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Just as you enter the house.

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Up until just recently we haven’t had a problem with little E going to bed.  He goes to bed fairly well and is asleep in about ten minutes.

I would like to think that this is because of my great and awesome parenting skills..but I tend to think it’s more because he hasn’t had a nap all day.  🙂

However, just the other day Little E told me that he was scared.

“Why are you scared honey?”

“There are monsters under my bed.”

The answer that I gave next was by some miracle of God..had to be.  I’m not a very sympathetic person. I try to be…boy do I try hard..but I just don’t have it in me for the most part.  However…not to brag..but I thought my answer was pretty good..nope actually I think it was GREAT.  🙂  (Ok maybe I am bragging)

I quickly answered, “But honey that can’t be because I ate them all a while ago.  There are no more monsters in this house.”

He actually bought it to.  (Who wouldn’t with a fantastic answer like that?)

This morning he came into our room at an early hour of 6:15.  (I have stated a rule that nobody gets up until 7:00 in my house unless they absolutely need to…and it works too…so far)

I asked him if he was scared of monsters and he said “No…you ate them all”

I said, “That’s right..no more monsters in this house…mommy gets way to hungry and eats them all.”

We settled down and went back to sleep for the next forty five minutes.

It was great.  🙂

Blessing: I got 45 more minutes of sleep.  🙂

How about you?  What do you tell your children about monsters?  Any unique stories?


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OH MY *&^!

Ok…I’m just going to speak my mind on this topic.

If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s this:

Hearing people say: “Oh my God!” (from now on this will be referred to “oh my &^&!”

I know people are ignorant of why saying this is a “bad” thing and I know not all people have grown up in the church as I have..but it still irks me.

The reason?  They are using God’s name lightly.  They are not praising God…they are using it more or less as a swear word…a way to show annoyance, anger, disbelief, or frustration. Yes, sometimes it is shown as excitement, but most of the time it is still not used in the way it is intended to be used by God, which is for praise and adoration to Him.

What drives me even more batty?  When children say it.  Obviously they are just saying it because they have heard other people saying it…and it just becomes a part of their vocabulary.

Still it drives me up the WALL!

Why why why must we say it?

Shouldn’t the name of God be more powerful than just an ordinary word that falls off our tongue?  Shouldn’t it be said with adoration and thankfulness, rather than some other slang word that falls off our lips…like frig, shoot, or crap?

God is the one who made us, who created us, who knows all things, has all things planned, breathes life into all things…and we just use His name like any other word!

Now, I know not all people are believers and so they wouldn’t think twice about this..but it is a pet peeve of mine.

That being said…my pet peeve was uttered by my child. (He’s heard it from other people…not me…)

Yup…that’s right.  Little E said “OH MY &^&!”

We were at the supper table and having a conversation and Little E just blurted it right out.

I quickly told him that that phrase makes God sad and that he shouldn’t be saying it.

He hung his head and hubby and I went on to finish our conversation.

All of a sudden he raises his head and his hands up to the sky and says (while shaking his hands):


It was so cute.  I told him that was better and that he made God happy again by apologizing.

I love the pure love that he has for God and the innocence that is around him at this age.  LOL…by all means I am not saying my child is innocent…but right now his faith is innocent and I love the way he loves God with all that is in him.

Blessing:  My child loves God.

How about you? What is your pet peeve?


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This week I was hit with a horrible realization.

It’s one that I have thought about often, but never really gave it much more than a fleeting thought.

It’s one that I knew was going to happen but just didn’t think it would be this soon.

It’s this:

My child is growing up.  😦

In less than 2 months Little E will be 3.  3!!!  Where did the time go?

The bitter realization hit me hard in the chest last night when we took Little E to McDonalds Play place.

After we were done our meal he asked if he could go play and I said yes.

After watching him run off towards the play place I looked over and my husband was still in his seat.  I wanted to ask him “What are you doing?  You should be beside him like you always are…crawling in there with him.  If you aren’t going to do it then I will!”

But…at that moment I saw my husband smile and wave.  I looked over in the direction of the play place and saw Little E up at the very top tunnel waving through a window at us.

My heart sunk….the realization hit like a baseball bat to the chest..and I slowly raised my hand in a wave and smiled the best I could.

Thoughts swirled my mind.

“How did he get up there?  Who’s watching him?  What happens if he gets hurt?  HOW DID HE GET UP THERE????”

You see…two months ago we were at the exact same play place for a birthday party for one of Little E’s friends…and he was climbing a little, but he still preferred to stay at the bottom since he wasn’t quite tall enough.  Daddy or mommy would always have to lift him up and go up with him.

But now…now…just two small months later..he’s doing it all by himself.

He’s growing up…and he’s not waiting for me to realize it.  He’s doing it all by himself.

Pretty soon he’ll be starting his first day of school.  Then his first day of junior high, then his first day of high school…then prom, then graduation, then college, then marriage…UGGGHGHHGGHGH When does it stop???

(Breathe Laura, Breathe!)

My baby isn’t a baby anymore.  It’s sad, but exciting all at the same time.

We are at the phase where he says the cutest things.  He is doing great at potty training, he’s making new friends and he’s excelling at super speeds with his language and numbers.

I guess I just have to take it all in stride…and try to catch up to him.

I look at this picture and smile:

Almost 3 years old

but there’s still a part of me that wants to go back to this:


Sigh….I have a big boy now!

But I still love him 🙂

He’s a blessing all in himself…more ways than one.


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If you don’t know me then there is something that you really really ought to know about me.

For to truly know me is to truly accept this one treasure in my life.  Some say it’s a “flaw”…but I disagree.  I think it’s a wonderful attribute to have.  I think it completes me…it makes me whole.  Without this…I would have to redefine who I am.

That treasure…that one simple knowledge is this:

I am a HUGE Toby Mac fan.  HUGE!

I think I have passed this on to my child…actually..I know that I have.  It’s not something I pushed on him…unless you are counting the period in his baby stage that I tried to get Toby Mac to be one of his first words.  But…we don’t really count that….do we?

Little E will listen to Toby Mac music any chance he can get…and he will rock out to it.  He’ll play his real drums or his air drums…or guitar…or just dance.  He loves Toby Mac.  He’s been asking me for a Toby Mac shirt as well.  However, the little turkey turned on me the other day.  I told somebody that he wanted a Toby Mac shirt and they said “You do???” and he turns around and says “NO!!! Mommy!!!”. Traitor What he really meant (and this is me interpreting for him) is that mommy has a Toby Mac shirt….yup..that’s what he was truly saying.

As we were walking through Walmart the other day we went by some Ken dolls and Little E says: “Look mommy!!!  Toby Mac!!!”  My heart swelled and dipped all at the same time.  It swelled because he was so excited to see “Toby Mac” in the stores…thus bringing back his love for the Mac…and it dipped because clearly, Oh ever so clearly…Ken does not look like Toby Mac.

Look for yourself:


Toby Mac

See…nooooooooooo resemblance.  Can’t Little E clearly see this?  I think it’s pretty obvious.

Looks like there’s only one thing to do.

Little E is going to have to watch some slide shows of Mr. Ken and Toby Mac and I’ll have to use one of those teacher blackboard pointers and show him ALL the differences of both.

I see no other way.

Sigh…just when I thought we were getting some where.


Blessing?  That the name Toby Mac is uttered from my child’s lips.

All pictures were used from Google images.

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Company galore!

Sorry my blog posts have been few and far between the last week and a half…but it’s March Break here which means that I had a week pretty much off…and so company came!!!

I love having company.  It’s so much fun to do some different things and get out of the house for a change.

My best friend and her two kiddos came down from New Brunswick and stayed for almost a week.  We had a lot of fun.  It’s an 8 hour drive for her…which means she must really really love me.  🙂  Especially to travel that long with a teenager and a three year old.  We had a blast taking the kids to different things and having a few date nights ourselves.  It was nice to see her.  The next time we are together it will be the first of July….waaaay too long!

The weekend before that my mother in law and sister in law came which was nice because we hadn’t seen them since Christmas….then after my friend and her family left my mother in law, sister in law and our friend Raquel came to visit.  It was nice seeing Raquel again as the last time we saw her was in September.

Now it’s Sunday night…and everybody is gone.  Little E is in bed and hubby and I have the whole house to ourselves.  This silence that surrounds us is kind of eerie…..and nice all at the same time.  He’s playing the wii and I’m relaxing on the computer.  Our child is back in his own room in his bed which is so nice because I don’t have to worry about waking him up with my constant coughing.

The best thing of it all?  I can go to the bathroom with the door open again!!!  🙂

I miss my company though.  I loved the laughter, the fun times and the stories.

When are they coming back?

Friends and family make for a very blessed life!


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Yesterday my Best friend and her kiddos arrived at my house for a week long visit.  I’m so excited that they are here…it’s been way too long.  They live eight hours away so it’s very rare that we get to see each other in person…but when we do we always have a fun time.

(Except she’s getting older…she’s ten years older than me…and went to lay down with her daughter an hour and a half ago…and I think she secretly fell asleep….getting old….but don’t tell her that)

When she comes down to visit she always brings treats and goodies from people in our previous church.  This time was no exception.  There is a small group up there that has taken an interest in our church plant and has been actively praying and helping us out with our needs as a church.  She brought us goodies upon goodies from this small group and let me just tell you:

we were overwhelmed!

We received gift certificates upon gift certificates, clothes & toys for little E. Peanut butter, and treats for hubby and a lovely Lemon meringue pie for me…amongst other wonderful things.  One including a Coles gift certificate that I can’t WAIT to use…and coffee money…mmmm….they treat us good!

But the craziest most awesome gift ever?  This:

50 lbs.  50 lbs!!!!! 50 lbs of potatoes.  They aren’t just normal potatoes..they are NB potatoes….they are awesome!

I’m willing to share…but only if your nice and bring me coffee.  🙂  J/K.

It’s so wonderful to know you are loved…and we feel so blessed.


PS.  My friend is awake now.

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For the past few weeks I knew this day was going to come and I dreaded it.

I tried to resist it….tried to forget about it.  Prayed and hoped that it wouldn’t happen.

I tried to will it not to be…..to stay this way forever…but ALAS:


My Pampered Chef Cheese Grater broke.

It was cracking a few weeks ago…and today the inevitable happened.  It broke right in half.

So sad.  So so so so so sad.

I’ve had this cheese grater since the early years of my marriage….and that will be ten years this October.

This is the best cheese grater out there.  Seriously.

When you order it, it comes with two different styles of graters and even a little measuring cup thing that you can attach to it to see how much cheese you are actually getting out of it.

You just put your cheese in the end, hold it down with the handy pressing handle and rotate it with the other handle and out comes your cheese.  Easy easy…sooooo Easy.

And then you can  put it in your dishwasher to clean it.  (I’m not actually sure if you are supposed to put it in your dishwasher to clean it…so if you have one and haven’t done so please don’t try that at home)

But now…my joy has been turned into mourning.  My ever so special Pampered Chef Cheese Grater has kicked the bucket.

I need a cheese grater….so what did I do?  Went out to Walmart and got a stainless steel stand up cheese grater.  I didn’t try to get the one that looked like the Pampered Chef one…my eyes could not deceive me on the crappy looking one they have there.

So for now this stainless steel standy uppy (I’m sure these are the correct terms) will have to do.

Just to let you know how much I like my Pampered Chef cheese grater, here is a picture of me still trying to grate my cheese after it broke:

It worked for what needed to be done…but after that I had to say good bye to it…and in the trash can it went. 😦

So so so so sad.

Blessing in this?  At least I was able to finish grating my cheese for tonight’s supper…even if I had to do it the hard way.  At one time I even contemplated cutting up the cheese with a knife into tiny tiny pieces. I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to that.

Ps.  I am in no way affiliated with Pampered Chef or their cheese graters.  It’s just a product of theirs that I really really love.  I was not paid or endorsed for this post.


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