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Monday we were driving back from big E’s t-ball game and my gum was stale so I rolled down my driver window and threw it out.

I keep on driving through the city and then get ready to turn when I realized this:


Yeah….the gum didn’t quite land out the window like I thought I would.

So I’m driving through town trying to decide how to get this gum off my window. My first plan was to roll down the window. I started pushing the button for the window to go down when my brain started screaming “nooooooo don’t do it! Bad bad bad…it will get stuck.”

So I stopped. My next thought was to open my door at the next red light….but yeah not so good when traffic is coming at you.

So, as I waited at the red light, I decided to just act cool about it. I put my arm on my widow sill and stared straight ahead.

I could tell people were looking…people were laughing inside their head.

Stupid gum.

As soon as I got home I took the gum off the window.

Lesson learned??

You bet….next time make sure I have a better aim. ūüôā


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There are new kittens and a mother cat at my house! We are fostering for seven weeks until the shelter takes over. We love them and they will be excellent pets for somebody!


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A little crochet project I”m working on.


I’m making them and selling them. ¬†You, too, can have one for $5.00 plus shipping. ¬†Check out my facebook page at

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This makes me sad.

This makes me sad.

But  it's all worth it for this!

But it’s all worth it for this!

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My Grandmother and Little E.  She loved him a lot.  RIP Nan.

My Grandmother and Little E. She loved him a lot. RIP Nan.

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kraftdinner                                                                                       Guess we are having leftovers


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