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Planetbox review

Big E starts school on September 5th.  In the past year  you  have seen me post a few pictures of the “special” lunches that I have done for him (Bento lunches).  As school has been approaching Big E has been asking me if I would continue to do his special lunches for him when he goes to school.

Of course I will be!

I did some researching online for Bento lunch boxes that will be durable, fun, and easy for him to open.  Three important keys to a lunch box when your child is going to school for the first time.  I came across the website: Planetbox . I checked out the prices and thought that I could probably do this as one of his Christmas presents.  So I ordered the lunch box.

When you get the lunch box you also have the option of choosing the magnets that will go on the top…so it kind of personalizes the lunchbox for your child.  We chose the dinosaur magnets….and when it came we were not disappointed at all.  🙂

Check it out:

lunchboxVery cool indeed.  This is the front part of it.  It has a small clasp on the front which keeps it shut very well but is also very easy for Big E to open up.

This is the inside of it:

openlunchboxAs you can see, there are different compartments for different foods.  The one on the bottom right is great for sandwiches, while the top one is great for pickles or carrots or peppers.  They don’t look very deep in this picture but they are.  We can put yogurt in them as well as pudding.

After ordering this I realized that this lunchbox was not going to fit in his regular lunchbag…so I thought about it for a while and then decided to get the lunch bag that goes with it.  It came today and I’m so excited!  It fits great and even has pockets on the front for his juice and snacks.  Plus on the inside it has a little pocket so we can put an ice pack in there to keep everything cool.



Everything fits in there nicely!
I am very happy with the service of Planetbox and will definitely be ordering from them again if I ever have another child.

We won’t be using this all the time….as we have a normal lunch box for just normal lunches…but this is something fun and different.  I’m excited to make my Big E his favourite lunches in a different style which shows that mommy cares about him…even while he is at school.  He gets so excited to open them and see what mommy created him each lunch day!

~ Laura

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My First Bento Lunch!

So for the past month or two I have been looking and looking and looking at Bento lunches on Pinterest.  I want to get some great ideas for Little E’s lunches when he goes to school next year…and I thought now would be a good time to practice.

What is a bento lunch you ask?  It’s a Japanese thing and it basically means boxed lunch.

However, I think when you say that it sounds pretty boring.

I would say it’s a creative boxed lunch.

I ordered some supplies off of ebay and couldn’t wait for them to arrive!!!  I then talked to some other bloggers who are also doing these lunches for their kids and asked what the best type of lunch box to use would be.  Most of them said to just get a normal lunch container from Walmart….so I’ve been keeping my eye open. I finally found one the other day and one of the last of my supplies arrived today from ebay.

So today for lunch I decided that this was going to be the day that I made my first Bento lunch.

I had bought some Halloween cookie cutters at Walmart (metal ones) and decided to make a cat for Little E and a monster for Super S (a little boy I babysit).

I made the sandwich as normal…a cheese whiz sandwich and then used the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes for each one.

I think took a little cookie cutter that I got off of ebay and made noses out of cheese.

For Little E’s cat I took Fruit to Go “bars” and cut them up to make whiskers.  I then used icing tubes to make the eyes and the mouth.

In the silicone cups I placed cheese in one, blueberries in another, and grapes in another.

Yes, it was that easy.  It didn’t take me very long (however, when doing it for Little E’s school lunches I will most likely make them the night before and put them in the fridge) and I had fun doing it.

And the kids?


Sat down, ate them up and they were gone in about 10 minutes.  And it was a good variety all at once so they could pick and choose what they wanted.

Little E asked me to make them again tomorrow.

The only thing that I may do differently is use a different container as Little E found the sides hard to unlock.  So until he can master that maybe we will use something else.

And now…the finished product!

Have you ever done any Bento lunches?  If so what themes have you used?


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