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Laundry & Learning!

Yesterday was laundry day but since both Elijah and I were sick I decided to move it to today.  Today was a pretty low key day.  I had no children to babysit so basically all we did as a chore was laundry and the dishes.

Elijah slept for 4.5 hours today.  4.5!  That’s right.  I was in mommy heaven.  I got caught up on facebook, got 5 loads of laundry done (I refuse to do it more than twice a week…sometimes only once as in this case).

When he got up from his nap I asked him if he wanted to help me to fold the laundry.   He was so excited.  He loves helping his momma.

So I turned the laundry baskets on their side so he could go in and grab clothing for me to fold.

Each piece of clothing he took out he would tell me who it belonged to.

For example:  Daddy’s jeans.  Mommy’s shirt.  Elijah’s jammies…etc.

When it came to the socks he would do the same but he would hunt around in the laundry basket until he found the matching sock.

He would then hold them up and say “Look mommy a pair!”  (This was the first time I had ever heard him say the word “pair”…and say it even in the right context).

So after that first initial “sock pair” we made a game out of it.  We matched all the socks and then he would put them in the sock pile according to color and to who’s they were.

He had SO much fun and mommy had a great little helper.  He even helped me make supper after!

I hope that someday he helps his wife out the same way he  helps me out 🙂

If so..she better be thanking me 🙂

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