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I just made these!


I found them on Pinterest. Here’s the link.


Basically they Are pie crust, Nutella and banana…and then fried and sprinkle icing sugar on it.

Soooooooooooooooo good.

A little side note…have them all ready before frying them. I set off the smoke alarm with all the smoke from the oil…and it’s still smokey in here.

We love them though….a fun little treat!


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The title is no lie.

Big E has learned to ride his bike (without training wheels) in one day!  Not even one day, he practiced last night for about an hour and then today for about thirty minutes and he has kissed his training wheels good bye!

How did we do it???

Well….my lovely, lovely, lovely friend, PINTEREST had helped with this one.

I was searching on Pinterest the other day and came across this blog post that somebody had pinned.


So first of all,  you take off the training wheels (obviously), then the pedals.  You put the seat down as low as it will go and then you have them walk and then push themselves.  Once they get going they pull their feet up and balance themselves.  A good idea is to put markers on the road to see if they can make it to the marker.  Then move that marker farther and farther away.

We decided to try it and I’m sure glad we did.

Watch for yourselves!



So proud of my little man.  Much thanks to thecraftingchicks.com and Pinterest for helping us out with this.

If you have kids who need a boost to do this, go try it with them!


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When I saw a picture on Pinterest for Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes I JUST knew that I had to try them.  I love cheesecake and the hubs loves Raspberries…so why not combine them.

I grabbed the ingredients on grocery day and on Sunday afternoon,  while the hubs took Little E swimming at the Y, I donned my imaginary apron and started baking.

You can find the recipe here:


Here is a picture of  my finished product.

They turned out soooo yummy!!!

Only three things to note about this recipe:

1)  It calls for 2 pounds (yes 2 pounds) of cream cheese.  That’s four packages.  That’s ALOT.  I know it’s cheesecake but that’s expensive.  Therefore making this a once a year for this family.

2)  Do not attempt to use a flour sifter for taking the seeds out of raspberries after you process them.  (This was just me trying to be inventive…the recipe does not call for it)

3)  It’s best to have two muffin pans so that you aren’t waiting for the first batch to come out of the oven.

Other than that A+ to this recipe.  Everybody loved it but Little E….just not healthy enough for him I guess.  🙂



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It has been raining here for 40 days and 40 nights.  At least that’s what it feels like!  Crazy amounts of rain make crazy amounts of MUD!

Mud gets tracked in my house by my two dogs.

Old picture of when the big dog was a small dog.

Sure, they look innocent…BUT THEY AREN’T.  They attract mud like my hubby attracts Peanut Butter to a knife.

Yeah…it’s bad.

So I decided to get a Swiffer wet jet to help with the mud problem.  I already have a steam mop but I try to keep that for the bathroom and the living room floor.  The other floors I don’t care about as much because they will be replaced soon….(20 years from now).

Anyway, today I finally ran out of my Swiffer wet jet solution.

GASP!  It’s true…and I really didn’t have money, time or effort to put into going out and getting more solution.

That’s when a light bulb came on and I said “AH HA!” (but quietly to myself).  I remembered seeing a tip on Pinterest about getting the cap off the solution bottle (cause it’s very very very tricky).

Are you ready for the secret? (it’s not really a secret..but everything sounds better when you say it like that.)

You take a pot, fill it with water…let it boil and then hold the bottle upside down into the boiling water so that the top part that screws off is sitting in the water.  You are supposed to do it for 10 seconds..but I must be a fast counter because I had to do it for longer.  Then you unscrew it and it comes off so easily!  (Please make sure you use a towel to unscrew it, if you are trying this at home, because the top will be very hot.

I did it and it worked for me and then I filled it up with my own cleaner diluted with water.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much cheaper and probably better!!!

Here’s the link to it on Pinterest.  Try it yourself…save yourself some money!!



Blessing of the day:  Snuggle time with my little boy today.

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I saw this recipe on Pinterest the other day and decided to try it.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but OH MY WORD it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good!!!!

You need to try it…seriously.  You can thank me later.  🙂

Here’s the link to where I found the recipe.

Let me know if you made it and if you liked it.  The only one who didn’t like it in my house was Little E because he doesn’t like caramel. (We won’t go there lol)



Blessing:   Yesterday I finally got to try the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at DQ.  Took me all month…but it was worth it.  That’s my blessing lol.

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