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Stop! And smell the blessings!

Life goes by fast.

Too fast.

Everybody is in a hurry….to get from one place to the next…one job to the next with no time to just sit back and reflect on things that have happened throughout the day.

At least this is the way for me.  I get busy and sidetracked on the many things of the day that I rarely have time to reflect on all the things that God has blessed me with throughout that day.

Even though when I look back at my day I really have no idea why I was so busy.  In all reality I am far less busy than when I was working full time outside the home.

Basically I’m busy at just being selfish of the things that I want to do.

Too busy to play with my child because I want to finish my book.  Too busy to be creative because I get sidetracked with a game of “words with friends”.  Too  busy because I do these stupid little things throughout the day that I may say only take a minute but somehow manage to eat up my whole entire day.  Then before I know it…the day is wasted…gone…ate up by the lazy, do nothing monster.  (That’s what I’m calling him..and yes..it’s a him).

I guess I realized this tonight when I was tucking Little E into bed.  I was teaching him a “new to him” Sunday school song that I learned when I was a little girl.  “I’m inright, outright, upright, downright, happy all the time”.  We were having a good old time.  Then I told him goodnight and he started asking me to snuggle with him.  I told him  no, not this time and he proceeded to cry.  I told him that I would another night and that it was time to go to bed.

I know, it’s really sad but I’m not a big cuddler…even with my child (at night time) because I feel like I’m going to fall asleep and never get back up and then I won’t get the stuff done that I need to get done.  (It’s a vicious cycle..see above).

He kept crying as I walked out of the room.  I went to talk to hubby and he said “It’s only ten minutes out of the day…you know he’ll fall asleep…he just wants to spend time with us.”

So I went back in…feeling total mommy guilt and laid down with him.

He proceeded to talk really fast about just wanting to have a camp out with mommy and I said “Ok, I’m here now let’s snuggle.”  I rubbed his head and he was asleep in about two minutes.  But in those two minutes I had a chance to look in my little boy’s face and realize the blessing of the day.

He was right in front of me, in the perfect form that God made him to be.  He gets so crazy throughout the day that I gladly welcome night time but in that moment I realized “my oh my…what a perfect blessing God has given me!”  I can’t imagine my life without him.  What if he was never born, what would have happened if abortion entered the story instead of adoption?  (Not that that was an option….don’t get me wrong, but so many people out there think that way instead of the adoption way.)  So grateful for the choice of life in my sweet little boy.

With the blessing of my little boy comes many other blessings.  For example: A blessing of having a bigger family than we ever had before….family that isn’t related by blood, but by love.  A blessing of a little  boy calling me mom when even five years ago I wondered if anybody would ever call me that.  I still smile sometimes when I hear the word “mom” and know somebody is talking to me, about me.  A blessing of a wonderful example of God’s love for me and His perfect timing in all things.  A blessing of having laughter in my house at least twelve hours a day…oh that laugh…I don’t think I could live without it.

So, for about two or three minutes tonight….because I chose to go back and lay down with my boy, I had a chance to smell the blessings that God has given me today.

I smelled, I cried joy tears, I smiled, I kissed his cheek and then I put this memory in my mind hopefully for a long time.

Thank you Jesus for  my blessings!


I’d love to hear your blessing that God has given you today.

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Today was a CRAZY day!

It started off at 6:30 when Little E woke up.  I knew he wouldn’t go back to sleep as he was coughing and I couldn’t really get him to read in his room as his Aunt Kaka (yes that’s her name) was sleeping in there as well.

So hubby got up to take the dog out and spent the  morning cuddling with Little E until I rolled out of bed.

I’m telling you…men do not know how to be quiet in the mornings…so even though I was still in bed, I was awake.

Thus,  not starting my day off the best.

I got up grumpy.   UH OH!  A mother/woman should never wake up grumpy cause everybody just pays.

Then the kids started rolling in.  I had to read little miss E her breakfast…which I normally don’t mind doing but Wednesdays are my crazy days as I usually have a house full of children.  Feeding her breakfast takes a good twenty minutes….but having to run into the living room to watch and make sure the other children are being good makes feeding her breakfast almost a forty minute ordeal.

After I was done feeding her and all four children were nestled in the living room I looked over by the patio doors and noticed that Little E’s cup was on the floor with the cover off.  Our puppy got at it.  Normally this wouldn’t bother me..BUT there was orange juice in that cup…thus there was orange juice all over my freshly cleaned living room floor.  UGH!

Smoke was starting to come out of my ears.

Cleaned it up…went out to the kitchen…came back and realized the puppy dog had peed on the floor.  UGH!

Cleaned it up…..then some crying began.  Two kids had run into each other and bumped heads.  UGH!

My coffee was cold. UGGH!  (gross)

Snack time came.  Dog tried to eat some of the kids food.  Little E kept whining (remember he was up early).  The phone was ringing and I was trying my best to get coupons off the internet while the kids were having their snack.

Oh did I mention that it was raining out?  Normally that doesn’t bother me cause I love the rain…just not on a Wednesday when I have many kids….and they can’t run off their energy outside.

Next cue puppy…had to go out and use the bathroom.  After he did that I went to get him to come back in and he decided to run laps around the yard while I’m chasing him in the rain.  He thought it was a game..I did not.  However the neighbours probably had a good laugh.

Next is lunch time….lunch time starts at 11:30 for little miss E as I try to get her fed before the rest.  Lunch time ended at 12:45…..clean up ended at 1:30.

Little E and his friend wanted to play moon dough.  We’ve had it before and I swear I would never ever ever ever ever ever use it again or give it as a present…however Little E got it for his birthday and wanted to play it.  So opened it we did.

MESS!…but he had fun.

Cue little Miss E leaving after her nap ended and enter in two after school boys.  (The most relaxing part of my day as Little E loves it when they come).

It may not sound hectic but it was and probably 110% more than normal because I was tired and grumpy.

So at the end of the night when we were putting little E down to bed he asked if daddy could snuggle with him.  I told him that daddy had other stuff to do but mommy was going to.  He was so excited!  It’s not something I do on a regular basis, basically because usually by 7:30 I’m tired and if I lay down I’ll fall asleep.

However, this time I thought…”you know…I’ve been grumpy all day, short tempered and short with him…I’m going to take this time and just be with him.”  We snuggled and he asked me to sing him to sleep so I did and he fell right to sleep after about 10 minutes.

My grumpy mood?  VANISHED the instant I laid down with him.  He’s not going to ask me to do that when he’s 15 (at least he better not) so I’ll take the opportunity now and I’m glad I did.  🙂

Glad I got my LOVE in.


Blessing:  I got a TON of great stuff in my mail today.  (I was trying to think of something else than what I wrote above)

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Hope everybody had a great Valentine’s day yesterday!  Hubby and I really didn’t do much.  No….haha we didn’t do anything.  I had to go to the walk in clinic and hubby was working.  By the time we both got home and sitting down together I was exhausted and went to bed.  But, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway.

This morning I woke up and realized that I forgot to put money over into our bank account to pay for our mortgage payment that came out last night.  Uggh…With hubby recently being laid off and him working on his own it has become extremely difficult to pay some bills…but we’ve been managing.

This morning when I got up I immediately went to our bank account to transfer some money…only to realize that I couldn’t.  Not sure why.  Didn’t call because yesterday I was on the phone for most of the day dealing with the CRA.  Yup they decided to do an audit on me or something stupid like that and realized that I haven’t been paying my CPP.  Yah who knew  you still had to do that when you are babysitting.  UGH!!  So….now we also have a $500 bill looming over our head.  Just lovely.

So this morning there was minus $93.25 in our account.  I was freaking out a bit because I really wasn’t sure what we were going to do.  I felt helpless but knew that soon money would come in.

Then, today of all days the mail man decided to come early.  Since I have been couponing I get a LOT of mail…so I was super excited that the mail was here.  Before I went out to get it I prayed that God would send some money today so that we could get our bank account back in the positive.

Out to the mailbox I go…hoping that something is in there.  Trusting that God will take care of it…like He always has done before.

What do I find?  Some coupons (which would normally make my day happy) and a letter.  Before I opened the letter I prayed again.  I opened it and in that letter was a cheque that covered the amount that we needed in our bank account and enough for the bill that will come out tonight.

So PRAISE THE LORD.  Not only should I be praising  Him now but for always.  Just another daily reminder that I am sooooo blessed!


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God knows just when to bless us!

I was going to post another topic for my blog post today but then thought….”Hey my blog is about how blessed I am…and I really should be telling people all about that”.  So…today I’m going to do just that.

Hubby does carpentry for a living besides being a pastor in the church plant here.  The winter is fairly slow for carpentry work.  Actually we thought it was going to be a lot better than this but that’s neither here nor there.  The bottom line is that he hasn’t been getting enough to meet our needs…and my babysitting has dropped by two kids before Christmas.  So needless to say our funds are kinda low.  Actually…really low.

Hubby thought he had some work lined up for this week but that didn’t work out.  So on Sunday we prayed and we prayed again.  We prayed that God would help us in this situation.  He’s done it before and we knew that He would do it again.  However, we are human and we still worried about things.

Sunday afternoon hubby took Little E swimming at the public pool because we had a free admission.  On his way there he received a phone call out of the blue from a guy wanting to know if Kevin could come work for him for a few days and he would get the same pay as his normal job.  All we had to do was say Yes and obviously Praise God for the answered prayer!

While answering yes we found out that the guy would also need hubby to work all next week for him which is AWESOME.

Now, mind you it’s not a full week’s work but you know…it was extra money that we really really needed.

God blessed us tremendously…because without this money we wouldn’t be able to put gas in our car, or pay our power bill.

We were talking again tonight about our financial needs and I mentioned to hubby that we only had an 1/8 of tank of oil.  I told him that we were going to need oil.  Will we worry about it?  Probably…not because we think that God won’t provide for us but because we are human.  Do I think God will take care of it?  I sure do!  He’s proven Himself (even though He doesn’t have to) over and over again!

How has God blessed you this past week or even month?  Tell me about it!  I want to hear your blessings!


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I don’t usually post on Sunday but…being it Thanksgiving and all I figured it couldn’t hurt.  🙂

Thanksgiving – a time to remember all that you have and to be thankful for it.  (Basically that’s a pretty good definition of it without going into all the history of it).

Thanksgiving kinda irks me.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m plenty thankful for what I have…and I know I have an over abundance of things…but it still irks me.


Well, because it just seems that the whole world has to stop on this one day and find something that they are thankful for.  We go around the table and say something we are thankful for and it always seems like there is one person at the table who has to pause and think of something.  Why do we just have to take this one day???  Why can’t we be thankful all year round??

Today we talked about it in church and I paused.  Not because I wasn’t thankful…but I wanted to say something besides “my family”.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m eternally grateful for my family but I am thankful for them each and every day.  I wanted to say something that I was thankful for that maybe I take for granted.  In the end it seemed like I couldn’t come up with something fast enough so I mentioned that I was thankful for the vacation we just took.

I am always thankful.  It doesn’t seem like there is a day that goes by that I don’t realize how blessed I truly am…and I send my thanks to the appropriate places.  However, when I look back at my life I find that I do a lot more complaining than showing others how thankful I really am.

Let me explain that a little better.

I am thankful for everything in my life.  Truly, utterly grateful.  I give thanks to my God who gives me those things to be thankful for as well as others who have blessed me with things.  But, rarely do I ever show others why I am thankful.  Rarely do I ever tell somebody: “I was feeling really low and discouraged and then I got this card in the mail that just uplifted my spirits and I am so THANKFUL for that”.  No….I keep that to myself instead of sharing it with others. Instead, I tend to voice my complaints about other areas in my life so much so that all people see are things that are wrong in my life…instead of the joy.

I don’t want to be like this…it just seems to be a habit I have formed and I’m trying to work myself out of it (with God’s help of course).

So…right here…right now…under the stars….I promise..(oh wait…sorry got side tracked by a Toby Mac song)

So…right here on this blog I’m going to share some things I am thankful for…just from today alone.  Hopefully this will become a thing that will be a little more regular on here.

10 Things I am thankful for: October 9, 2011:

1)  My husband who brought me coffee when my eyes don’t seem like they want to stay open tonight.

2) Little E and his manners.

3)  Being told “I love you” on a constant basis from Little E and hubby.

4)  A church where I can go and relax and people accept me.

5)  Laughter and friends.

6) The beautifully warm sun

7)  Corn maze entertainment

8 ) For a clean fridge and stove and kitchen (Thanks Darlene!)

9) A car that I can rely on

10)For a husband who is an amazing dad and wonderful man of God.

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A snuggler I am not.

If you know me at all you know that I don’t like people in my space.  Nope not at all.  Don’t get within three feet of me…and please for the love of everything don’t stand so close to me I can feel your arm hairs on my arms.  Give me my bubble of personal space and give it to me NOW!

I am not a snuggler.  I just can’t do it.  I can’t have somebody that close to me, touching me, breathing on me, making me all hot (ok…get your mind out of the gutter..this is a family blog ).

My poor hubby.  I think he really thought (and I may have given him the wrong impression before hand on purpose..or maybe “misguided” may be a better word) that when we got married we would cuddle all the time in bed.

Boy was he in for a big surprise!  If you were to look at our bed you would notice a body imprint on the left side and on the right side and a big bump in the middle where the two body imprints don’t come together at all.  That’s right.  You stick to your side and I’ll stick to my side!  Kapeesh?  Kapeesh!  You start to wonder over to my side of the bed and you’re going to get hurt.

I try to cuddle.  I really really do.  Ok…well maybe I only try twice a year..but still it’s an effort right?  What happens is that I get my mind all hyped up for the cuddle event.  I tell myself “tonight I will be a good wife and I will cuddle with my husband”  I get in the cuddle position and then I lay there.  I don’t sleep.  Nothing happens except for hubby snoring in my ear or I get the hurricane effect from his nose.  I swear there’s a ton of air that just comes out of that thing.  My hair has been known to blow in the “wind” from the nose.  (Oops getting off topic there.) Yah…so I just lay there.  Then I think to myself…”Oh my word I’m so tired…but I want to be a good wife and cuddle.  This is just ridiculous!”  So I lay there for about another fifteen minutes willing myself to go to sleep.  Still nothing happens.  Finally I just move over…hug my teddy bear (hey don’t pretend you other non snugglers don’t have one of those) and finally fall asleep and have wonderful dreams.

Make me cuddle and I get cranky!  Better just to let the thirty one year old woman sleep with her stuffed elephant.  Everybody will be happy in the end!

Recently little E has been waking up a little bit earlier or going to bed a little bit later so he’s been tired in the afternoons.  On days when I have napping kids and I know that we are going out at night I will lay little E down on the couch with me and get him to have a nap.

This has happened about four times in the past two weeks and you know what?

I really enjoy snuggling with him!

Shhhhh!  Don’t tell hubby!

Most times I still don’t fall asleep cause I just can’t…but instead I lay there with him in my arms and just watch him sleep.  It’s some of the most amazing minutes I get in my day.  You see, Little E is not a snuggler either.  Instead of a whiny baby when he was tired he would get really really squirmy.  So squirmy that you could barely hold him.  So this is the first time in the past three years that I have really snuggled with him and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I lay there and think about all the great times and memories that we have had with him in the past almost three years.  All the things that we have been through as a family.  All the “battles” that we have fought, and all the things he has learned.

I also lay there thinking about friends that I know that have gone through hard times with their children.  Friends that have lost their children…all the heartache in the world and I hold little E a little bit closer.  I can’t imagine my life without him and sometimes I think to myself: “This is just too good to be true”.  I am truly blessed to have him in my life and the snuggle times like these remind me again and again of how blessed I really am.

So…will I be a genuine snuggler (will I fall asleep with my boy in my arms)?  Probably not…but I’ll enjoy those precious times just the same!

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Oh I am in the fun stages of parenthood.

My child is 2 1/2…will be 3 in May…FUN FUN FUN.

I have dealt with the no naps which lead to the crankiness and the terrible 2’s.

I’m just starting to deal with the “Why” blues….but we are in a cute phase right now and I thought I would share it with you all.

My child is into loving EVERYTHING….and yes I mean everything.

Let me give you an example.

I was getting him ready for his bath the other day and he noticed some rust on the handle on the bath tub.  (Side note: we have old people props on our bathtub right now…and we will be renovating it someday…so for now the rust stays)

He said to me:  “Mommy what’s that?”

“It’s rust honey”

“I love rust…I LOVE IT!”

lol yes…he loves rust.

The other day we were making cookies and he was helping me put the flour in the bowl.

“Mommy what’s that?”

“It’s flour”

“I love flour…I LOVE IT!”

Haha…this happened throughout the rest of the baking…he even loved the vanilla.  🙂

He’s into loving everything…and it’s so much fun because it makes me stop and remember to love the simple things in life.

Ok…well maybe not rust…but the other stuff that maybe I take for granted.

I complain about my floors being dirty from foot prints left on them after I just washed them, however  I should love that they are dirty!

Why?  Because if I didn’t have anybody to make those foot prints I would be pretty lonely.

So the little things that little E loves…those are reminders for this momma to love the simple things in life…and not take them for granted.

There are blessings all around us.  Have you found yours today?


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Our foreign blessing didn’t actually start out as a blessing, in fact it started out as a nightmare!!!  UGH.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself…let me start from the beginning.

On January 5 hubby was on his way to work when the car broke down.  We knew it was kind of going for some time but we had no finances to fix it and since we only moved here 2 years ago we hadn’t really found a great mechanic.  However, the car (we call it Betty-Kirk…long story) decided that enough was enough and it was too sick to continue to take my hubby on his half hour commute to work.

So at 8:30 in the morning my hubby was stuck on the side of the road (thank goodness the cell phone was charged up) and started calling around for tow trucks.  We found one and hubby headed to work…no doubt stressed about what we were going to do.  We have a truck but it’s not in running condition as we don’t have insurance on it and it has been sitting for the past year…therefore not having an inspection done on it lately.

The day progressed and I posted our sad news on facebook and twitter…just asking people to pray.

A couple from our church emailed me and said that they had an extra car that they weren’t using and it would only be a matter of  calling to get the insurance put back on if we wanted to use it.  I kindly thanked them and told hubby when he got home from work that day.  He called them and long story short they told us we could use their vehicle as long as we needed to.

Blessing #1 – We had only known this couple for a short time…and for them to let us use their second vehicle was a HUGE blessing.

We found a mechanic who told us that the horrible news that we didn’t want to hear…the motor was gone in our car.  UGGGHH…why God…why now?

Blessing #2 – This could have happened at Christmas while we were travelling.  Thank God that it didn’t!

Hubby called all over the province looking for another motor…which isn’t easy to find when looking for a Toyota in a junk yard.  Not many of those around.  He finally found one and they shipped it.

Blessing #3 – The mechanic had it in in one day!  Not a small thing as our motor is bigger than a normal motor.

However….the motor was not good.  BLAH!  The mechanic had to order in some extra parts and it would have cost us a lot of money to ship the motor back to the place and to get another one…not sure even if the “new” one would work.  Hubby stressed about calling the junkyard and telling them that the motor was no good.

Blessing #4 – The junk yard dude (whom I have dealt with on occasion with the transport company that I used to work for) is not normally a nice guy…well ok..I don’t like him as he was rude every time I talked to him on the phone when he called in.  HOWEVER, the guy refunded half of our money.  PRAISE THE LORD for even that much! We didn’t have to ship the motor back to him…and the extra money helped us to get the extra parts we needed.

Now came the  matter of paying.  We just finished with Christmas and hubby was still working his old job and not making the best of money. We had no idea what we were going to do.  We needed to raise $1000 to pay this guy.  So…we prayed.

Blessing #5 – We were able to borrow that $1000 and pay it back without interest.  We also had to raise some extra money to pay for the extra costs because of the  bad motor..had to raise about $300 extra.  Hubby sold some stuff online really quick for $100 and we were worried about the last $200.  We prayed…asking that God would take care of it.  The next day we got $100 in the mail from a praying friend who wanted to bless us. (They didn’t know about the car problems) and we found $100 that we had stashed away. All the money came in and we were able to pay the mechanic.  Which, by the way, is pretty cheap for all that he had to do…and he was really nice.

Car works great!  We’ve had it running and hasn’t caused us any problems….well..except for one.  The front driver side door handle fell off…AGAIN.  LOl.  this is the third door handle we’ve had to replace.  I scoured Ebay…and found one for $39.99 (including shipping)…put it on my watch list…not quite ready to pay that much.

Blessing #6 – I waited for two days…even though hubby was asking me to hurry up and buy it (it’s really annoying when you can’t get in your door I guess).  After two days I searched again…found a door handle for $10.80 USD and bought it.  Went to pay for it and I had to request a total from seller because he hadn’t included shipping prices.  I thought it was free but it was only free to the states.  I waited a day….seller came back and said shipping was free!  So we bought our door handle for $10.80 US instead of $39.99 US.

We got it back on the road and the back passenger tire started vibrating really bad.  Hubby had started a new job at this time (which is another HUGE blessing) Took it to another mechanic…borrowed another vehicle for the night.

Blessing #7 – Got a call that night that our bill was taken care of and the car was fixed!

So..even though our car caused us problems in the beginning…it really turned out to be a HUGE blessing in many ways.

The biggest?  A HUGE lesson on learning to trust in God.

Every time we have a problem…we worry.  God tells us to trust in Him.  We do so reluctantly…only because we are human.  Every time He shows us again and again that He will take care of us…and HE does…He really really does!

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