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A perfect day!

Yesterday was such a perfect day.

Not because of  stuff that happened throughout the day…because nothing really spectacular happened but just because of the weather.

Ok ok I know it’s probably sad to talk about the weather on a blog…probably even lame…but hear me out.

Yesterday was the perfect day.  There was just a slight breeze.  It wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold.  The sun was out with white fluffy clouds in the sky and it was relatively quiet.  (If you don’t count all the kids that were playing in my yard)

It was one of those days that you just take everything in.  You sit back, smell the air, soak up the sun and just realize that God has blessed you with today…and if nothing else..it’s another day that you are alive, breathing and hopefully feeling loved.

It was one of those days…that if I could have had the chance…I would have taken a blanket, a picnic basket, a pillow, a book and went to a field where I could either lay out in secret or out in the open..and just simply read, soak up everything and take a ME day.

But alas, I just settled  for sitting out on my deck at the end of the night in the dark with my eyes closed and feeling the slight breeze wash over my face and just taking an “AAHHHH Moment”.

Yesterday is probably a day that I will remember for a long time.  Not because of anything great that happened, just because it was a fantastic day.

It’s one of those days that someday in the future I will smell the air and it will remind me of this day.  Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes I go outside and smell the air first thing in the morning and it reminds me of some camping days, or I’ll go out at night and smell the fresh air and it will remind me of walks on the beach.  Sometimes the rain will just have stopped and I’ll go outside and smell the air and it will remind me of special trips I have taken….but I think the best one is a tie between the first smell of Autumn and the first smell of Winter.

Do you know what I mean???  Haha maybe I’m just abnormal…but I love those smells and the memories that come with it.

Do you have any special days where it wasn’t anything fantastic that happened, but just a great day all the way around?


Blessing:  All of the above 🙂

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Summer is coming.

For those of you that live in the States and have had Summer for the last week or two…just have mercy on this post.  🙂

For those of us in Canada let us just take a moment to soak in the sun.

It doesn’t seem to last for long these days.

I know Cape Breton weather is a little behind the rest of the province and country but man I’m sick of the rain (and I love rain).

Even though the actual date of Summer isn’t here…here are a few signs that Summer is actually on it’s way..(fingers crossed)

The trees are just beginning to bud..FINALLY.

The June bugs are out.  They didn’t seem to get the memo that if they HAVE  to come out that they are supposed to come out in JUNE not May 30th or earlier.

My patio door has been opened all day and is, in fact, still open and it’s almost 8:00 here!  How heavenly is that?

I’m not wrapped up in a sweater.

It’s almost 8 PM and it’s still light out.

There’s no snow on the ground.

Country music is blaring from the house down the street. (I really should go talk to them and tell them that not EVERYBODY loves Country music.

And I have the pool out…ready for the first real swim…although we have dabbled in it a day or two ago.

The guy across the street was out washing his truck.

And last but not least…the sunscreen is being lathered on to the kiddos.  (When you have five kids that need sunscreen this can take a long time if you don’t have it mastered already).

So….let’s continue to keep our fingers crossed…and hope that “beach” weather will soon be upon us!



Blessing:  We can play outside again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blessing is the biggest blessing of all when you have kids!

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