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Apple Pie Lie

So a while back…like a couple of months ago…maybe more…my husband decided that we should bake an apple pie and take it down to our neighbour that doesn’t have a lot of food or a family to cook for.

It was a great idea, However, that week we just didn’t seem to have enough time to make a pie and he really didn’t want us to forget about it. So he went to the grocery store and bought one…took it out of the box and delivered it to her. I didn’t go for some reason.

Fast forward to last night. We were having small group in our home and hubby sees her just arriving home from work and tells her to come up for some pizza. She was very grateful as it was late and she hadn’t had supper yet.

She came up and met me in the kitchen and said that she was sorry that she didn’t have time to come and thank me for the pie. At first I completely forgot what she was talking about but then quickly told her not to worry about it… But that I was glad that she enjoyed it.

She then proceeded to tell me that was the best apple pie she had ever eaten. She goes on and on about the pie as I’m smiling and nodding…and then she hits me with this statement: “that was better than any store made pie. You did a really good job making it”

Meanwhile I’m watching her tell me this but see my hubby in the background smiling at me. I can’t believe he told her that I made the pie!!!! She’s going on and on about how all her friends had a piece and they just thought it was the best pie ever….better than any pie you could get in the store. I nod my head and tell her that I’m glad she liked it. Too stunned to tell her I didn’t bake it.

Fast forward to when the meeting is over and she’s leaving. I ask her if she would like some apples to take home with her as we have a huge bag of them. She said she would and then asked me if those were baking apples.

I told her no that they were just for Big E because he likes apples. She then compliments me on the pie again…over and over and then…..

Asks me for the recipe.


Please know that up until now I didn’t lie. I never told her that I made the pie…but I never told her I didn’t either.

At this point I really didn’t know what to do. So I told her that I didn’t have it on hand that I would have to look for it for her. She told me that was fine just to give it to her whenever I found it.

She left and do you know what happened next? Yup…my hubby got a stern talking to for telling her that I made the pie. He said he repeatedly told her I didn’t make it….but I’m not sure if I believe him. He was getting quite the chuckle out of the whole situation.

What about you? Have you ever been in a situation like this before? What happened?


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Throwback Thursday

This is a pic of our friend , Kirk, On my 28th birthday. He’s trying his first ever pickle.


He didn’t like it.

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The title is no lie.

Big E has learned to ride his bike (without training wheels) in one day!  Not even one day, he practiced last night for about an hour and then today for about thirty minutes and he has kissed his training wheels good bye!

How did we do it???

Well….my lovely, lovely, lovely friend, PINTEREST had helped with this one.

I was searching on Pinterest the other day and came across this blog post that somebody had pinned.


So first of all,  you take off the training wheels (obviously), then the pedals.  You put the seat down as low as it will go and then you have them walk and then push themselves.  Once they get going they pull their feet up and balance themselves.  A good idea is to put markers on the road to see if they can make it to the marker.  Then move that marker farther and farther away.

We decided to try it and I’m sure glad we did.

Watch for yourselves!



So proud of my little man.  Much thanks to thecraftingchicks.com and Pinterest for helping us out with this.

If you have kids who need a boost to do this, go try it with them!


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Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes there seems to be a fog so big and thick around you that you can’t see through it the matter how hard you try too.

In those times it’s hard to trust in God. Why? Maybe because we are human and our mind can’t see past the next 12 hours. I don’t know the answer to that but I’ve been in the fog many many times before and you know what? Eventually the Son comes out, breaks through the fog and finds me. He shines His brilliant, glorious light down on me and shows me a way through the fog. He reminds me that all I need to do is trust in Him. Just like the last time… He won’t let me fall. He will catch me. Sometimes life lessons are hard… Sometimes I skin my knees but He’s always right there beside me waiting for me to put my hand in His.

The future is unknown to me. I never know if I will have a full weeks pay to buy some groceries. I don’t know where I’ll be in a year or two. Will I still be in the same place? Will my friends still be my friends? Will I have an extra child as an addition to our family?

So many questions… So many unseen answers. So. Much. Fog.

But, just like before, He’s there… Waiting for me to grab a hold of His hand and walk with Him. I just need to trust.

Sometimes it’s just so hard… But I will do my best.


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Ok so this one isn’t so much as laughable.  It’s more of a “sigh!  I love this kid and he’s really getting it” type of moment!  🙂

We headed to our local Christian bookstore today because hubby wanted to buy a new devotional book for Little E.  The other devotional book that we had was getting a bit to young for him so we wanted something that he could grasp on to more.

(For the record, I hate picking out devotional books……I never know if they will be really good…and you tend to not see too many reviews on them from your friends.)

So, we found one.  Little E looked at it over and over and over and over and over again in the car ride home.  He was so excited (it had pictures that were of biblical things…not little kids and puppies).  While he was looking it over he came upon the picture where Jesus is on the cross dying and he was very concerned and asked a lot of questions.  We answered them…tell him that Jesus died on the cross and three days later he rose again.  (He pretty much knew this from church anyway…so really wasn’t new information).

After our devotion for today he wanted to go back to the picture of Jesus on the cross.  He was asking why there was two other people on the cross…and if they used handcuffs and the likes.  We gave him the answers and then hubby pointed to a lady at the bottom of the cross. He said “Little E do you know who this is?”

E said, “NO”

Hubby:  “That’s Jesus’ mother.  She’s sad because Jesus is dying.”

Little E says:  “Well she only has to be sad until Sunday and then she can be happy again.”

Melt. My. Heart.

So simple and yet so true.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I love it.


PS.  I apologize again.  I’m so addicted to crocheting I can’t stop….  🙂

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Ok…I’m back from vacation and I think I have myself almost back in the swing of things.  For those of you on songpop that are waiting for me…I apologize…eeek.  😦

For those of you who don’t know, hubby, Little E and myself went to Florida for a week’s vacation.  We had saved up, tried to spend wisely….and just had a great vacation.  One that we hadn’t had as a family (for that long) since Little E was born.  It was great…but I’ll update more on that later.

While we were at Animal Kingdom we went to the Lion King show.  We almost didn’t because we weren’t sure what Little E would think about a bunch of people dancing around and singing…but I’m glad we did.  We  had good seats…on the end and up front!  We could see everything and we were up close and personal.  Almost at the end of the show one of the dancers came over and asked Little E if he would like to help them with a game.

Hubby and I both held our breath…hoping and waiting that Little E would say yes…and he did!  He went down all by himself and this is what happened:

Yup…that’s our little boy who hates to leave us…cries when he goes to preschool…and just wants everybody with him all the time.  He went around that circle a few times and never looked back.  And you know what?

He loved it!

So glad we went.  🙂


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Sometimes you just have to forget about your limits and ENJOY LIFE!

Sometimes you just have to forget about your limits and ENJOY LIFE!

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Letters to him.

So before I even started blogging online for public use I have been secretly blogging.

Secretly, you ask?

Yes, SECRETLY….but now the secret is out.

Kind of.

Why kind of, you ask?  Ok well maybe you didn’t..but I’m pretending you did.

Because, I have been blogging to Little E.

I write him letters about what we have done that is special that day, or some important events that have happened, or just plain old advice for later in life.

I do it on wordpress…but it’s password protected and the password is locked away in his keepsake container.

Why do I do it?

Well two reasons really.

1)  Because if something ever happens to me, I want him to know how much I loved him, and have something special that is just from the two of us.  (I have asked hubby to join me on occasion but he’s not really into that)

and 2)  Because I thought it might be fun to look back on someday and remember the special times and things that we have done.

I’m not very good at keeping it recent and updated…but the thought is there…and I will continue to do so as I have time.

What about you?  Do you do anything special like this?


Blessing for the day:  My babysitting days haven’t been as chaotic which is o-so-lovely!

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When I see the image below my heart gets all flustery and my brain just can’t think straight.

That’s right:  COUPONS!

Now a lot of you know that I have just recently started couponing.  Ok…probably about five months ago.  Since then I have learned a lot of valuable information and how I can save my family a TON of money.  First of all, let me back up.

The reason why I started couponing was because my husband and I were going through a very rough financially hard time in our lives probably around Christmas time.  He got laid off and we just weren’t sure what God had in our future as far as a job outside of the church was concerned.

We still needed groceries….we just had to get by with the money that we had.  So I started searching the internet for coupons.  I came across a website on “couponing trains” and I called my best friend to tell her about it.  I told her:  “I just can’t get my head around this…I’m not sure why….why would you trade coupons?”

Well…let me tell you…I quickly learned….and I learned good.  (yes, I know that’s not proper grammar, but seriously…couponing isn’t even technically a word…sooo)

I learned that there are facebook groups out there that you can trade coupons with other people and in turn get stuff that you really want for stuff that they really want.  It works great!  I also learned some other great “tricks” such as:  Price Matching at Walmart (and other fine retailers).  Price matching saves me so much time and gas money because I don’t have to go around to every store to get the great deals… I just need to go to Walmart and take my current flyers and match the ads in the flyers with products at Walmart.  Walmart will also take competitors coupons (a great bonus as Walmart’s stuff is usually cheaper)

Saves me so much time and money!

So now I usually  pick the grocery store that is going to give me the best deals and go there and price match the other stuff at Walmart.

That’s the condensed version of it.

Now…let’s travel to today.

I was shopping at Walmart today for a few things (and by few…I really mean few…my cart wasn’t filled) and proceeded to go to the checkout.  I usually go to the younger looking cashiers because they tend to know that they are doing when it comes to price matching.  I got in line behind some other people that were price matching and waited patiently.  I did this because I knew that they were going to be a bit and I could get everything organized.  While in line there were several people who came up behind me to get in line and I kindly told them that the people in front of me were price matching and that I would be too.  I told them that it would probably be a while.  I do this so people don’t stand there and wait and wait.  Seriously…I”m being kind. I would want somebody to do that for me.

A lot of people would grumble some sort of complaint and go to the next cashier but I’ve had people stand behind me anyway.  I’ve proceeded to tell them again and they still either don’t hear me or just choose not to believe me.  Then I listen to them sigh and sigh and complain…but hey..I figure if I’ve told them twice then that’s not my fault that they don’t seem to want to listen to me.

After I was done price matching and going through the cash (the cashier was a really nice guy and I made sure I thanked him for being patient…I try to do this so they understand that I really appreciate that they don’t get mad or annoyed at me) I proceeded to go out and wait for hubby to pick me up.

While out there this group of people that were behind me in line in the story and that I kindly told them that I was going to be a while (even though technically I was maybe five minutes) came out and they were talking and saying “I seriously hate people like that…people that have to watch every penny”.  (This was a lady that I had told that I was going to be a while and she went to another cashier).  She didn’t know I heard her…she didn’t even know I was there until after she said this..and then she pretended like she didn’t say anything.

I felt like going up to her and saying “Lady, do you know why I coupon? I coupon to save my family money in groceries so that we can do other things that we would like to do!”  I felt like saying “Since January I have saved my family over $600 by just using coupons!”  But I smiled at her and let her walk away.

I’m posting this to let you all know that if you see somebody in front of you couponing don’t get mad at them.  It’s not their fault that you are in a hurry…just the same as if you got behind somebody that had two carts of groceries.  It’s not their fault that the cashier might be a little slower or not know some of the couponing policies.  They are trying to save money because seriously…now a days every penny does count (or will until we have no more pennies…hahah).  The price of gas is crazy and you can’t tell me that if it dropped drastically in price you wouldn’t be the first in line to get the best deal.

If you want to pay full price for something…that’s ok you can…but those of us who don’t….just please please please be patient with us.  We’re not annoying…just trying to get the best deals on our groceries…PROMISE.  🙂


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Time and time again hubby and I get asked the question:  “So why did you move to Cape Breton?”

Oh it usually doesn’t start out that way.  The usual conversation goes something like this:

“So what part of  Cape Breton do you live in?”

I tell them.

“Did you live here before?”

me:  “nope”

Them:  “Do you have family here?”

Me: “Nope”

Them:  “So what made you decide to move to Cape Breton?”

And then…it’s like a big Truth brick right in the face.

“Well…actually my husband is a pastor and we moved down here to start a church.”

We immediately get two different reactions…(usually it’s the first one).

1)  They immediately get all closed up, like they are scared of us.  Like they are thinking “Oh my word, what did I say in the last five minutes that could have been bad…and possibly send me to hell?”  Then if the conversation still happens they will tell us that they used to go to church, but not anymore…and they really should go again….and take their kids.”

or we get response number 2)  They open up and tell us about how they love Jesus and how He has brought them through so much and they want to know more about our church plant and they are genuinely interested.

When hubby and I first moved here we kinda avoided the “So why did you move here?” question.  I’m not sure why…maybe we were scared that people wouldn’t really get to know us….or would get put off by the word “church” and not really give us a chance.  But something cool happened after a while.  We just stopped caring what they thought about our answer to the big question.  We began telling them outright and you know what?  More people are interested than what we thought.

I was at a meeting tonight for the Autism society and after the night was almost over a woman came over and talked to me about what I was showcasing.  I proceeded to tell her that I sell Pampered Chef and she was asking me some questions about it.  She then asked me if I found it difficult to get shows around here…and said, “but of course your family probably  helps out and hosts some shows for you, right?”  I then told her that we have no family or relatives here and then came the big question….”so why did you move here”.  I told the condensed version….the polite and simple version.  My husband is a pastor and we came down to start a church.

I have to admit….just by looking at her I really felt like she was going to be polite and say “Oh that’s nice” and politely walk away.   But you  know what happened?  She opened up…she asked me questions and by golly we had a good old chat about things.  I told her our story about moving here, Little E’s adoption and how God blesses us over and over again.  She continued the conversation by telling me stories in the same manner.  We had a lovely chat and ended it by me giving her my card (yes, I’m important enough to have a card lol).  She then told me that she was going to get in contact with me and that she would love to hear more stories about how God has blessed our lives.

There were two lessons in this for me tonight.  1)  Don’t stand beside somebody all night and think you know them just by the looking at them.  Talk to people and be friendly… be a little open and leave the door ajar in case they want to open it some  more.

2)  Don’t be scared to tell people why we are here.  God has called us…and he will continue to show us how He is going to move in Cape Breton.  Rest in His promises and be blessed.


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