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Today was my son’s 6th birthday party.  He’s actually six tomorrow but we had the party today.  We decided to go with a Lego Theme birthday party and had so much fun preparing it.  We started on Tuesday by preparing melted crayons to make into lego men.  Then the rest of the week was busy printing stuff off, running to and from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom just to make sure that all was taken care of for the party and for my family.  Birthday parties are always big in our house.  I’m not sure why….we just seem to make it that way.  This year I wanted to downscale.  I didn’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a birthday party.  So I decided to go with the cheapest rental we could get (my house is in renovations stage) and play old fashioned birthday games.

I had the day off Friday and so after getting E off to school I headed to Walmart, Sobeys and the dollar store.  I had about $200 to spend and $75 of that was for the rental…so I knew that I didn’t have much to go with (and had really hoped not to spend that much).  My husband had two weeks off in a row where there wasn’t any work for him and so we are just trying to catch up on bills now…so the less spending that we could do the better.

Well….an hour and a half later that money was GONE.  😦  I got the lowest price I could on hot dog buns…as well as hot dogs.  We decided not to do treat bags but to pass out lego figure crayons that we had made with coloring pages.  (The kids don’t eat half the treats anyway…and they dont need them).  Since we were playing games, though, we needed prizes.  I found the “cheapest” prizes I could find at the Dollarstore….but seriously when all was said and done I maybe only spent about $5 that I didn’t need to spend.  Then there was the cake…which my hubby made.  That probably cost us about another $50 after all was said and done.

So…I probably spent close to $300.

We got home…I was tired…but hubby was determinded to get rid of the rest of the cake.  He went down to see if our neighbour down the road needed cake.  I didn’t know he was headed that way.  I thought he was headed to the kids across the road.  So I started unloading the trunk of the car.  After the third trip from the car to the house I was getting really really really annoyed that he hadn’t come back yet.  I thought to myself… “he’s probably talking to somebody…chatting it up like he always does”.  The fourth load went in the house and I came back for the fifth load.  I was tired…I was getting cranky and really annoyed.  I thought well maybe something happened and he needed to help somebody.  I came in the house and started doing the dishes from the cake making the night before.  (Hubby makes the cake and I clean up…sounds about right eh?)  After about five minutes of doing the dishes and running into the living room a few times to see what E wanted I was over the moon annoyed at my husband.  All I wanted to do was sit down after finishing cleaning up and relax…after all I had been on the go since seven this morning with party stuff.

I got on the phone and called him and it went to his voice mail….which made me even more annoyed.  So I called again.  E wanted somebody to help him with his toys and all I wanted to do was finish cleaning.  Hubby picked up this time and told me where he was.  Well…when he came in I let him know how annoyed I was at him.  Days and hours of stress just hit me and I let him have it.  How dare he not come and help me unpack while he’s out there just talking to the neighbours?

After I was done he told me that he was actually down at the neighbours house and as soon as he walked in the door she started crying.  She doesn’t have much money and she lives by herself.  She’s an older woman with a disability but still works.  She has declared bankruptcy and she told Kevin that she owed the court another $300.  She doesn’t have $300 and she said she just felt like she wanted to die.  She’s dealth with no money issues for the past few years.  We have tried to help her out when we can.

So guess what happened over the next two hours?  Yah…God worked on my heart.  I started thinking about how much money I spent on my almost six year old kid to throw him a birthday party he will probably forget or not appreciate in a week.  $300.  The same amount that this woman needs.  I threw it away on prizes, cake, hot dogs…and that’s pretty much it.


I’m not saying my son doesn’t deserve a birthday party but man oh man something is wrong here.  We go and we help people all over the world and I can’t even  help my next door neighbour out…but I can throw my kid a party?

Perhaps my priorities need to be better aligned.  Perhaps my priorities need to be better than things that I don’t need (like an ipad, iphone and a laptop sitting all in front of me right now…or a big screen tv).  Perhaps my priorities need to be put on helping my neighbour buy food so she doesn’t starve.

My goodness I have a lot of growing up to do…spiritually….emotionally….because I certainly didn’t have a servants heart today…and I certainly didn’t take the opportunity to show my neighbour Jesus.

I need to be better.


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