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My Little Ninja Turtle..

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It’s been a wonderful night of mommy guilt for me.

Guilt that I have too many kids that aren’t mine in my house and that I never get to spend any time with Little E.

Guilt that he’s going to end up resenting me someday because I didn’t spend enough time with him…but I had time for everybody else.

Guilt that wraps around my heart and squeezes me till I can’t breathe sometime.

Why do I feel like this?  Why? Why? Why?

“Because you’re a mom”, some will say.

That’s not good enough for me. There has to be more of a reason than that.

Cause inside I feel like a horrible person.  A person who can’t just spend 10 minutes of undivided attention with her 4 year old.  A mom who feels like she has missed out on the last three years of her little man’s life…even though I. have. been. right. here.

For me, it’s not an option to get rid of the kids that I babysit, nor do I want to in a sense because I think if it were just the two of us Little E and I would probably get bored very quick with each other.

But how do I find the balance without feeling like somebody has run over me with a monster truck….(and not the toy ones)?

This is  my heart….bare before you.  Please don’t stomp all over it…and if I babysit your child please don’t take offense to it.  It’s not meant to be that way…this is just me…tonight…feeling like crap.


Blessing: A hubby who listens.

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The other day Little E and I were working on his “homework” together.  He only goes to preschool twice a week but he enjoys doing work like they would do in school.  So I got a book from Walmart and we have been working on that together.  The other day we were working on something that involved the word “IRON”.  So I showed him the picture of the iron and I asked him if he knew what it was.  This was our conversation:

Me:  “What is this?”

Little E: “an Iron.”

Me:  “Do you know what an iron is  used for?”  (I was interested in hearing what he had to say because I NEVER use my iron.)

Little E: “Yup…..it’s for putting edge tape on wood.”

Me: “haha Yes honey…in this house that’s what it’s used for.  🙂  But other people use it to get wrinkles out of their clothes.”

Hahaha ……only in my house.  🙂


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Today I am thankful for:

A Friend who bring me coffee when I really need it.

A Friend who corrects me on my schedule…who knew it better than I did…so I wasn’t getting all flustered.  🙂  Twice so far today.

A Friend who gives me a break doing kids church so I can sit in and hear my hubby speak.

A Friend who listens to me complain ALOT!

A Friend who is always up for pretty much anything.

A Friend who can make me laugh.

A Friend who can keep me up all night.

A Friend who is a great mother and is great with my kid and the kids I babysit.

A Friend who just stops by when I need a visit.

A Friend who coupons just like me

A Friend who will go in on good deals with me.

A Friend who can laugh at me just as much as I can laugh at myself.

A Friend who helps me out with Pampered Chef stuff when I need it.

A Friend who is truly a friend in all ways.

That friend is: ~ MICHELLE ~

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I’m a little late on this one this week….we just got back from the YMCA and got the kids to bed.  Nevertheless…here we go.

I link up with the blog The Little Things We do.  You should check it out!

1.  My favorite feeling in all the world is    the moment when you sink down into a full hot tub when you are enveloped in warmth on a cold night.
2.  My favorite smell is Autumn or the first smell of snow coming.
3.  My favorite taste is   the first candy cane of the season.
4. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was   a sunset on the beach on Grand Manan.  I’ll never forget it.
5. The best sound ever is  Little E’s laugh.  Not his annoying orange laugh….his from the belly laugh.
6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is  sawdust.  Reminds me of my grandfather.  He was always working with it.
7.  My favorite of all the senses is  sense of sight….Love being able to see and read things.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Blessing:  I only worked half a day and was able to get groceries before company arrived.

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I saw this recipe on Pinterest the other day and decided to try it.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but OH MY WORD it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good!!!!

You need to try it…seriously.  You can thank me later.  🙂

Here’s the link to where I found the recipe.

Let me know if you made it and if you liked it.  The only one who didn’t like it in my house was Little E because he doesn’t like caramel. (We won’t go there lol)



Blessing:   Yesterday I finally got to try the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at DQ.  Took me all month…but it was worth it.  That’s my blessing lol.

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I feel a pinterest idea forming 🙂




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Not apologizing.

If you have ever met my Little E you know that he has a boundless amount of energy.

I’m not even sure if “boundless” is the correct word.

He has so much energy and so sometimes he can be overwhelming.

I know this…I’m his mom.  I get overwhelmed sometimes by just watching him.  🙂

I know he can get out of hand because he’s so busy.  For example if we are out somewhere sometimes he just wants to show off in front of people, or he may get into something he’s not supposed to…or even crawl on your lap or jump on you.  He can be rough, crazy and just hyper.

However he’s 4 and he’s a boy.

Some people don’t understand that.  Some adults and kids constantly say his name in a whiny way….. “Eeeeeeee don’t do that”, “you have to watch what you are doing E”, or “stop that E”.  Or they will simply look at me like I’m supposed to be able to contain him.

Some of you may be thinking “You’re his mom…you should be able to contain him.”

Well I try and I try.  I have tried for the past four years.  Since he was about 6 months old he would climb over other children.  I’m not sure why.  Does he need more attention?  Maybe…but it’s not like we ignore him all day.  We love him.  We give him all the attention and love that we can give without suffocating him.

So all that to say this:

I’m tired of yelling at Little E to stop doing something that isn’t really doing anything to harm somebody.  I’m tired of telling him “no” just for the sake of not annoying somebody.  I’m sick of it…and I refuse to do it anymore.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell him to stop if he’s about to hurt somebody or is getting into something he shouldn’t…but I’m not telling him to stop doing something just because somebody finds it annoying or pointless.

He’s a little boy.  He’s exploring the world around him and growing up.

What somebody may not see is that Little E is a very loving boy.  He gives compliments any chance he can give.  He loves learning.  He loves God and he’s smart.  He cares about others and he would do anything for you.

So…..maybe next time take the time to talk to my little boy and find out about him.  Don’t shrug him off just because he may not be as calm and collected as other kids.

He’s a work in progress as are all of us.

We love him just like everybody else loves their kids and we are glad that he is unique.


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I don’t know about you but Sunday mornings are ALWAYS hectic in our  house.

Here’s a little sampling of our morning yesterday.

Wake up 7:15 AM (obviously) to Little E crawling in bed with us.

Immediately take dogs out to use the bathroom.

Come back in…..grab Little E something to eat while I have a shower.

Get out of shower, get dressed.  Search frantically for my belt.  Looked for 10 minutes…still couldn’t find.

Get Little E’s clothes out and tell him 5 times to get dressed.

Go back and look for my belt.  Still no sign.  Come back out and tell Little E to get dressed again.

Blow dry my hair…look for belt.  Start to get frustrated.

Pack everything for church.  (Yes, this could have been prevented by doing it the night before..but I was lazy).

Print out extra stuff for church that I forgot I needed till the last minute.

Come back out and physically dress Little E myself.

Look for belt.  Decide belt is not going to be found.  Change into something else.

Get tithe money ready.  Get Little E’s out the door and into the car.

Finally out the door at 8:37….WAAAAY later than we need to be.

Almost get in two car accidents (don’t ask).

Arrive at church….set up for church, wait for people to come.  Do singing,  leave for Children’s church.  Finish church.

Take everything down from church (remember we are church planters) and then go home.

Seee….a little hectic.

Some of you may not think that’s hectic…..and tell me…wait till you  have more kids and are doing that.  Well…for right now it’s crazy hectic for me…….don’t really get to enjoy Sunday mornings.

Anyway…all that to give you the “laughable line” today.  It’s not really laughable…it’s more of a kick you in the butt kind of line.  🙂

So while I was frantically looking for my belt Little E came out and asked me what I was doing.  I said “I’m looking for my stupid belt, I can’t find it anywhere!”

To which he replied.  “Don’t worry mom, God will take care of you. He’s with you wherever you go!”

(That’s the point in the morning when I decided to change my pants instead of looking for my belt any longer.)

I’m glad he’s paying attention in church.  🙂


PS.  I haven’t been keeping up on this momma’s in the picture thing.  I’m so sorry.  😦

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As always…another segment of Fill in the Blank Friday.  I link up to the blog The Little Things We do.

1.  One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is   ….nothing.  I think this weekend is going to be far from relaxing.  Although I may have time to read a few pages of my book.  🙂
2.  A big pet peeve of mine is  (haha where to start) I guess for right now it would be people who smoke outside of public places when there is a no smoking policy.  Even worse when it’s people who work at the store.
3.  I am really loving  My new slippers I got from Walmart.  Nice and Warm inside and look like Toms on the outside.  I wore them out last night.
4. The rain is   one of my top five favourite things in life.
5. My favorite girly indulgence is  PURSES.
6. A song I always get stuck in my head is Anything by Tobymac cause that’s what I’ve been listening to.  Or the Theme song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Lol I  know…not the same thing but my son has been watching that lately.
7.  The best cure for stress is  a nice hot bath with bubbles.  Then getting out to a nice warm towel and then a nice warm fuzzy housecoat.That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend!  I’ll see you again on Monday!

Blessing of the day:  Being able to spend an afternoon out with my boy doing some Halloween shopping.

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