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Elijah is a Myers

Feb 18, 2009 – another day I will never forget.  Prior to this date we thought we  were jumping a few very large hurdles with some adoption stuff…nothing bad…but stressful none-the-less.  I was ready for the papers to be signed and for little E to officially become a Myers.  We had taken little E to the doctor for his regular check up and Kevin had dropped me and Little E back off at the apartment and went on his way to work.

I checked the messages and heard our lawyer on the other end saying that the adoption had finally gone through and that Little E was officially a Myers.  I wasn’t expecting that on this day at all…and it was such great news on a rather dull and dreary February day.  I immediately called Kevin and then my BF (after I tracked her down) to share the great news…then on to the rest of the family.

My BF has two adopted children and they have adoption celebration days where they have a party to honor the day that they officially became a part of their family.  They invite all their friends and family to share in this day and have cake and presents and such…just like a birthday party…but with a twist.  🙂

Well, I decided that I liked that idea but hubby and I talked about it and we decided that instead of a party we wanted to take the day or night and have it as just the three of us….celebrate it in private.  Not that we aren’t happy that all the people in our lives were a part of the adoption process…we just figured that for us…we wanted to celebrate it as a family and that’s it.

So…that’s what we did.

Except….last year..we umm…kinda of forgot the date.  LOL.  I thought it was March 18th (which is actually my sister-in-law’s birthday) and so we totally missed it.

So…this is the first year that we have celebrated it.

For supper we headed out to MacDonalds and to the Play Place.  Daddy and little E headed into the play place and little E decided that it was too loud in there so he wanted to eat first and then go in to play.  Seriously…this is my 2 1/2 year old child…lol but that’s what he wanted.

So after half of his supper ended up in his belly and the other half on the floor we went in to play…only to discover that they actually close the play place at 7.  We were a little late getting out of the house for supper because of jobs…and so to discover this we were a little bummed…to say the least.  You see…my son has just grown tall enough to play in the play place all by himself without mommy or daddy crawling in with him.  He got to go down it twice.  I think I was a little more bummed than him lol.

We then headed over to the Bulk Barn (a store where you can buy things in bulk…however it’s not shaped like a barn lol) and got a few treats and on our way to the cash register hubby found a package of Pop Rocks.  Do you remember those?  Those are the things that you put in your mouth and they make popping sounds.  Well..we decided to try them on little E and he loved it! He had so much fun with those in his mouth.

We then headed to the mall which was cut short because little E decided to poke his finger in hubby’s eye and pull.

Ummm…not good.  He’s ok…I think

So..after we all calmed down and hubby’s eye stopped watering somewhat we headed for our last stop… WALMART.

We decided to get little E the wii video game “Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventures” because he always wants to play the wii but the only other game he really “knows how to play” is Mario Kart.

We came home, put his pj’s on and played his game (which he absolutely loves and can play pretty much by himself…score for mommy getting some extra housework done) and now him and daddy are having a camp out in his room.

Why am I not there?  Two reasons:  1)  I’m writing this post and 2) I can’t sleep with my child…he kicks wayyy too much.

Overall it was a great day and we talked to little E somewhat about adoption and told him why we were celebrating today.  Basically we told him that it was the day he became a Myers.  We told him what his last name used to be and he associated that with his Grammy…but I”m not sure if he put two and two together. We will leave it at that till he gets a little bit older and can understand more.

To everybody who has helped out in our adoption process: THANK YOU!

My life is HUGELY blessed because of this little boy…and his daddy too 🙂


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Don't let the smile fool you!

Don’t let the smile fool you!

I clearly remember this day.  We were waiting for the doctor to sign us out and to allow us to go live our lives in the real world as parents.  Just before this picture was taken Kevin looked at me with scared and horrific eyes.  I asked him what was wrong.

“I don’t know if I can do this!” – Kevin

“What do you mean you don’t know if you can do this?  Do what?” – Me

“This!  Being a parent” – Kevin

“WELL IT’S A LITTLE TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND NOW!” – Me (I’m very sympathetic…can’t you tell?)

And so started the journey of parenthood for us.  One that we have never looked back on and regretted at all!  What a wonderful journey this has been!

I am so blessed!


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