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A perfect day!

Yesterday was such a perfect day.

Not because of  stuff that happened throughout the day…because nothing really spectacular happened but just because of the weather.

Ok ok I know it’s probably sad to talk about the weather on a blog…probably even lame…but hear me out.

Yesterday was the perfect day.  There was just a slight breeze.  It wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold.  The sun was out with white fluffy clouds in the sky and it was relatively quiet.  (If you don’t count all the kids that were playing in my yard)

It was one of those days that you just take everything in.  You sit back, smell the air, soak up the sun and just realize that God has blessed you with today…and if nothing else..it’s another day that you are alive, breathing and hopefully feeling loved.

It was one of those days…that if I could have had the chance…I would have taken a blanket, a picnic basket, a pillow, a book and went to a field where I could either lay out in secret or out in the open..and just simply read, soak up everything and take a ME day.

But alas, I just settled  for sitting out on my deck at the end of the night in the dark with my eyes closed and feeling the slight breeze wash over my face and just taking an “AAHHHH Moment”.

Yesterday is probably a day that I will remember for a long time.  Not because of anything great that happened, just because it was a fantastic day.

It’s one of those days that someday in the future I will smell the air and it will remind me of this day.  Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes I go outside and smell the air first thing in the morning and it reminds me of some camping days, or I’ll go out at night and smell the fresh air and it will remind me of walks on the beach.  Sometimes the rain will just have stopped and I’ll go outside and smell the air and it will remind me of special trips I have taken….but I think the best one is a tie between the first smell of Autumn and the first smell of Winter.

Do you know what I mean???  Haha maybe I’m just abnormal…but I love those smells and the memories that come with it.

Do you have any special days where it wasn’t anything fantastic that happened, but just a great day all the way around?


Blessing:  All of the above 🙂

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A beautiful Sunday.

We have been here for 3 years….and until this year we have yet to find a good beach that was within a thirty minute drive of us.

Now…I know…you are probably thinking “she lives on an island…how hard can that be?”

Well..let me tell you…EXTREMELY HARD.

You see…I’m picky.

I grew up on a little island where I was five minutes walking distance from the closest beach.  The beautiful beautiful beautiful beach…that had SAND on it.

The beaches here…don’t have sand…they have rocks.  Rocks are not fun to lay on, not fun to build sandcastles with, and not fun to have in crevices of your body.  Well neither is sand…but…..

We have been searching and searching and searching for a good beach.  A few weeks ago we found a great lake with some different type of sand on it.  I’m not going to complain cause the water was beautiful and the sand was not made up of big rocks.  Little E enjoyed playing in it….but it didn’t compare to this:

(minus the snow).  This was the beach that I grew up on…beautiful beautiful beautiful beach….sand as far as the eye could see.  Many special memories were made on this beach.

So I kept on searching…not giving up quite yet.

Then I saw a post from a friend on facebook and he was on a beach…and it was sandy and it was just beautiful…well not as beautiful as the picture above..but it was pretty close.

So Sunday it was nice and warm and we went out looking for the beach.  I’m not sure if we found the right one or not but we ended up on a nice sandy beach and we had lots of fun.  I played and built sandcastles with little E for a while and then went and laid down on our beach blanket.  I closed my eyes, soaked up the sun, listened to the waves crashing on the beach, my child and husband playing, and seagulls in the distance and thought:

Life. Can’t. Get. Any. Better. Than. This.



Blessing: I couldn’t help but just marvel at God’s handiwork when I looked all around me.  God also knew we needed a good day just to relax and have to ourselves.  It was great..the whole day was a huge blessing even though we were only there for about two hours.

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