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Planetbox review

Big E starts school on September 5th.  In the past year  you  have seen me post a few pictures of the “special” lunches that I have done for him (Bento lunches).  As school has been approaching Big E has been asking me if I would continue to do his special lunches for him when he goes to school.

Of course I will be!

I did some researching online for Bento lunch boxes that will be durable, fun, and easy for him to open.  Three important keys to a lunch box when your child is going to school for the first time.  I came across the website: Planetbox . I checked out the prices and thought that I could probably do this as one of his Christmas presents.  So I ordered the lunch box.

When you get the lunch box you also have the option of choosing the magnets that will go on the top…so it kind of personalizes the lunchbox for your child.  We chose the dinosaur magnets….and when it came we were not disappointed at all.  🙂

Check it out:

lunchboxVery cool indeed.  This is the front part of it.  It has a small clasp on the front which keeps it shut very well but is also very easy for Big E to open up.

This is the inside of it:

openlunchboxAs you can see, there are different compartments for different foods.  The one on the bottom right is great for sandwiches, while the top one is great for pickles or carrots or peppers.  They don’t look very deep in this picture but they are.  We can put yogurt in them as well as pudding.

After ordering this I realized that this lunchbox was not going to fit in his regular lunchbag…so I thought about it for a while and then decided to get the lunch bag that goes with it.  It came today and I’m so excited!  It fits great and even has pockets on the front for his juice and snacks.  Plus on the inside it has a little pocket so we can put an ice pack in there to keep everything cool.



Everything fits in there nicely!
I am very happy with the service of Planetbox and will definitely be ordering from them again if I ever have another child.

We won’t be using this all the time….as we have a normal lunch box for just normal lunches…but this is something fun and different.  I’m excited to make my Big E his favourite lunches in a different style which shows that mommy cares about him…even while he is at school.  He gets so excited to open them and see what mommy created him each lunch day!

~ Laura

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The title is no lie.

Big E has learned to ride his bike (without training wheels) in one day!  Not even one day, he practiced last night for about an hour and then today for about thirty minutes and he has kissed his training wheels good bye!

How did we do it???

Well….my lovely, lovely, lovely friend, PINTEREST had helped with this one.

I was searching on Pinterest the other day and came across this blog post that somebody had pinned.


So first of all,  you take off the training wheels (obviously), then the pedals.  You put the seat down as low as it will go and then you have them walk and then push themselves.  Once they get going they pull their feet up and balance themselves.  A good idea is to put markers on the road to see if they can make it to the marker.  Then move that marker farther and farther away.

We decided to try it and I’m sure glad we did.

Watch for yourselves!



So proud of my little man.  Much thanks to thecraftingchicks.com and Pinterest for helping us out with this.

If you have kids who need a boost to do this, go try it with them!


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