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1)  For silence.

2)  For good memories

3)  For crazy family good loudness.

4)  For family.

5)  For being able to buy groceries this year.

6)  For finding enough food to last the rest of the week this week because we weren’t able to buy groceries last week.

7)  For oil in our furnace.

8)  For people who pray for us.

9)  For hot water.

10)  For a handyman of a husband.

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I have been busy with my crocheting side of things to blog which is sad…but good that I’m busy I guess.  A friend just posted a blog so I thought that I’d share you my top ten things I’m thankful for this week.


1)  For my husband getting safely to Georgia and having a time to refresh, renew and relax.

2) For 24 out at church on Sunday!

3)  For a great few days with my boy.  I thought it would be hard on him with hubby gone but he’s been really good.

4) For a nice quiet week so I could get some crocheting done.

5)  For being able to help out some animals in need.

6)  Warm weather.  Come on…who doesn’t love warm weather at the end of September / first of October?

7)  Cuddles with my cat.  He’s really the best (both of them).

8)  For a God who takes care of things financially for us.

9)  For almost 12 years married to my husband.

10)  A beautiful city.  I love it here.  Can’t imagine not being here.


I’ve got some more blog posts in my head…hopefully they will make it to the computer next week.  🙂



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1) Big E meeting new friends at school.

2) My cats.

3)  My church family (really this should be above my cats)

4) Best friends who listen.

5)  Friends who encourage.

6)  My new bedroom floor!

7)  the beautiful scenic view from my house.  Love looking out my window at night time.

8)  A husband who is a carpenter.  Saves so much money!!

9)  A comfy bed.

10) A wonderful Jesus who loves me so very much (again this should have been at the top)

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Ten things I’m thankful for:

1)  The rain (we really really needed it…but now it can stop for a while 🙂 )

2)  My sweet little family.

3)  Friends who keep me updated.

4)  Visits with friends and family.

5)  Time to have a quiet house….to reflect and relax.

6)  Saving money $

7)  Hands that grab a hold of mine after a long day at school.  Hands that don’t want to let go.

8)  A dryer that’s under warranty still.  🙂 (it stopped working yesterday…and a second thanks to the rain because if I didn’t try to use it I may have not noticed that it was broken until it was late…as I hang my clothes out to dry in the summer.

9)  A husband who loves me and let’s me have space when I need it.

10)  A passtime of crocheting.  8 months after learning I’m bringing in income with it!

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Top ten things I’m thankful for this week:

1)  For friends who go the distance (like walking to another building to get papers for me)

2)  For a semi relaxing weekend.

3)  For extra work for both hubby and I.

4)  For snow for my boy to play in.

5)  My bed.  I love my bed.

6)  For Karen who brings me coffee Tues, Wed & Friday.

7)  For my kindle.  I love that thing!

8  For morning snuggles from my little boy in his jammies.

9)  For Michelle who teaches the kids every other week so I can sit in church and listen to my hubby.

10)  My wonderful husband.

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1)  For friends who bring coffee 🙂

2)  For a nice warm  house on a cold windy rainy day.

3)  For “I love you’s”

4)  For good doctor’s appointments.

5)  For cheese

6)  For coffee creamer…you never know how much you want it until you don’t have it for a day.  🙂

7)  For peppermint hot chocolate from McDonalds.

8  For being able to spend family time together today and take Little E skating for the first time.

9)  For a wonderful preschool that Little E goes to…and for preschool days so mommy can get some other stuff done around the house.

10)  For great deals on Christmas presents!!

That’s it…top ten..in no particular order.  🙂


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1) Shauna Radman.  Without her my world would not turn correctly.  I would not have fairly regular coffee dates.  I would not have started Zumba…she is the very reason why I exist today.  She is the #1 reason I am thankful today.  She makes me happy when skies grey…and all that jazz.

2)  For having some work this week…even if it wasn’t as good as it was supposed to be….at least I still helped bring in some income.

3)  For a great date day yesterday with my boy.  We had fun shopping.

4)  For free coffee at McDonalds.

5)  For friends who pretend they care…even if they don’t.  🙂

6)  For finally getting my specialist appointment after waiting since March.

7)  For being able to send Little E to preschool so he can interact with others outside of the home.

8)  For families not related by blood.

9)  For my wonderful husband.

10)  For answered prayers.



Ps.  These are in no particular order…other than number 1.  That is in the correct order.

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