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Ok so this one isn’t so much as laughable.  It’s more of a “sigh!  I love this kid and he’s really getting it” type of moment!  🙂

We headed to our local Christian bookstore today because hubby wanted to buy a new devotional book for Little E.  The other devotional book that we had was getting a bit to young for him so we wanted something that he could grasp on to more.

(For the record, I hate picking out devotional books……I never know if they will be really good…and you tend to not see too many reviews on them from your friends.)

So, we found one.  Little E looked at it over and over and over and over and over again in the car ride home.  He was so excited (it had pictures that were of biblical things…not little kids and puppies).  While he was looking it over he came upon the picture where Jesus is on the cross dying and he was very concerned and asked a lot of questions.  We answered them…tell him that Jesus died on the cross and three days later he rose again.  (He pretty much knew this from church anyway…so really wasn’t new information).

After our devotion for today he wanted to go back to the picture of Jesus on the cross.  He was asking why there was two other people on the cross…and if they used handcuffs and the likes.  We gave him the answers and then hubby pointed to a lady at the bottom of the cross. He said “Little E do you know who this is?”

E said, “NO”

Hubby:  “That’s Jesus’ mother.  She’s sad because Jesus is dying.”

Little E says:  “Well she only has to be sad until Sunday and then she can be happy again.”

Melt. My. Heart.

So simple and yet so true.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I love it.


PS.  I apologize again.  I’m so addicted to crocheting I can’t stop….  🙂

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Little E brought home a book from preschool on Thursday that had different kinds of “animals” from A-Z.  Quite a comprehensive book for a preschooler but we read through most of it.  We came upon the “S” section and one of the “animals” was a starfish.  The blurb that it gave about a starfish was that it didn’t have a brain and that it uses it’s suction cup like “arms” to move around.

Huh?  A starfish doesn’t have a brain?  Then how does it function?  I’ve been pondering this for the past few days.  I asked hubby and he didn’t know so I decided to google it.

This is what I found out:

Nervous system

While starfish lack a centralized brain,[36] their bodies have complex nervous systems which are coordinated by what might be termed a distributed brain. They have a network of interlacing nerves, a nerve plexus, which lies within, as well as below, the skin.[27] The oesophagus is also surrounded by a central nerve ring, which sends radial nerves into each of the arms, often parallel with the branches of the water vascular system. These all connect to form a brain. The ring nerves and radial nerves coordinate the starfish’s balance and directional systems.[31]

– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfish

Also found this from a different source:

The starfish does not have a brain it is made up of nerve cells that control it’s functions.  A starfish doesn’t have a brain in its head like we do. Instead their entire nervous system acts like a distributed brain. So, it has a brain, just not like ours.


Also found out that they are now calling them sea stars because they are not actually a fish.  Hmmm interesting.

So there ya go….just in case you were ever wondering…or didn’t know…you can tell your mom that you learned something new today.


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I meant to post this yesterday but forgot….so I thought I would just share it with you today instead.

Our Zellers here is getting ready for a Target…therefore closing out.  Everything is 60-90% off except for pet toys which are 25% off.   Apparenly they want to keep the pet toys.  🙂  (Sorry random trail..I know).  Anyway, we meanaged to pick up the game Operation for Little E for a fairly good price.

He was so excited to get home and play it.  Hubby set it up w hile I cleaned up in the kitchen.  While in the kitchen all I could hear was the buzzing sound the game makes when you hit the edges with the plier toy type of thing.  After the buzzing sounds would go off, Little E would get really mad.  The more it went off…the madder he got.  He came out to tell me that he wasn’t any good at it.  I told him that it’s ok…not everybody can get it…then I proceeded to show him that’s what the game is all about.

I figured he was fairly ok with this…so I went back in the kitchen.  Two minutes later I heard more buzzing sounds by a very angry little E. He was gettingn so mad at the game he was starting to cry.  I came out again to see what was going on and he was trying his very best to play the game.  Hubby?  Yeah he was on the couch laughing at Little E because he was getting so mad.

I went over…told Little E again that everything was ok…just to take his time.  Went back out to the kitchen.  I heard more buzzing, more crying and then finally little E said:

“Dad!  It’s an unfair world that we live in!  I can’t play this game!” All the while he’s sobbing his little heart out.

Poor kid…hasn’t picked up the game since.  🙂

Unfair world indeed…especially when it comes to games you don’t understand.  🙂


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