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New bedroom floor!


New flooring in my bedroom finally!  No more yucky green carpet that I can’t step on with bare feet!!!  So excited!  Hubby didn’t have work yesterday and we’ve had the flooring sitting in our bedroom for the past year so we thought…hey why not.  🙂  The top picture is what it used  to look like before (we still have this ugly green carpet in our dining room).  However in the bedroom it was so gross.

So happy to have it in!

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Planetbox review

Big E starts school on September 5th.  In the past year  you  have seen me post a few pictures of the “special” lunches that I have done for him (Bento lunches).  As school has been approaching Big E has been asking me if I would continue to do his special lunches for him when he goes to school.

Of course I will be!

I did some researching online for Bento lunch boxes that will be durable, fun, and easy for him to open.  Three important keys to a lunch box when your child is going to school for the first time.  I came across the website: Planetbox . I checked out the prices and thought that I could probably do this as one of his Christmas presents.  So I ordered the lunch box.

When you get the lunch box you also have the option of choosing the magnets that will go on the top…so it kind of personalizes the lunchbox for your child.  We chose the dinosaur magnets….and when it came we were not disappointed at all.  🙂

Check it out:

lunchboxVery cool indeed.  This is the front part of it.  It has a small clasp on the front which keeps it shut very well but is also very easy for Big E to open up.

This is the inside of it:

openlunchboxAs you can see, there are different compartments for different foods.  The one on the bottom right is great for sandwiches, while the top one is great for pickles or carrots or peppers.  They don’t look very deep in this picture but they are.  We can put yogurt in them as well as pudding.

After ordering this I realized that this lunchbox was not going to fit in his regular lunchbag…so I thought about it for a while and then decided to get the lunch bag that goes with it.  It came today and I’m so excited!  It fits great and even has pockets on the front for his juice and snacks.  Plus on the inside it has a little pocket so we can put an ice pack in there to keep everything cool.



Everything fits in there nicely!
I am very happy with the service of Planetbox and will definitely be ordering from them again if I ever have another child.

We won’t be using this all the time….as we have a normal lunch box for just normal lunches…but this is something fun and different.  I’m excited to make my Big E his favourite lunches in a different style which shows that mommy cares about him…even while he is at school.  He gets so excited to open them and see what mommy created him each lunch day!

~ Laura

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The title is no lie.

Big E has learned to ride his bike (without training wheels) in one day!  Not even one day, he practiced last night for about an hour and then today for about thirty minutes and he has kissed his training wheels good bye!

How did we do it???

Well….my lovely, lovely, lovely friend, PINTEREST had helped with this one.

I was searching on Pinterest the other day and came across this blog post that somebody had pinned.


So first of all,  you take off the training wheels (obviously), then the pedals.  You put the seat down as low as it will go and then you have them walk and then push themselves.  Once they get going they pull their feet up and balance themselves.  A good idea is to put markers on the road to see if they can make it to the marker.  Then move that marker farther and farther away.

We decided to try it and I’m sure glad we did.

Watch for yourselves!



So proud of my little man.  Much thanks to thecraftingchicks.com and Pinterest for helping us out with this.

If you have kids who need a boost to do this, go try it with them!


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Pip Squeak

Saturday night was a sad night in my house.  Our little orange kitty got hit by a car and died.  😦  We were watching a movie that night and my other cat (Bandit) wanted to go outside…so I let him out and then I pushed Pip (my orange cat) outside as well and told her to go have fun.  It was a full moon out that night and Bandit was acting kind of strange.  Thirty minutes later and we are putting Little E to bed when I hear a knock on the door.  It was our next door neighbour saying that there was a cat that was hit down on the main road.  Somebody thought it was his but he went down and checked and it wasn’t…so he came over to see if ours was in the house.  Hubby went down to check and he said that it was ours.  😦


I’m an animal lover.  I can’t watch movies with animals in it.  I cried at Bambi…cried at Free Willy…I just don’t do animal movies.  Can’t.  But there was something special about Pip and that’s why I’m writing.  I’m writing to tell you about her.  If you don’t like cats or think I’m a big baby then stop….stop reading and go do something else.  This is for me to write…perhaps to hopefully feel a little better inside.

Pip was a stray kitten that followed my friend Michelle’s cat home one day.  It was raining…they both showed up on her doorstep soaking wet.  Michelle, being the animal lover that she is, brought her inside.  I saw pictures of her on facebook and talked hubby into getting her as I always wanted an orange cat.

She came to us…so tiny…sooo sooo tiny, on Little E’s third birthday. She had to jump on things to get to her bowl on the bathroom sink.  When she first came to us she didn’t even know how to purr.  When I was going to get supper one night she sat on top of the garbage can and meowed and meowed and meowed….but all it sounded like was a little squeak.  I quickly named her pip squeak and the name stuck.  We called her pip, or even pipper.  We loved her, she even grew on hubby who isn’t a cat person at all.  She would let you turn her upside down on her back and would stretch her arms out all the way.  She never used her claws and you could always find her in the bathroom eating.  That cat loved to eat.

When she wasn’t there she would be sleeping on top of Little E’s bunk bed.  I could always find her there….and most days she would be a stress reliever for me on a day when the kids would be driving me batty.  I would climb up there, give her a good rub, and kiss her head and tell her I loved her.  She would purr as loud as she could and just love me back.

The first day I let her outside after she was fixed she ran as fast as she could off the deck.  She was so excited to be outside…and she was a fast runner.  Just like a jack rabbit I would always say.  Everybody loved her.  The older lady beside us loved her and called her timmy.  Not sure why….but she was always excited to see her and watch Pip play with the leaves or the butterflies.  The older teenager on the other side of us found her sleeping in his car one time when he was cleaning it.  He loved her as well.  Neighbours up the road brought her home one day when a cat was picking on her.  Everybody loved her.  She was special.  We called her out little princess.

She loved the kids…especially the babies.  She would crawl up on the high chair just to give them a little nudge, or look at them when they came in their car seat.  They would smile and laugh at her.

I don’t know why she was down by the road Saturday night.  She never goes down there.  My only guess was that she was chasing Bandit (my other cat) and he went down there.

It’s hard to go in the bathroom and not see her there…or in Little E’s room.  It’s hard to let the dogs outside and not see her jumping at them when they came back up the steps.  I keep expecting for her to show up at the patio door to come in. It’s just hard.  I know that this will pass…and some may think it’s silly…but she was special to me….right from the very start.  I will always love her.

Little E is finding it hard as well….but not as hard as I am.  He says he misses her a lot…..and we went and said good bye to her yesterday.  (Hubby buried her in the backyard)  Life goes on….and I know it’s not the same as losing a human…but my heart is pretty sad right now.  So that’s why I’m writing…just to kind of deal with it.

I’ll just close with some pictures.

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Like a Kid in a Movie Store.

Our usual Friday night plans got cancelled this past  Friday and I talked to hubby about the possibility of having a movie night with Little E.  This is something we have never done….just because we are usually doing other things.  I said…let’s go out and rent a movie.  Something we also haven’t done in a very long time.  I’m not a movie watcher…I’d rather read books.  Yes…such a geek but I’m ok with that.

Hubby thought it was a great idea.  So on Friday I was done babysitting at 3:00 and we headed to the movie rental store.  I don’t think Little E has ever been in a movie rental store in his life.

He was so overwhelmed by all the movies.  The first rack he went to had two of his favourites:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Phineas and Ferb (not together of course…although that could be awesome.)

He couldn’t pick.  We went to a few other racks before we settled on our movie choice of “The Lorax”.  

However his excitement didn’t stop there as he was running around the store trying to make sure he had made the best selection possible he almost ran right smack into this:

He was so excited that there was a huge gumball machine in the rental store that I think he was more excited about this than the movie. (for a few minutes anyway)

When we got home we invited our 91 year old neighbour to come over and watch it with us.  I think she liked it too.  We had a grand old family  night together.  🙂

Half way through the movie Little E pipes up and says “this is the best family  night ever. Thanks mom and dad.  I get to stay up late, watch a movie and eat chips.”  🙂

And just for the record…for all those who know my child.  He sat through the whole movie and barely moved at all!!!

Tonight just made my whole week better and I see a new Friday night tradition in our household.  I love love love it.


SOOOOOO Blessed.

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Not apologizing.

If you have ever met my Little E you know that he has a boundless amount of energy.

I’m not even sure if “boundless” is the correct word.

He has so much energy and so sometimes he can be overwhelming.

I know this…I’m his mom.  I get overwhelmed sometimes by just watching him.  🙂

I know he can get out of hand because he’s so busy.  For example if we are out somewhere sometimes he just wants to show off in front of people, or he may get into something he’s not supposed to…or even crawl on your lap or jump on you.  He can be rough, crazy and just hyper.

However he’s 4 and he’s a boy.

Some people don’t understand that.  Some adults and kids constantly say his name in a whiny way….. “Eeeeeeee don’t do that”, “you have to watch what you are doing E”, or “stop that E”.  Or they will simply look at me like I’m supposed to be able to contain him.

Some of you may be thinking “You’re his mom…you should be able to contain him.”

Well I try and I try.  I have tried for the past four years.  Since he was about 6 months old he would climb over other children.  I’m not sure why.  Does he need more attention?  Maybe…but it’s not like we ignore him all day.  We love him.  We give him all the attention and love that we can give without suffocating him.

So all that to say this:

I’m tired of yelling at Little E to stop doing something that isn’t really doing anything to harm somebody.  I’m tired of telling him “no” just for the sake of not annoying somebody.  I’m sick of it…and I refuse to do it anymore.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell him to stop if he’s about to hurt somebody or is getting into something he shouldn’t…but I’m not telling him to stop doing something just because somebody finds it annoying or pointless.

He’s a little boy.  He’s exploring the world around him and growing up.

What somebody may not see is that Little E is a very loving boy.  He gives compliments any chance he can give.  He loves learning.  He loves God and he’s smart.  He cares about others and he would do anything for you.

So…..maybe next time take the time to talk to my little boy and find out about him.  Don’t shrug him off just because he may not be as calm and collected as other kids.

He’s a work in progress as are all of us.

We love him just like everybody else loves their kids and we are glad that he is unique.


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There are few things that scare me.

Ok that’s a lie…there are a lot of things that scare me….but I’m not about to share them with you because if I do then the next time you will see me and try to scare me.  🙂

However, I do want to share one thing.

Since becoming a Pampered Chef consultant I’ve had to cook a lot of recipes and Pampered Chef is very partial to using Philsbury Dough with most of their recipes…whether it be crescent dough, pizza dough, cookie dough…anything.

It looks like this.

These little things FREAK ME RIGHT OUT!

Oh I know some of you are probably snickering to yourself…but let me explain.

In order to get these things open….you have to peel the paper off from the side…to expose the line underneath.  Once you do so the can POPS open!

Well when it POPS it scares the living daylights out of me!

Or or or let’s take this example for a second shall we.

You go and peel the paper off and expose the line but you don’t expose all of the line so the can doesn’t pop open….and then you have to go find the place where it didn’t pop open and try to peel it away from there without getting your fingers caught and without being scared.

Seriously, this is my life.

Yesterday I had to open two of these.  TWO.  T – W – O!  Both of them decided not to open nicely for me.  It took me about five minutes to open one because I was scared of it popping on me and scaring me and then when I finally did it opened nicely.  Thank you pizza can thingy but I was anticipating the pop…you could have done it.  And then the second one it took me equally as long because of the paper not coming off right.  Then it scared me and I threw it on the floor because I jumped.

I’m sure people at my Pampered Chef shows get a good chuckle from me when they see my scared face and my fingertips trying to open these things for the recipe.  🙂

And every time I get scared because of opening these things I think of one person:  my friend Lisa who jumps at just about anything when she’s scared.  🙂  And I think to myself…I wonder if she’s scared of these things? 🙂


Blessing:  It’s raining….hard…right now.  I’m thankful and very blessed that I’m in a nice, warm and dry house.  Thank you God!

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Before my husband and I got married we had never slept together, so on our honeymoon he was in for a real shocker.

He noticed something about me that I had never known before.  When it was time to settle down for the night apparently I tossed and turned a lot to the point that he said to me “Are you done yet?”

I never knew I did this, but apparently I’m a lot like Jessie in Full House when he is helping Michelle get ready for her big girl bed for the first time.  I have to find the sweet spot.

Ok…so that might have been a super long video just to show it…but come on..you all know you wanted to watch the rest of it.  🙂  Nothing like full house 🙂  Also, I’m sorry that you had to go to youtube to watch it….darn embedding rules.

So even to this day I still have to find the sweet spot…or I just lay there not getting any sleep.  I’m not sure if hubby has gotten used to it or if he just puts up with it.  Probably the latter.

I’m sure to him it feels a lot like this:

We don’t have a Simmons mattress….so obviously when I try to find my sweet spot Kevin moves around a bit.

Can you imagine what it was like when we used to have our waterbed?  🙂


Day 8 of Momma’s in the picture.  (yah I know I missed a few days but we were away for thanksgiving)

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Today I have a love/hate relationship with rain.

I hate it today because my husband can’t get any work done on a roof that he has been working on….which means friends not getting their roof done and also means my deck being put on hold for another day.

I hate it cause everything is very wet…..and it makes my dogs stink…like wet dog (go figure).


I love it because it will help put out the smoldering timbers in a small town that suffered a fire today.

I love it because you don’t need to find an excuse to be inside and just relax.

It makes my grass and flowers grow…..

and we just plain old need it.

Everybody always marvels about how nice it is when the sun is shining and the sky is clear…but tonight I’m marveling at the rain that is falling from the clouds…making the land moist and giving us the things that we need….filling our wells, cooling off the air.  Giving our plants water to grow, so that the animals can eat…so that we can in turn eat.

Even as I sit here and listen to it tonight I can’t help but marvel at God’s love for us.  He always seems to send rain just when we need it…whether it be for ashes or even just to sooth a sorrowful soul.

God has a plan for everything….and right now His plan is rain.  It might not be in our plan…but HE most definitely has a reason for it.


Blessing:  I have a nice dry house to sit in and listen to the rain 🙂

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Tomorrow I embark on a journey.

A start of a journey that will take me on an even bigger journey.

A journey with three other women without any kids.

Yes….you heard me right.  We are leaving our kids and families behind and heading to a remote island.
Lol…ok maybe it’s not that remote…but it is an island and we are going for four days in total…and do you know what we are going to do?

Anything we want to!

That’s right!  We won’t have any kids saying “mom why are you eating that?  Can I have some?”  “Mom why have you been in that bathroom so long?  I have to pee!”  “Mom can you play with me?”  “Mom he’s hitting me…he’s not sharing!” “Mom, mom, mom!!”

And that’s just my kid.  🙂

And we are going to do anything we want…did I mention that?  ANYTHING!  I am most excited about the possibility of sleeping in past 6:30!

It’s the simple things people…I’ve told you that before.

Anyway…rabbit trail.

All that being said…I’m getting ready to pack.  I pretty much have all the things I want to pack but ever since I went on vacation last month at the beginning of the month I haven’t been able to find one shirt that I really want to take with me.

My bedroom is in shambles so I figured I would just do some extra hunting tomorrow and come across it…but in all reality I thought I left it behind on my last vacation.

Back to today.

I was doing some last minute laundry this morning…hanging it out on the line because let’s face it…nobody can afford to run a dryer these days…and I like to save money in that department and let the good old sun work for it’s money.

Just as I was bringing the last article of clothing in it started raining.  Everything was dry….but while I was in the laundry room (aka the basement) I had put another load in hoping to squeeze one more load in to dry out on the line.

The rain stopped that.

And then I kinda forgot about it.  Then I remembered again, then forgot again, then remembered again…and uh yeah now it’s 10:15 at night and I just remembered again.

So down to the basement I go, hating that I have to use the dryer…but know that I can’t leave my stuff in there or else it will just be gross tomorrow…and ya never know what the weather’s going to be like then.

I open the dryer and then VOILA!  I get giddy…really really really giddy.

Clothes!  My clothes that I have been missing for the last month!  In the dryer!  And there with them?  My favourite shirt!  YAY!!!!!!  YAY ME!!! (that was for Lisa).

Ok ok I know some of you are probably thinking….oh my goodness how could you not have know that your clothes were in the dryer for the last month?  (that friend would probably be Shauna)  🙂

Well you see…I put them in the night before we went on our family vacation (yup…a month ago) and haven’t used the dryer since.  See I told you…I hate using the dryer when the sun can do the work.

I was so giddy with excitement and I came up to tell my hubby and ya…he really didn’t care.

So I thought I would blog about my blessing for today.  It’s small…..but it brought me so much JOY!

How about you?  What was your small blessing today?


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