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Ok so this one isn’t so much as laughable.  It’s more of a “sigh!  I love this kid and he’s really getting it” type of moment!  🙂

We headed to our local Christian bookstore today because hubby wanted to buy a new devotional book for Little E.  The other devotional book that we had was getting a bit to young for him so we wanted something that he could grasp on to more.

(For the record, I hate picking out devotional books……I never know if they will be really good…and you tend to not see too many reviews on them from your friends.)

So, we found one.  Little E looked at it over and over and over and over and over again in the car ride home.  He was so excited (it had pictures that were of biblical things…not little kids and puppies).  While he was looking it over he came upon the picture where Jesus is on the cross dying and he was very concerned and asked a lot of questions.  We answered them…tell him that Jesus died on the cross and three days later he rose again.  (He pretty much knew this from church anyway…so really wasn’t new information).

After our devotion for today he wanted to go back to the picture of Jesus on the cross.  He was asking why there was two other people on the cross…and if they used handcuffs and the likes.  We gave him the answers and then hubby pointed to a lady at the bottom of the cross. He said “Little E do you know who this is?”

E said, “NO”

Hubby:  “That’s Jesus’ mother.  She’s sad because Jesus is dying.”

Little E says:  “Well she only has to be sad until Sunday and then she can be happy again.”

Melt. My. Heart.

So simple and yet so true.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I love it.


PS.  I apologize again.  I’m so addicted to crocheting I can’t stop….  🙂

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I meant to post this yesterday but forgot….so I thought I would just share it with you today instead.

Our Zellers here is getting ready for a Target…therefore closing out.  Everything is 60-90% off except for pet toys which are 25% off.   Apparenly they want to keep the pet toys.  🙂  (Sorry random trail..I know).  Anyway, we meanaged to pick up the game Operation for Little E for a fairly good price.

He was so excited to get home and play it.  Hubby set it up w hile I cleaned up in the kitchen.  While in the kitchen all I could hear was the buzzing sound the game makes when you hit the edges with the plier toy type of thing.  After the buzzing sounds would go off, Little E would get really mad.  The more it went off…the madder he got.  He came out to tell me that he wasn’t any good at it.  I told him that it’s ok…not everybody can get it…then I proceeded to show him that’s what the game is all about.

I figured he was fairly ok with this…so I went back in the kitchen.  Two minutes later I heard more buzzing sounds by a very angry little E. He was gettingn so mad at the game he was starting to cry.  I came out again to see what was going on and he was trying his very best to play the game.  Hubby?  Yeah he was on the couch laughing at Little E because he was getting so mad.

I went over…told Little E again that everything was ok…just to take his time.  Went back out to the kitchen.  I heard more buzzing, more crying and then finally little E said:

“Dad!  It’s an unfair world that we live in!  I can’t play this game!” All the while he’s sobbing his little heart out.

Poor kid…hasn’t picked up the game since.  🙂

Unfair world indeed…especially when it comes to games you don’t understand.  🙂


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grad_capLittle E came home from preschool today and said

“Mom I graduate soon right?”

Took me a minute to realize what he was saying.  He graduates from preschool this year.

So I answered. “That’s right you do!”

He then replied: “So what do I get?  A car?”

Hahah wishful thinking kid!  🙂

Where does he come up with these things?  lol!


Blessing:  A friendship that was restored.  Biggest blessing of my day.

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It’s been a crazy busy Christmas vacation….and we are slowly starting to get back into the swing of things.  So  hopefully my blog can be picked up again.

Here’s your laughable lines for this fine Monday.  🙂

It was our last night of our Christmas vacation and we were spending the night at hubby’s mom’s house.  The air mattress that Little E had been sleeping on previously was as flat as a pancake and had no hopes ever of coming back to life.  So my mother-in-law and I made a nice little bed for Little E out of four pillows and some blankets.

In the middle of the night Little E woke up and said “Mom, I can’t find my pillow.” (Meaning the one for his head of course)

Have I mentioned before that I can’t see in the dark.  Now, I know a lot of people will say that most people can’t…but not even a little bit of light…it’s complete darkness for me…making it completely hard to do anything without a light.

I got up and made my way over to where he was, hoping that I would not step on the dog or on him.  I knelt down and was feeling around for him for a few seconds when I just finally said “Where’s your head Little E?”

His reponse?  (please remember this is early in the morning….like 5 AM or so)

“Attached to my belly mom”.

Yup…..had a good little chuckle over that one.  🙂

Hope your Christmas vacay was grand!


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This is more of a “action line” than a “talking line” this week.  You’ll see what I mean when you read on.

The other day I had the older boys after school and they were playing with Little E while I was making supper. I could hear them all in here giggling so I came in to see what they were doing.  (I’ve learned over the years that giggling means something is up….)

I came in the living room and there I saw the two older boys holding a blanket that we usually have on our couch, with Little E in the middle of it.  They were holding it up off the ground and basically he was just lying in it.  Except it was rather far off the ground.

So, moi…the cautious one…said “oh boys you better put him down” (thinking that if I didn’t say that the blanket would end up slipping out of their fingers and Little E would fall on his head on the tile underneath of him.

As soon as I said that Amazing A let go of the blanket….while Little E was still up high off the ground.

Hahah…guess it really didn’t help my cause of saving Little E before he hurt himself.  🙂

As soon as Amazing A did that he looked at me with a deer in the headlights kind of look and kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

It was all I could do not to laugh.

Little E wasn’t crying..he was fine and wanted to do it again.

But poor Amazing A must have seen the wrath of Laura a few times when sending kids to time out or whatever (in the way of a scary stern voice people)….to be terrified.

Haha poor kid.

He did…however…let go like I asked so I couldn’t be mad.  🙂


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Daddy to Little E:  “E….You’re my favourite child.”

Mommy to Little E: “E….You’re my favourite child also.”

Little E to us:  “Awwwww thanks Mom and Dad!.”


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Little E and I had a wonderful day last Monday.  We spent all day together because the hubs was trying to finish a course that he is working on.  We started off with some light shopping, visited a neighbour and then went for a walk.  We finished the afternoon off by doing some yard work in preparation for winter.

Yes…I said the W word.  People, get used to it…it’s coming whether we like it or not.

We were raking up the leaves in the backyard and he was doing a WONDERFUL job helping me.  He’s such a good helper…and I didn’t get any pictures!  😦  Although, I did think about it…for the “Momma’s in the picture posts that I have been slacking on.

Anyway, Little E said that he wanted to climb in the green bin and jump on the leaves.

I replied by saying “You can’t do that…mommy would miss you if they took you away with the garbage!”

He looked at me with a serious face and said, “That’s ok..you can just lay another egg.”

Lol..I don’t know where he gets these things!


Blessing:  Spending the day with my boy.  More of a blessing that you will ever know!

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The other day I was going about our morning ritual and Little E had been out in the living room watching TV.  He asked me to come in and change the channel to something he could watch.  While I was looking for what he wanted there was a commercial in the background playing for wrinkle cream.

The woman was going on about how she used this wrinkle cream and it got rid of all the wrinkles on her face.

Little E was silent as I was trying to find the show which I knew he  had to be thinking about something.

Then he spoke up and said “Mom, do I have wrinkles on my face?”

I turned around and gave him a kiss and say “no honey, you have a few more years for that to happen.”

Man I love this kid!


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Amazing A and Lucky L were over after school the other day.  This is the first time I had seen them in about a week as both of them had been sick.

Lucky L started the conversation telling me that he had a reaction to his medicine and he had a rash.

Then Amazing A spoke up and said “And I had a virus!”

I then said “You’re just like a computer.  Had a virus…maybe we should get you a virus scanner.”

To which Amazing A replied “I’m just like a robot.”

Haha these kids say the craziest things.

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The other day Little E and I were working on his “homework” together.  He only goes to preschool twice a week but he enjoys doing work like they would do in school.  So I got a book from Walmart and we have been working on that together.  The other day we were working on something that involved the word “IRON”.  So I showed him the picture of the iron and I asked him if he knew what it was.  This was our conversation:

Me:  “What is this?”

Little E: “an Iron.”

Me:  “Do you know what an iron is  used for?”  (I was interested in hearing what he had to say because I NEVER use my iron.)

Little E: “Yup…..it’s for putting edge tape on wood.”

Me: “haha Yes honey…in this house that’s what it’s used for.  🙂  But other people use it to get wrinkles out of their clothes.”

Hahaha ……only in my house.  🙂


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