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No TV Tuesday

Today I began a new trend in my house.  One that I plan to carry out every Tuesday unless we are sick or something along that line.

I implemented NO TV Tuesday.

That’s right…we will not be watching TV on Tuesday…well at least during the day with Elijah and the kids that I babysit.

GASP!  That’s unheard of right?  🙂

What possessed me to do such a thing?

My child was driving me up the wall with his craziness…his whiny attitude was not normal.  I didn’t want it around anymore.  So I decided…let’s try something.  Let’s take a day and have no tv…none…and let’s see what that does.

I didn’t want to do it on Monday because we were just getting back into the swing of things.

I didn’t want to do it on Friday because that was the end of the week…and a relaxing day.

So I chose Tuesday – mainly cause it rhymed.  🙂

Now…don’t get me wrong.  We don’t watch A LOT of TV.  We turn it on probably about 7:30 in the morning and let it run in the background till 9ish.  This lets me get my boy fed & dressed.  The other kids that I”m babysitting for the day arrive around 8ish usually.  I get them settled then about 8:15 till about 9 ish I sit down with a cup of coffee (so I’m sane for the day) and breakfast.  It gives me a little bit of facebook time or internet time to find some last minute details on crafts..etc.

So about 9ish we usually turn it off..(if not before).  Then about 10 we turn it back on because we have snack and sit and watch a half hour of tv (sometimes less) while doing so.

We turn it off and probably turn it back on after lunch while the other kids are having naps…for about an  hour or an hour and a half.

Ok so we might watch more tv than I thought…but still..it’s not on ALL day.  🙂

So this morning I turned it off at 7:55 AM (before the other kids came).  Elijah only had about 10 min of watching it…but I let him this morning because that’s his cuddle time with daddy before daddy heads off to work.

And…we didn’t turn it back on until 6 PM.  That’s right.  A whole day without TV.

And you know what?  Those kids didn’t ask to have it on all day.  Not once..except maybe the after school boy who wanted to play the wii but I told him we were having No TV Tuesday and he seemed ok with it.

The one who had the problem with it?  ME.  I’m so used to turning it on during snack time or after lunch that I had to really watch myself.

So you are probably thinking that I did extra spectacular things with them right?  Nope…I had some stuff planned but I kinda just went with the flow.  They started off with playing a few games, then we moved on to playdough.  Then when that was over we came back into the living room and GASP they played by themselves for half an hour…without me asking them!  I was amazed.  I sat back and read a book while they played.

I thought snack time would be hard..but..nope they just ate their snack and went back to playing.

The only time it got a little bit antsy was around 3:00.  We were just plain tired from  playing….and we had to implement some new ideas.  So we went in Elijah’s room and set up the train set and played with that

So will I keep No TV Tuesday? You bet!  My son was nicer today, not as whiny and we had a great day!

We will resort back to watching TV tomorrow – but probably not as much as we used to.

PS….If you plan on doing this I would love to hear your stories!

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