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I follow a lot of blogs on preschools and teaching children the many different things they need to learn.  I enjoy finding new crafts and great new and refreshing ways of teaching. By following these blogs I have found that a lot of them do a simple thing call sensory tubs.   At first I thought they were hard and so it took me forever to accept the challenge to do one.

However the other day I headed to our local Dollar Store and decided to set out on my mission of creating a sensory tub for Little E and the other little ones that knock on my door.

Let me tell you…I am glad I did!!!

Little E and I put it all together yesterday and then I let them all play with it and boy did they have fun!  They played with it for a good solid 45 minutes without much interruption.  And it’s soooooo simple.

Autumn Sensory Tub

I decided to do a Autumn sensory tub and this is what I found to put in it:

Fake leaves

Fake Pincones – although I’m sure you could put in real ones

Fake pumpkins and fake apples

Little berry seeds (be careful if you have tiny babies..you might not want to put these in).

And I just let them play with a little toy rake and shovel and they had a blast.

Little E playing with sensory tub.

**The other kids had just as much fun with it..I just didn’t take any pictures of them since I’m babysitting them and they aren’t mine 🙂 **

You could also put in some other things you might find around your yard such as acorns or maple leaf seeds.  Anything to do with Autumn.

This morning Little E and I had a chance to play with it again before the rest of the kids got here and he decided he was going to make a pattern out of them.  He thought of this all on his own and so I definitely encouraged it.  Yay for learning!  We did a pattern of:  apple, pumpkin, leaf . Apple, pumpkin leaf, etc.  He then added some other stuff to the pattern.

I’ll definitely be doing a sensory tub again.

For more ideas for sensory tubs check out this blog:


Have fun!  I’d love to hear about your sensory tubs and how your kids love it if you decide to make one!


Blessing:  My child was learning while having fun!

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