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is what happens after a day of babysitting.  This is what happens when that day is spent with two babies crying because the other one is crying.   My dog passes out right in the middle of the dining room floor.  I feel like joining him.  🙂


PS:  Please don’t mind my floor.  It’s part of our renovations…it’s changing…and yes…it’s as disgusting as it looks 🙂

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Many of you know that I babysit to help pay the bills and to keep us on our feet.  The main reason I babysit, however, is so that I can stay home with Elijah.  We waited so long to have a child..it just seems wrong to leave him with somebody else while we both go to work.

So I babysit.

For the most part I don’t mind it.  Once the kids get on my routine things go fairly “smoothly”.

However, things don’t go “smoothly” when new kids are introduced into the mix.  It probably takes a good week or two for the new kids to get used to me, for me to get used to them and for all of us to get used to the routine of more kids.

But until we get used to it…ALL CHAOS ERUPTS.

Or at least it feels like that.  🙂

Tuesday was the first day of new chaos in my  house…and it was so darn muggy.  By the time the last person came to pick up their child I must have looked like an old hag.  I was so hot…and I was just trying to get used to everything and the stress was just crazy.

Yesterday was better…pretty smooth sailing for the most part, but today the second day of chaos erupted.  I think everybody was just plain overtired. The new kids aren’t used to being on a schedule or interacting with other kids this much and my poor little boy was just plain worn out.

Let me just tell you how our day went:

7:05 RISE AND SHINE.  Get myself ready, get my boy ready, get breakfast ready for my boy.

7:45: First child arrives.  My hubby leaves for the day for work.  I put away lunch stuff for first child and pour myself a cup of coffee.  Squirt the cat a few times for trying to eat Little E’s food and sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee.

8:00 (Some days another child arrives at this time.  I go to greet them,  put away lunch stuff and bring the second child up to the living room).  Attempt to finish my cup of coffee while children are watching tv and Little E finishes his breakfast.

9:00: The two new kids arrive.  I bring them up to the living room, put away lunch stuff and make sure everybody is happy.  I discard any cold coffee that is left and remind myself that I still have another hour of hot coffee in case I need some at 10.

9:00 – 10:00 kids play with each other..outside or inside.  We try not to let the world know that we are all here before 9.  I hope the neighbours appreciate this 🙂

10:00 Snack time and half hour of snack tv.  In between 9-11 the younger kids have their naps.

10:30-11:30 “school time” where we practice our letter of the week.  We don’t do this throughout the summer as our days are usually filled with outside fun.  We do crafts/playdough or outside fun as well during this time.

11:30 is the witching hour.  Kids are starting to get hungry and tired.  So sometimes we dance, sing or just read a story.

12:00 LUNCH TIME.  Great for the kids.  Chaos for me.  Once everybody is settled in I usually have about three arms going in different directions to feed kids and make sure that things are not spilled..while usually answering the phone for parents calling to check up on their kids.

1:00 Lunch is usually done and one child to bed.  I take the dog out to use the bathroom.  Clean up dishes.  Load the dishwasher..wash dishes for children to take home.  Change diapers.

1:30-3:00 Play time…while at the same time trying to keep the children quiet for those ones that haven’t got used to the noise of other kids playing yet.

2:30 Kids come after school (if applicable that day)

3:00 Second snack time and half hour of watching tv.

3:30 – 4:30 play time.

4:30 This is where I attempt to make supper..while continually running into the living room to check on the kids to make sure they are ok.  (we have a gate which helps big time)

4:45 Clean up time…usually time for kids to melt down at this time because they are tired from playing.

5:00 “Let’s sit in front of the tv and relax while Laura fnishes making supper and let’s also wait for your mom to come pick you up” time.

5:30  The “ahhhhh” moment where everybody is gone…BUT I still need to get supper on the table.  Hubby arrives home…we eat.  Little E is excited that daddy is home so he talks more than he eats and a constant phrase at our table is “E eat your food, eat your food”.

6:00 Clean up while hubby gives Little E his bath/shower.

6:30 play time

7:00 Snack time and snuggles in front of the tv or a book.

7:30 Little E bed time and then



I have a goal….and that’s to pay off my debt..


Even if it’s only  Thursday and my diaper trash can is full..and garbage day was just yesterday.  YIKES!


Blessing:  My debt will get paid off…it will…it will!

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