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Little E loves to sing and dance.  Loves it.  Can’t get enough of it.

He also loves to play musical instruments…especially his drums.

Do you know what my favourite thing that little E does?

I love it when he worships God.

He’s been doing this ever since he was little and we went to a vibrant church were people were dancing and raising their  hands and praising Jesus.  He was probably about a year old and was very enthusiastically watching those around us.  The next thing I know..I look over and he is staring at the front and raising his hands in praise to God.

My heart swelled, a smiled formed and I may have got a little misty eyed.

Even when he is by himself and singing in church I will notice him lifting his hands or dancing.

He’ll sing along…catches on the music and words really fast.

Today at church he asked Daddy over and over again to sing “Forever”.  So when daddy started singing it little E got really excited and started dancing and singing along with it.

I love that he worships God.  I love that he praises Him.  I also love when he says this to me:

“Mommy Jesus loves me to the ocean and back!”

“I love Jesus”

It’s the coolest thing in the world…and the biggest blessing to see your child worship our creator.

How have you been blessed today?


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Oh I am in the fun stages of parenthood.

My child is 2 1/2…will be 3 in May…FUN FUN FUN.

I have dealt with the no naps which lead to the crankiness and the terrible 2’s.

I’m just starting to deal with the “Why” blues….but we are in a cute phase right now and I thought I would share it with you all.

My child is into loving EVERYTHING….and yes I mean everything.

Let me give you an example.

I was getting him ready for his bath the other day and he noticed some rust on the handle on the bath tub.  (Side note: we have old people props on our bathtub right now…and we will be renovating it someday…so for now the rust stays)

He said to me:  “Mommy what’s that?”

“It’s rust honey”

“I love rust…I LOVE IT!”

lol yes…he loves rust.

The other day we were making cookies and he was helping me put the flour in the bowl.

“Mommy what’s that?”

“It’s flour”

“I love flour…I LOVE IT!”

Haha…this happened throughout the rest of the baking…he even loved the vanilla.  🙂

He’s into loving everything…and it’s so much fun because it makes me stop and remember to love the simple things in life.

Ok…well maybe not rust…but the other stuff that maybe I take for granted.

I complain about my floors being dirty from foot prints left on them after I just washed them, however  I should love that they are dirty!

Why?  Because if I didn’t have anybody to make those foot prints I would be pretty lonely.

So the little things that little E loves…those are reminders for this momma to love the simple things in life…and not take them for granted.

There are blessings all around us.  Have you found yours today?


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A friend of mine just recently got a ticket for speeding.  This is the second ticket that my friend has received…but the first for speeding.

When I was talking to this person the question came up?  “Why me?  Why couldn’t the guy stop the three other cars in front of me going the same speed?  I was only following traffic.”

The first ticket my friend received was for not fully stopping at a stop sign.  Now, every time they come to that stop sign that person sits at the stop sign for a good minute.  Why?  I’m guessing to prove a point to the  invisible police that they have fully stopped at a stop sign.

It’s funny how we don’t seem to want to take responsibility for our actions…we always tend to blame it on somebody else or other circumstances in our lives.  “Well officer I didn’t know the roads here…so I wasn’t fully prepared for that stop sign”..(even though they have been down that road at least fifteen times in the course of two years….and let’s not mention the fact that it’s a stop sign…which is a universal language to STOP…completely..it’s the L.A.W.)  or “I wasn’t familiar with the way things are done around here”…or “well that’s how I did it last time”.

Excuses…all of them.  Blaming everybody else but ourselves.

I’m to blame…I do it all the time.  “Wasn’t me.  Wasn’t my fault.”

And if that weren’t enough: there’s the lesson on forgiveness.

Oh we all know the rule…we need to forgive others.  We know it…we’ve been taught it since we were little.

However, I’m talking about the other forgiveness.  When WE are FORGIVEN.

My friend has gone and paid those two tickets.  Does that mean that they now completely stop at every stop sign or go the speed limit?

OF COURSE NOT…for we are not that bright!

We only learn the lesson long enough to forget it…(usually).  In fact I have seen this person just barely stop at stop signs and going about fifteen above the speed limit other times.


I think it’s because we know we have been forgiven…our fine has been paid…so let’s pretend it never happened.  “As long as I can’t see it sitting in front of me on that green legal paper then it’s not real”


I think the same works with our relationship with God.

We do something.  We know it’s wrong in His eyes.  We ask for forgiveness.  We are TRULY TRULY sorry.  God forgives us.  (1 John 1:9)

Then most times what happens?

We go out and do it again.  Sometimes not on purpose…but in the back of our mind we know that God will forgive us again.

We go back to the same old routine…we feel bad…apologize..God forgives us.

So when does it end?

Before you send me nasty emails…I know God will always forgive us.  I understand that.  But my question goes deeper.

When will we stop pushing the limits?  When will we stop hurting him?

When do WE start taking the blame, stop doing the wrong things we are doing and embrace the right things?

When is enough, enough?



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Our foreign blessing didn’t actually start out as a blessing, in fact it started out as a nightmare!!!  UGH.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself…let me start from the beginning.

On January 5 hubby was on his way to work when the car broke down.  We knew it was kind of going for some time but we had no finances to fix it and since we only moved here 2 years ago we hadn’t really found a great mechanic.  However, the car (we call it Betty-Kirk…long story) decided that enough was enough and it was too sick to continue to take my hubby on his half hour commute to work.

So at 8:30 in the morning my hubby was stuck on the side of the road (thank goodness the cell phone was charged up) and started calling around for tow trucks.  We found one and hubby headed to work…no doubt stressed about what we were going to do.  We have a truck but it’s not in running condition as we don’t have insurance on it and it has been sitting for the past year…therefore not having an inspection done on it lately.

The day progressed and I posted our sad news on facebook and twitter…just asking people to pray.

A couple from our church emailed me and said that they had an extra car that they weren’t using and it would only be a matter of  calling to get the insurance put back on if we wanted to use it.  I kindly thanked them and told hubby when he got home from work that day.  He called them and long story short they told us we could use their vehicle as long as we needed to.

Blessing #1 – We had only known this couple for a short time…and for them to let us use their second vehicle was a HUGE blessing.

We found a mechanic who told us that the horrible news that we didn’t want to hear…the motor was gone in our car.  UGGGHH…why God…why now?

Blessing #2 – This could have happened at Christmas while we were travelling.  Thank God that it didn’t!

Hubby called all over the province looking for another motor…which isn’t easy to find when looking for a Toyota in a junk yard.  Not many of those around.  He finally found one and they shipped it.

Blessing #3 – The mechanic had it in in one day!  Not a small thing as our motor is bigger than a normal motor.

However….the motor was not good.  BLAH!  The mechanic had to order in some extra parts and it would have cost us a lot of money to ship the motor back to the place and to get another one…not sure even if the “new” one would work.  Hubby stressed about calling the junkyard and telling them that the motor was no good.

Blessing #4 – The junk yard dude (whom I have dealt with on occasion with the transport company that I used to work for) is not normally a nice guy…well ok..I don’t like him as he was rude every time I talked to him on the phone when he called in.  HOWEVER, the guy refunded half of our money.  PRAISE THE LORD for even that much! We didn’t have to ship the motor back to him…and the extra money helped us to get the extra parts we needed.

Now came the  matter of paying.  We just finished with Christmas and hubby was still working his old job and not making the best of money. We had no idea what we were going to do.  We needed to raise $1000 to pay this guy.  So…we prayed.

Blessing #5 – We were able to borrow that $1000 and pay it back without interest.  We also had to raise some extra money to pay for the extra costs because of the  bad motor..had to raise about $300 extra.  Hubby sold some stuff online really quick for $100 and we were worried about the last $200.  We prayed…asking that God would take care of it.  The next day we got $100 in the mail from a praying friend who wanted to bless us. (They didn’t know about the car problems) and we found $100 that we had stashed away. All the money came in and we were able to pay the mechanic.  Which, by the way, is pretty cheap for all that he had to do…and he was really nice.

Car works great!  We’ve had it running and hasn’t caused us any problems….well..except for one.  The front driver side door handle fell off…AGAIN.  LOl.  this is the third door handle we’ve had to replace.  I scoured Ebay…and found one for $39.99 (including shipping)…put it on my watch list…not quite ready to pay that much.

Blessing #6 – I waited for two days…even though hubby was asking me to hurry up and buy it (it’s really annoying when you can’t get in your door I guess).  After two days I searched again…found a door handle for $10.80 USD and bought it.  Went to pay for it and I had to request a total from seller because he hadn’t included shipping prices.  I thought it was free but it was only free to the states.  I waited a day….seller came back and said shipping was free!  So we bought our door handle for $10.80 US instead of $39.99 US.

We got it back on the road and the back passenger tire started vibrating really bad.  Hubby had started a new job at this time (which is another HUGE blessing) Took it to another mechanic…borrowed another vehicle for the night.

Blessing #7 – Got a call that night that our bill was taken care of and the car was fixed!

So..even though our car caused us problems in the beginning…it really turned out to be a HUGE blessing in many ways.

The biggest?  A HUGE lesson on learning to trust in God.

Every time we have a problem…we worry.  God tells us to trust in Him.  We do so reluctantly…only because we are human.  Every time He shows us again and again that He will take care of us…and HE does…He really really does!

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Elijah is a Myers

Feb 18, 2009 – another day I will never forget.  Prior to this date we thought we  were jumping a few very large hurdles with some adoption stuff…nothing bad…but stressful none-the-less.  I was ready for the papers to be signed and for little E to officially become a Myers.  We had taken little E to the doctor for his regular check up and Kevin had dropped me and Little E back off at the apartment and went on his way to work.

I checked the messages and heard our lawyer on the other end saying that the adoption had finally gone through and that Little E was officially a Myers.  I wasn’t expecting that on this day at all…and it was such great news on a rather dull and dreary February day.  I immediately called Kevin and then my BF (after I tracked her down) to share the great news…then on to the rest of the family.

My BF has two adopted children and they have adoption celebration days where they have a party to honor the day that they officially became a part of their family.  They invite all their friends and family to share in this day and have cake and presents and such…just like a birthday party…but with a twist.  🙂

Well, I decided that I liked that idea but hubby and I talked about it and we decided that instead of a party we wanted to take the day or night and have it as just the three of us….celebrate it in private.  Not that we aren’t happy that all the people in our lives were a part of the adoption process…we just figured that for us…we wanted to celebrate it as a family and that’s it.

So…that’s what we did.

Except….last year..we umm…kinda of forgot the date.  LOL.  I thought it was March 18th (which is actually my sister-in-law’s birthday) and so we totally missed it.

So…this is the first year that we have celebrated it.

For supper we headed out to MacDonalds and to the Play Place.  Daddy and little E headed into the play place and little E decided that it was too loud in there so he wanted to eat first and then go in to play.  Seriously…this is my 2 1/2 year old child…lol but that’s what he wanted.

So after half of his supper ended up in his belly and the other half on the floor we went in to play…only to discover that they actually close the play place at 7.  We were a little late getting out of the house for supper because of jobs…and so to discover this we were a little bummed…to say the least.  You see…my son has just grown tall enough to play in the play place all by himself without mommy or daddy crawling in with him.  He got to go down it twice.  I think I was a little more bummed than him lol.

We then headed over to the Bulk Barn (a store where you can buy things in bulk…however it’s not shaped like a barn lol) and got a few treats and on our way to the cash register hubby found a package of Pop Rocks.  Do you remember those?  Those are the things that you put in your mouth and they make popping sounds.  Well..we decided to try them on little E and he loved it! He had so much fun with those in his mouth.

We then headed to the mall which was cut short because little E decided to poke his finger in hubby’s eye and pull.

Ummm…not good.  He’s ok…I think

So..after we all calmed down and hubby’s eye stopped watering somewhat we headed for our last stop… WALMART.

We decided to get little E the wii video game “Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventures” because he always wants to play the wii but the only other game he really “knows how to play” is Mario Kart.

We came home, put his pj’s on and played his game (which he absolutely loves and can play pretty much by himself…score for mommy getting some extra housework done) and now him and daddy are having a camp out in his room.

Why am I not there?  Two reasons:  1)  I’m writing this post and 2) I can’t sleep with my child…he kicks wayyy too much.

Overall it was a great day and we talked to little E somewhat about adoption and told him why we were celebrating today.  Basically we told him that it was the day he became a Myers.  We told him what his last name used to be and he associated that with his Grammy…but I”m not sure if he put two and two together. We will leave it at that till he gets a little bit older and can understand more.

To everybody who has helped out in our adoption process: THANK YOU!

My life is HUGELY blessed because of this little boy…and his daddy too 🙂


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Words can not convey...

My husband is crazy…here is an example.

I still love him anyway.

I have an extremely sore throat today and he brought me home some coffee…so sweet…such a small little blessing but it made my day!



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See this cute little face?

awww cute little face 🙂

Now zero in on that nose.  See it??  It’s between the eyes and the mouth.

This little nose is the reason why I have a new job title as a mother.

Before I became a mother I had a HUGE problem.  HUGE!

I could change diapers…could handle the poop, could handle the vomit…could handle pretty much anything…but the one thing that made me gag EVERYTIME I saw it:


(Also comes in the form of snot)

I couldn’t stand it….blah blah blah….gross…makes me gag.

This just didn’t involve snot of babies…nope nope nope.

**This is the part where I share an embarrassing story**

When I was dating  this guy at Bible college we were having a fun talk on the stairs in a building and my boyfriend had a problem.

He had a booger in his nose…and really really needed to get it out.

I was not paying attention to this problem at all and kept on talking.  I remember standing up and moving because I was trying to make a point (and believe me ladies…looking back..this happened by the grace of God!)

At the same time my boyfriend was trying to fix his booger problem.  He put one finger on his right nostril and blew for all he was worth.  And yup…you guessed it…the booger went FLYING!

And this point I look up and am horrified to see this green flying object flying right towards me!!!!!!  (insert gag here)

It landed right beside me on the wall.  (See told you…it was by the grace of God that I moved!)

Nevertheless I gagged.

Also, I married that man…should have had a prenuptial about boogers…but hindsight is 20/20.


Anyway, back to my story.

So before I became a mother I couldn’t stand these green creatures that lived in side of people’s noses and slithered out occasionally.

Now that I have been a mother for almost three years…and babysitting kids on top of that, I think I deserve a new job title.

Actually I kinda required this new job title probably about six months ago.

Little E made this name up for me…and he thinks it’s too hilarious.

He calls me:


That’s right ladies and gentlemen…I officially am a doctor of boogers.

Meaning that I work with a great tool called a kleenex and we get those boogers out.  No more living in my son’s nose.  GET OUT!

I have not ventured the doctoring skills on any of the children I babysitt.  We let “nurse swipe” take charge of that.

I’m good at my job.

You know what else?


Somewhere in there…I’m sure there’s a blessing for my life.  I just haven’t found it yet  🙂


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Ode to Grover

Oh dear little fish

You were once my child’s only wish

but then we got greedy

and got three more little speedy’s (fish)

Apparently four was a little too much

and so you got sick and such

We moved you to a littler space

where you fought hard to save face

But tonight it all ended

And you were suspended

To the great open seas

or harbours of Sydney.

– an ode to Grover the fish. November 2010 – February 10, 2011

(I am sad to say that I have no pictures of grover the fish)

PS. (At least the toilet bowl was clean)

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Meet Larry.

Little E  and I started this “tradition” in the summer.  The moon’s name is Larry.  We love Larry.  We talk to Larry every time he is out and we can see him.

Larry is by far the coolest “guy” we know.

He eats M&M’s, takes bubble baths, plays hopscotch and poops corn which in our world is snow.  (The last one was presented by the wonderful hubby of mine..he’s got quite the imagination!)  I’m sure he does some other things too..but we are just getting to know Larry.

This winter we haven’t seen too much of Larry as he’s been sleeping because of all the snow we have been getting (or all the pooping he has been doing), but every time he is out we have quite the conversation.

Our conversation can come from our comfy chair in our living room or while we are out getting groceries…but Larry NEVER goes unnoticed.  Little E points him out and excitedly yells: “MOM There’s Larry!!!”.  Each night we think of all the amazing things that Larry may have done during the day (when we can’t see him). The latest was Larry playing hopscotch and eating a sucker.  (Come to think of it…I probably should be using my motherly instincts and telling Larry that this is a very dangerous thing to do and he might choke on his sucker if he’s not careful).

I love my times with Little E…using our imagination and talking to Larry.  It’s always an enjoyable time and something that is special that we can share with each other.

So next time you see the “guy” pictured above…please say “HI” to Larry for us!

My life is sooo blessed!


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