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I’m not here to write a bog post on the controversy of Halloween. I agree with the church side in part but I really really enjoy getting my little man dressed up for Halloween…and he enjoys it.  We don’t focus on the negative side that everybody says Halloween is…but just on the fun part.  That being said…that’s the end of my “controversy Halloween blog post”.

When we lived in our old town we lived on a really sharp turn and so there weren’t any kids that came to our house.  I ran the church’s trunk or treat program instead and loved it.

When we moved here five years ago I was soooooo excited to pass out candy on Halloween.  I had never had the chance to do it before and so therefore this was an exciting experience for me.  However, we lived on the top floor apartment and because of that no kids came.  😦  I was sad and disappointed…however we had a lot of candy to eat after and that was all good.    🙂


This year he was a penguin.  He was so cute.  (My computer is broken and facebook is being slow so I can’t find all my pictures)
After that year we moved and we decided that going out with Big E was more fun than passing out candy.  The next year Big E was a lobster.  Then the year after that he was a Monkey.  The year after that He was a Ninja turtle.   And this year he’s going to be a black Ninja.

All those years, except for one, we have gone around to houses with Big E.  Both of us.  The one year I decided to stay home to pass out candy and we didn’t have very many people.  So this year we will all be heading out together as a family again.  We have so much fun doing it.  It’s so cute to watch Big E go house to house and say trick or treat.  Probably not as cute as his first year when he was a lobster but still cute.  🙂

And besides…I have another reason for doing Halloween.  It’s free after school treats (and midnight chocolate treats for this gal) for probably half a year.  🙂

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1)  For silence.

2)  For good memories

3)  For crazy family good loudness.

4)  For family.

5)  For being able to buy groceries this year.

6)  For finding enough food to last the rest of the week this week because we weren’t able to buy groceries last week.

7)  For oil in our furnace.

8)  For people who pray for us.

9)  For hot water.

10)  For a handyman of a husband.

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I have been busy with my crocheting side of things to blog which is sad…but good that I’m busy I guess.  A friend just posted a blog so I thought that I’d share you my top ten things I’m thankful for this week.


1)  For my husband getting safely to Georgia and having a time to refresh, renew and relax.

2) For 24 out at church on Sunday!

3)  For a great few days with my boy.  I thought it would be hard on him with hubby gone but he’s been really good.

4) For a nice quiet week so I could get some crocheting done.

5)  For being able to help out some animals in need.

6)  Warm weather.  Come on…who doesn’t love warm weather at the end of September / first of October?

7)  Cuddles with my cat.  He’s really the best (both of them).

8)  For a God who takes care of things financially for us.

9)  For almost 12 years married to my husband.

10)  A beautiful city.  I love it here.  Can’t imagine not being here.


I’ve got some more blog posts in my head…hopefully they will make it to the computer next week.  🙂



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