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I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE public bathrooms.

So much so that when I was in elementary school / high school I would make sure I used the bathroom before I left home and would not use the bathroom at all at school until I got home at 3:30.

Most times I made it through the day ok…but boy oh boy on those days when I waited to use the bathroom when I got home I’m sure the neighbours had a good laugh.

I would get off the bus (which didn’t stop very far from my house)…and I would walk a little bit, then crouch down and pretend to tie my shoe..while in the meantime trying my best not to use the bathroom on the side of the road. On these days it would take me a good 10 minutes to get from the bus stop to the inside of my house where I would make a quick dash to the bathroom. I’m sure the neighbours thought..oh that poor girl has a bladder problem. Hahaha. Nope..just a public bathroom problem.

It’s not just the simple fact that most times they are unclean…but a list of several other reasons. Let’s explore them shall we.

1) The stupid crack in the door! Seriously! Do you know what I mean? The crack where the door hinges on to the stall. Could they not make hinges that were smaller so there were no cracks in the door? If I can see out of the crack….then that means that people can see INTO the crack in the door…which means: THEY CAN SEE ME! I don’t like that…hate it…will avoid it at all costs. Even on the other side..I don’t want to see some old person using the bathroom…stupid cracks (no pun intended)

2) People who bang on the doors! If the door is locked or even closed..you don’t have to kick it or bang on it..just lightly touch it to see if it opens…if it doesn’t..then WALK AWAY! Most times this scares me..and then I lose all concentration.

3). Little kids. Ok..if you are a parent and you have to go to the bathroom..and you have to take your child with you..that’s fine. I understand that. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch your child while your using the bathroom and don’t let them crawl under the bathroom stall into my stall! UGGH How embarrassing is that? I don’t want some little kid coming into my stall and saying at the top of their lungs: “Mommy that girl is pooping”. Control your children…and someday when I’m in that position I will control my child as well.

4) The echo: Ok…we all know that most public bathrooms have the echo..which means that there is no privacy if you are not feeling good and have to let loose. I don’t like this..but most times there is nothing I can do about it. But I feel so bad for those people that are not feeling good and I hear them. Most times I even say a prayer for them that they won’t be embarrassed.

5) Those bathrooms that are only one bathroom in them but the door is like 2 yards from the toilet…and the door only has the push button lock. Whoever invented this contraption must be SHOT! I once was using the bathroom in Woodstock in the mall…and it was one of those times I wasn’t feeling very well…so was taking my time making sure I was done. Outside the door people kept knocking and I kindly told them that it was occupied. I could hear one kid out there and I knew he was getting impatient so he jiggled the door. Guess what happened?? Yup…the lock came unlocked…I quickly raced to the door and shut it and said in a not so nice voice: IT’S LOCKED FOR A REASON! I have not used that bathroom again…it has traumatized me.

6) Back to big public bathrooms: I hate those stupid air dryer things! Ok I know they are earth friendly and all but seriously…do they really dry your hands???? No! All they do is push the water from the top of your hands to the bottom of your hands…and down your sleeves. It’s so much easier just to wipe your hands on your pants.

7) I get really excited when there are paper towels dispensers in the bathroom. I understand trying to be earth friendly so instead of taking the legendary wad of 10..I only take 2 paper towels and wipe my hands. But I hate it when I get all excited to see the paper towel dispenser and then quickly realize that it’s EMPTY. Somebody’s not doing their paper towel dispensing job!!!

8) Soap. Don’t get me wrong soap is good..obviously…but whoever thought of putting the soap at the other end of the line of 5 sinks was not thinking! We all know that girl’s bathrooms are usually full. So why would i want to leave my purse or whatever on the counter and walk about 10 miles to get the soap and come back, dripping water all along the way, to the sink to wash my hands. I do..but I don’t like it.

9) Earth friendly sinks. I’m all for earth friendly..but come on! I never know how to use these things. I stick my hand under the faucet…waiting for the water to turn on…and it never does. So i do a little dance with my hands in front of the faucet…still no water. I step back..and then up to the faucet again, still nothing. I look to see if there is some button to hit to turn the water on…nothing. Finally I just decide to stand there and wait for somebody else to come show me how to do it. Somebody comes..they have no idea either. We are both looking like idiots…we look at the sink trying to pretend that we both know what we are doing…which we don’t. Then as if the sink knows it has won…it turns on all by itself. SINK VICTORY.

10) Toilet paper. I once went to a bathroom where the toilet paper came out of the dispenser one square at a time. I was there for an hour…haha no but it seemed to take forever (getting the toilet paper out of the dispenser that is)

11) Automatic flushing. Some toilets work great…other times you just change positions and they will flush..spraying cold water mist at you. Or other times they won’t flush at all. You get up…you say to the toilet..”Ok I’m done now..you can flush”..it doesn’t. You say “Ok…I’m really leaving now..please flush”. It still doesn’t. You look at the toilet to see if there is something you need to push to flush it. There isn’t. You pretend to sit down and get up again…just to make sure the toilet realizes that you are finished (cause maybe it didn’t understand it before)…it still doesn’t flush. Finally you just surrender..say to yourself “I hope the next person that comes in doesn’t see me going out of this stall”…and then the toilet flushes as you open the door. Phew…crisis diverted.

12) Doors that don’t lock. There should be a job for a stall lock inspector. They can just come around to make sure that the locks are working or not broken. Obviously not while people are in the stalls. I hate when the locks don’t work. Then you are in the bathroom (trying not to touch the toilet of course) and trying to put one foot or hand on the door…preferably foot because who cares if germs get on your shoe. This usually either ends up which you either falling in the toilet or letting the door fly open. Not a good combination if both happen at same time.

13) Public washrooms that have a washroom designated for a disabled person.  Wait…don’t send me hate mail. I like those but I really don’t get it when you go to the sink and there is no sink for a person in a wheelchair to use.  All of them are  the same height…none that are lower..and there is no way that they can reach the soap either.  That’s just wrong!  And if I notice it then how must those people in a wheelchair feel if they can’t reach it?  Companies think of everybody!

Well…there are some of my ramblings…I’m sure there are more…and will add them if I encounter them. But those are the reasons why I hate public bathrooms and will avoid them at all costs.

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