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Yes Kitty...sometimes I go to the bathroom to escape the chaos of the day too!

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I put out a request last month asking for people to write to me and send me their adoption story.  I don’t know about you but I love hearing other people’s stories of how they adopted their child(ren).

I asked my best friend, Kim, to share with us her adoption story and she graciously agreed to.  She has two adoption stories.  I’ll share the first one with you tonight and the second on Thursday…so make sure you come back and check it out!

Here’s Kim & Kirk’s story:

My husband and I were married in October of 1991. We decided to start trying to have children in 1993. And in the Spring of 1995, we found out that short of a miracle it would never happen for us. We were devastated! The whole time I was growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a Mommy. Whenever I was asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That was my answer. So what was God doing here? He surely knew I wanted to be a Mommy! We know He doesn’t make mistakes, so we just had to wait on Him.

We decided to put our name on the provincial adoption list knowing it could take up to 10 years. But God had a different plan for us in the meantime! In the late Spring of 1996, we got a phone call. My friend was calling to tell me that a friend, whom we both knew, was pregnant, and wanted to know if we would be willing to adopt the baby.  Our answer was a definite YES!!! But she was way across the country in British Columbia, and we were here in New Brunswick. Could this even work? Could God work this out?

We checked into everything…the laws, private adoption, EVERYTHING! And it looked like we could go to B.C. when he was born and bring him home here to N.B. with us. But there were some complications.

When she went in for a routine ultrasound, she found out she had ovarian cancer. Were it not for her pregnancy, she may not have found out as early as she did. But this also got her thinking she may want to keep the baby. We just prayed…and hoped!

On my birthday, July 23rd, 1996, we got a call from her saying that she had made up her mind…the baby was ours…a baby boy! What a birthday gift! He was due on November 4th. So we got busy, getting ready for our new little one.

My friend immediately started treatment for her cancer, so she was quite sick most of the pregnancy. But we kept praying for her and the life of our unborn son.

September 11th we got a call late in the evening, as the time difference is 4 hours, to tell us that our son had been born 8 weeks early due to complications. We were scared to death. It was too late to call anyone, so we just prayed. The next morning I hopped on a plane to take me to B.C., for an unknown amount of time. We did not know if he would live or die. 8 weeks is very early.

When I got there, he was already almost 2 days old. He was 4 lbs 7 oz when he was born, but had gone down to 4 lbs 3 oz by the time I got there. He was the most adorable little boy I had ever seen. He had dark hair, and was so tiny! He could not breathe on his own, nor could he eat. So he had a respirator and IV hooked up to him. His incubator was an open one, so you could touch him if you could find a spot without tubes to touch! I was very scared.

I also went to visit my friend, who was going to get stronger treatment now that the baby was born, and she was doing better. She was so glad that I came so the baby would not be alone! She gave the most precious gift anyone could ever give! I can never repay her.

After a week or so, he had improved enough to be in a regular incubator without the respirator or IV, he now had a feeding tube down to his tummy to feed him. And I could hold him more now too! :o)

He was in the hospital a total of 3 weeks. When we left the hospital he weighed a whopping 5 lbs. The very next day we flew together back across the country to N.B. Daddy was so excited to meet his son!  We got back on October 3rd.

And you know what? That is not all…turns out the laws were changing…God had it all worked out after all. November 1st the laws changed in B.C. saying that we would NOT have been able to go get him, he would have had to come to us with his birth mom. YUP! God had it all worked out ahead of time! Had he been born “on time” then things would have turned out totally different!


Hope you enjoyed!  Tune in on Thursday and catch the second part of Kim & Kirk’s story!


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I was sitting on (as my friend Kim says)  Amazing A and Lucky L the other day and Amazing A kept looking out the window at the little girl across the road, who we’ll name T for this short story.

He kept getting up and looking out the window and then laying back down to watch the tv show.  He did this on and off for a bit when I said “Hey Amazing A is T your girlfriend?”

He replied, “No!”

I said “oh I think she is!!!”

Lucky L then piped in and said “Trust me, if she was I think I would know.  He would have told me!”

I said “well he keeps looking out the window at her…I think she’s his girlfriend!”

Amazing A quickly replies “It’s not, we had a little talk!”

Haha thought it was cute!

Enjoy and happy Monday!!


Blessing:  I had a great day today and got Little E didn’t cry at preschool today!!!


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Top ten things I’m thankful for this week:

1)  For friends who go the distance (like walking to another building to get papers for me)

2)  For a semi relaxing weekend.

3)  For extra work for both hubby and I.

4)  For snow for my boy to play in.

5)  My bed.  I love my bed.

6)  For Karen who brings me coffee Tues, Wed & Friday.

7)  For my kindle.  I love that thing!

8  For morning snuggles from my little boy in his jammies.

9)  For Michelle who teaches the kids every other week so I can sit in church and listen to my hubby.

10)  My wonderful husband.

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What a crazy goof.

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Lately I have been doing book reviews on older fiction books but thought for the month of November wouldn’t it be nice if I did a book review on Adoption.

A few months ago I was going through Amazon (my favourite website in the whole wide web) and decided to put in “adoption” in the search bar.  I came across this cute looking book and decided to read more on it.

As soon as I finished reading up on it I knew that I just had to order it…so I went to my local book store (Coles) and had it ordered into their store (it was cheaper to do that than order it off of Amazon this time).

Once it came I couldn’t wait to sit down and read it with Little E.  Let me just tell you…it is the cutest story ever.

It starts off with Barley and his Mama cuddling in their favourite chair and Barley asks his Mama to tell him about how he was “her wish come true”.  So  she began to tell him.  Barley continues to ask more questions and his Mama answers them with ease telling how she had an empty place in her heart that she just longed to fill and how the mommy that grew him in her tummy helped her make her wish come true.

This book also  talks about how it’s ok if adopted children and their family don’t look alike because “what makes a family is their love for each other”

One of my favourite parts in the whole book is when Mama bear looks at Barley and says “Of all the children in the whole wide world, God picked YOU for ME”.

This is a cute story…maybe a bit too lengthy for a three year old…but definitely one to keep on hand for when your child gets a little bit older.  The illustrations are cute and I believe the author does a wonderful job of helping to explain adoption in a sense that is non scary and beautiful all at the same time.

If you have a child that is adopted in your household…or know of somebody that has adopted a child…this book is a must have.

Definitely a 5 out of 5 lollipop kind of book!

I was not compensated for this book…it was just a book I picked up and decided to share with all of you.


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The other day Little E wanted me to play something with him and at the time I really really didn’t want to do anything so I made up this excuse:

“Mommy’s too old to play that game”

to which Little E responded:

“You’re not old….you’re new!”


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