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I have already shared this picture of my Mother’s Day gift on Facebook but if you haven’t seen it then I want to show you why I couldn’t wait for the mail to come each day.  I have been waiting for this precious gift now since the beginning of May.

I love love love love love love love love LOVE it.

Some of you have been asking where I got it from so here it is.

As mentioned yesterday, I follow this AMAZING, WONDERFUL and FUNNY blog entitled Following In My Shoes (Click the link to check out Rachel’s awesome blog).  One of Rachel’s posts were about this review that she was doing for a website called: The Vintage Pearl . I checked out her great review about this product and how much she raved about it.  I put in my name for a draw to win a necklace from there with high hopes and fingers crossed.

Sadly I didn’t win.  😦

But…I was not to be deterred.  I checked out the website and quickly came across the Moon necklace up above and thought… “This is what I want for Mother’s Day”.  I quickly told Hubs about it and showed him what one I wanted.  He also thought it was a good deal.  So we decided that for my Mother’s Day gift and my birthday gift combined that I could get this as it was a little bit pricey for just a Mother’s Day gift.

So I kept looking at it…kept dreaming and I waited.

Yup!  You heard that right…I waited!  If you know me then you know that I have a teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem with waiting.  (Insert sarcasm tone here)

SIGH.  I really wanted it.

Finally…my waiting paid off.  May came and hubs told me I could order it if I still wanted it.

I went back to the moon design and chose how I wanted Little E’s name written on it.

You can also trade in the small pearl for a birthstone or whatever else you want put on there..but I loved the pearl!  It’s ohhh so pretty! 🙂

The reason why I picked the Moon “I love you to the moon and back” is because of a long time thing that Little E and I have going.  We talk to the man on the moon when we see him out. We have even named him Larry and Little E gets soooo excited to see him.  Now when Little E sees this necklace he knows that the moon is named Larry and he quickly points that out when he sees it.

See the Post on Larry the moon by clicking on the highlighted link.

So I put in the order…picked out what I wanted…then read that I had to WAIT 2 weeks as they made it…before they shipped it.

UGGGH….this waiting is horrible..but I knew it was going to be oh so nice once I got it so I endured the waiting.

Then Canada Post started talking about a postal strike and all I could think was “Please please please let my parcel arrive  before they go on strike here.”

Finally this week it came and I love it so much!!!  It’s the perfect length.  (You can pick which length of necklace you want) and it just turned out WONDERFUL.

So please check out The Vintage Pearl and see what they have to offer.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!!

~ Laura

Blessing: My necklace…pretty obvious…even if it a material thing.

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Meet Larry.

Little E  and I started this “tradition” in the summer.  The moon’s name is Larry.  We love Larry.  We talk to Larry every time he is out and we can see him.

Larry is by far the coolest “guy” we know.

He eats M&M’s, takes bubble baths, plays hopscotch and poops corn which in our world is snow.  (The last one was presented by the wonderful hubby of mine..he’s got quite the imagination!)  I’m sure he does some other things too..but we are just getting to know Larry.

This winter we haven’t seen too much of Larry as he’s been sleeping because of all the snow we have been getting (or all the pooping he has been doing), but every time he is out we have quite the conversation.

Our conversation can come from our comfy chair in our living room or while we are out getting groceries…but Larry NEVER goes unnoticed.  Little E points him out and excitedly yells: “MOM There’s Larry!!!”.  Each night we think of all the amazing things that Larry may have done during the day (when we can’t see him). The latest was Larry playing hopscotch and eating a sucker.  (Come to think of it…I probably should be using my motherly instincts and telling Larry that this is a very dangerous thing to do and he might choke on his sucker if he’s not careful).

I love my times with Little E…using our imagination and talking to Larry.  It’s always an enjoyable time and something that is special that we can share with each other.

So next time you see the “guy” pictured above…please say “HI” to Larry for us!

My life is sooo blessed!


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