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Ok…I’m back from vacation and I think I have myself almost back in the swing of things.  For those of you on songpop that are waiting for me…I apologize…eeek.  😦

For those of you who don’t know, hubby, Little E and myself went to Florida for a week’s vacation.  We had saved up, tried to spend wisely….and just had a great vacation.  One that we hadn’t had as a family (for that long) since Little E was born.  It was great…but I’ll update more on that later.

While we were at Animal Kingdom we went to the Lion King show.  We almost didn’t because we weren’t sure what Little E would think about a bunch of people dancing around and singing…but I’m glad we did.  We  had good seats…on the end and up front!  We could see everything and we were up close and personal.  Almost at the end of the show one of the dancers came over and asked Little E if he would like to help them with a game.

Hubby and I both held our breath…hoping and waiting that Little E would say yes…and he did!  He went down all by himself and this is what happened:

Yup…that’s our little boy who hates to leave us…cries when he goes to preschool…and just wants everybody with him all the time.  He went around that circle a few times and never looked back.  And you know what?

He loved it!

So glad we went.  🙂


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The day has finally come!!!!  We are on vacation…as a family…without responsibilities.  🙂  YAY!!!!!

My husband and I church plant, and in order for us to do this my husband also has to work outside the home.  Since he does that we get time away but it’s usually to do church business or on holidays.  It’s not really a vacation time set aside for just the three of us.  Last year I began selling Pampered chef and I remember standing in my living room telling Little E that all the money I would make off of commission from this would be set aside in a savings account and we would put it towards going to Disney World with it.  I remember telling hubby this and I also remember him laughing at me.  I don’t think he really thought I could do it.

But I stuck to my guns, and we raised enough for our round trip plane tickets to Florida as well as a seven day hotel stay.  So we booked the day in February and anxiously awaited our vacation day arrival.

A few days before we were supposed to head out we heard that a huge storm was coming…so we left a day earlier than planned and drove eight hours.  From 5:30 at night….and arriving at our destination about 2:30 AM Friday.  We visited friends and then Tuesday, February the 12th…headed to Bangor, Maine to board a plane to Florida!

We were over the moon with excitement.  I think Little E was just as excited to have us all to himself for a week.  No daddy working long hours, and no kids around to share his time with mommy.

This was little E’s first time on a plane.  He made sure that he read the safety instructions about three times.  (I really think he just liked looking at the pictures) 🙂  And he watched as we took off and landed.

Once we hit Florida, however, he was a wild man.  He was sooooo excited to be in Florida that he just went crazy.  A video will follow one of these days when I have a better internet connection.

The day after we arrived in Florida we decided to take it easy and just relax around our hotel site.  We did have a few things we needed to do.  We went and bought bus tickets.  We found that for $16.00 a person (Little E was free) for 7 days that the bus would take us pretty much anywhere we wanted to go….including Disney World.  Our hotel had a shuttle but it was $12 a person and it would pick us up a half hour before Disney closed.  We thought that in order to enjoy the full deal that we would like to do the bus pass…which is also cheaper than renting a car.  🙂

We also met up with some friends that Kevin knew a bit from around the pastoral area, but I had never met.  We went to the Golden Corral (My first time) and then ventured down to Downtown Disney.  Downtown Disney is a bunch of shops that are tied into the themes of Disney.  We had a great time (despite the little bit of rain that we got) at Downtown Disney and also out to lunch with our “new” friends.  🙂 The also graciously took us to a super Walmart so we could get a few groceries.  Our hotel room has a kitchen in it…therefore cutting down our cost on eating out all the time.

February 14th we headed to Magic Kingdom…but I’m going to write about that on another day…so I don’t make this post longer than it should be.

A huge shout out to all those people who have helped us by praying for us, financial gifts that hugely blessed us (I will share more about that with you at a later date).  You guys/gals are awesome and we love you all!!!  Thank you so much for blessing us.  We have already returned the favour and will continue to do so more on this trip.  Paying it forward.

Until tomorrow…or the next day….. 🙂


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