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Flower Mommy?

This fall my boy melted my heart.  Well he melts my heart pretty much everyday but this fall he did something so out of the blue and so kind I couldn’t help but let my heart swell.

We were out raking up the leaves in the backyard.  Correction: I was raking.  He was jumping in the raked leaves.

Anyway, we were out working in the backyard and our 87 year old next door neighbour came home.  She came out on her back deck and was talking to me.  It was the typical neighbourly thing to do…we were yelling back and forth between yards.  Actually..I was probably yelling a little more because I assume every 87 year old is deaf even if they aren’t.

While talking to her I was trying to keep my eye on Elijah, making sure that he wasn’t getting into anything he wasn’t supposed to be getting in to.  He kept coming up to me and saying “mom, mom”.  Being the good mother that I am I just kept ignoring him…patting him on the head and telling him to go play for a few more minutes.

Finally after the third time of me saying this to him he said to me: “Mom, flower?”.  I just looked at him and said “sure..there’s one over there” and pointed him into the direction of the closest dandelion…not thinking anything more.  I went back to talking to our neighbour and out of the corner of my eye I see Elijah walking down the little path way from our house to the neighbour’s house.  I said to him in a somewhat stern voice: “Elijah! What are you doing?” He held up his hand and showed me a flower and said “Flower, mommy!”  He then proceeded to walk up to our neighbour and gave her the flower that he picked all by himself!

I did everything I could to hold back the tears of pride that I was feeling at that moment.  I was so proud of my little 2 year old.

And the neighbour?  She was so excited that she invited Elijah in and gave him the rest of her Halloween treats that she had left over.

When he came back I gladly gave him a little chocolate bar and told him how nice it was that he gave our neighbour a flower that he picked all by himself.

Through this simple act I was reminded how many times I do nice things just to get recognized for my niceness.  Elijah’s simple act wasn’t for recognition.  It was because he wanted to do something nice for our neighbour and wanted to show her that he thought she was special enough to give her a flower.  That she mattered to him.

I want to be more like that…to do good deeds without thinking about what I might get in return.

What about you?  Do you have any stories like this where your child, relative or friend’s child went out of their way without asking to be nice to somebody?  I would love to hear them!

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