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So…I do things a bit differently.

We had our Easter on Friday morning this year.  This has several reason.

1)  We are church planting so on Sunday mornings we get up at 7 and just run run run!  We don’t stop until we get home from church probably about two o’clock at the latest.  So I didn’t think it would be fair for little E to get up….rush through an Easter Egg hunt, look at his stuff and then not be able to play with his toys until five hours later.

2)  Little E isn’t even three yet…so this year we can still get away with the Easter Bunny coming early.

3)  I like having Sunday being about Jesus and the real reason for Easter.  (However, like I said before, I won’t be able to do this again another year)

So Friday morning hubby and I were laying awake in bed probably about 7:30 waiting for little E to come in and wake us up from excitement.  8:00 rolls around and I hear those cute little feet running down the hallway to our room.  I pretended I was asleep and little E woke me up by saying “Mommy look what I found!”  In his hand he held three little chocolate covered Easter Eggs.  We asked him who left those in his room.  He replied “I did..I found them!”.  We explained that the Easter bunny left them and we went on our Easter Egg hunt.

(I love Easter egg hunts..love love love them.  I did a huge one at the church we were at previously that was almost 20,000 easter eggs.  It was sooo much fun!)

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Little E loved his Easter egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny left them in his room and in the living room and some in the bathroom when he needed to take a break.

Little E also had fun opening his gifts. Loved all the chocolate and CARS toys.

However, today is Sunday.  Today we have the greatest reason ever to be worshiping and praising our Jesus.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing this everyday, but today was and is a great day. For today, HE IS RISEN!  He’s alive, which is awesome.  He’s alive…it means the God that we trust in isn’t some statue on a fireplace, or some picture up on the wall, or even a cross hanging around our neck.  He’s alive and not dead!  It means that we can trust in Him…talk to Him, love Him and give Him everything that we have and expect that it’s not falling on deaf ears!  AMAZING!

This morning I had kids church.  I wasn’t looking forward to this for a few reason but the main reason was because…well it’s Easter which means chocolate.  Chocolate means hyper kids. Hyper kids and I don’t mix that well.  LOL.

But today was great.  The kids sat around the table and I talked to them about what Easter means in terms that they would be able to understand.  We talked about what Good Friday was and how Jesus died on the cross.  After we got through all the gory parts that they decided would be fun to tell…we got down to the reason why Jesus died on the cross.  Then we talked about what it meant to say that “Jesus rose again”, that it means he became alive again.  I asked the kids where Jesus was living now and most of them said heaven, but my little boy said that he lives in the pool.  LOL.  We church plant at a hotel so every Sunday they see the pool.

I guess Little E decided that it would be fun to live with Jesus in a pool instead of Heaven. Ah well…as long as he’s with Jesus that’s all that matters right? 🙂

Well that was our Easter.  I hope that all your Easter’s out there were just as grand.  I have been seeing some wonderful pictures on facebook and I love watching all the kids running around looking for their Easter eggs.


Blessing: I have a Saviour that’s ALIVE, not dead.  I also have the opportunity to share this with my child…which is a huge blessing as well!

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Here is last year’s Easter picture.  I think it’s hilarious.  Both him and the Easter Bunny look scared out of their mind!

Easter 2010 - Looking Scared!

And here is this year’s picture:

Easter 2011 - MUCH BETTER!

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