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Wow..it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged.  I’m not really sure why….part of it may be summer….part of it may be me just being lazy.  However, I do enjoy blogging but usually by the end of the night I’m tired and trying to keep my eyes peeled opened so that I can have at least four hours to myself without somebody saying “What are you doing?  What are you eating?  I don’t want to watch this…I wanna watch a kids show!”  Oh yeah…that last one…that one is a real “nail on the chalkboard” moment for me.

You see…about four years ago when I was much younger and a little more naive than I am now…and when Little E was a wee Little E with barely any capitals, I thought to myself…yay!  We have tv again…I can watch Ellen!  I love Ellen…and my son will love Ellen and he will be one of those babies that when Ellen’s show comes on he will start dancing.



Ok….well maybe when he used to nap…but come on even that was like 30 years ago.

I have to PVR Ellen…and then when I get around to watching it I usually have like 30 all lined up.  It’s sad really…cause I do enjoy watching grown up shows.

However, there can be no grown up shows when there are kids around because: a)  they want to watch something they want to watch or b) it’s too stinkin’ loud in here to watch anything.

LOUD.  Let’s just dwell on that one word for a moment shall we.

You all know I babysit…well since the summer has come around I have had all boys…NO GIRLS.  2 years ago I would have welcomed all boys…but NOW I WANT GIRLS!  Boys have become loud in the last two years.  Loud and crazy and full of burps and gas (ok…well maybe that gas problem can’t be blamed on the boys so much) but man it’s just nuts around here.  And on top of that we added another dog to the mix..yes a puppy named Diesel who chews everything!


I swear he’s half goat.

Here’s a few things he has chewed up.

1)  The corner of my couch cushion.

2)  Plastic dinosaurs.

3)  Chalk.

4) Pencils

5)  Cardboard boxes

6)  Chalk

7)  Foam

8) socks.

9)  He almost had my coupon binder one day….he was almost a goner that day.  I almost said “hellooooo Kijiji”

10)  Have I mentioned chalk.  yah he eats it and then when he poops it out his poop is all different colors. Like a rainbow.  I know cause I have to clean it up…all the time.  Pretty sure there’s a spiderman missing a hand or a foot around here somewhere too cause I found that in the rainbow colored poop one day too.

Yah so my house is crazy insane.  Beware all who come to it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Haha who am I kidding…of course I would….I am a “sit in the library all day with a cup of coffee and a good book” kind of girl.

But…my house is filled with laughter,  playing and FUN.  Can’t trade that…wouldn’t trade that.

Nope…wouldn’t go back to answering phones all day for a living..nope….NEVER!

One more thing:

We recently got back from “vacation” and I’ve discovered a few things.

1)  I really don’t need facebook ALL day.  Just let me be on it on my ipod for a few minutes here and there and I’m ok.  Bye bye games…see you in a few years or at night time, not during my coffee in the morning and kids snack times.  Nope.

2)  Little E needed a change in direction in his behaviour and his attitude…so I started reading “Have a new kid by Friday”….got it for my kindle….going to get it in print.  Loved it…and it’s working.  Little E is listening to me more..and there is more respect.  Not as much yelling and you know what…we’re both having fun.

3)  I’m enjoying playing again….although I’m very much looking forward to some me time in the next week or so.

So…I’m a work in progress…I’m changing, learning, laughing and playing…and by golly having fun!

Next big step:  Getting back into an exercise program.  Yikes!

How’s your summer going?  Hope you are all enjoying this nice weather!  I’ll try to be on here more often…gotta gotta be!


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