful attribute to have.  I think it completes me…it makes me whole.  Without this…I would have to redefine who I am.

That treasure…that one simple knowledge is this:

I am a HUGE Toby Mac fan.  HUGE!

I think I have passed this on to my child…actually..I know that I have.  It’s not something I pushed on him…unless you are counting the period in his baby stage that I tried to get Toby Mac to be one of his first words.  But…we don’t really count that….do we?

Little E will listen to Toby Mac music any chance he can get…and he will rock out to it.  He’ll play his real drums or his air drums…or guitar…or just dance.  He loves Toby Mac.  He’s been asking me for a Toby Mac shirt as well.  However, the little turkey turned on me the other day.  I told somebody that he wanted a Toby Mac shirt and they said “You do???” and he turns around and says “NO!!! Mommy!!!”. Traitor What he really meant (and this is me interpreting for him) is that mommy has a Toby Mac shirt….yup..that’s what he was truly saying.

As we were walking through Walmart the other day we went by some Ken dolls and Little E says: “Look mommy!!!  Toby Mac!!!”  My heart swelled and dipped all at the same time.  It swelled because he was so excited to see “Toby Mac” in the stores…thus bringing back his love for the Mac…and it dipped because clearly, Oh ever so clearly…Ken does not look like Toby Mac.

Look for yourself:


Toby Mac

See…nooooooooooo resemblance.  Can’t Little E clearly see this?  I think it’s pretty obvious.

Looks like there’s only one thing to do.

Little E is going to have to watch some slide shows of Mr. Ken and Toby Mac and I’ll have to use one of those teacher blackboard pointers and show him ALL the differences of both.

I see no other way.

Sigh…just when I thought we were getting some where.


Blessing?  That the name Toby Mac is uttered from my child’s lips.

All pictures were used from Google images.

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