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When I see the image below my heart gets all flustery and my brain just can’t think straight.

That’s right:  COUPONS!

Now a lot of you know that I have just recently started couponing.  Ok…probably about five months ago.  Since then I have learned a lot of valuable information and how I can save my family a TON of money.  First of all, let me back up.

The reason why I started couponing was because my husband and I were going through a very rough financially hard time in our lives probably around Christmas time.  He got laid off and we just weren’t sure what God had in our future as far as a job outside of the church was concerned.

We still needed groceries….we just had to get by with the money that we had.  So I started searching the internet for coupons.  I came across a website on “couponing trains” and I called my best friend to tell her about it.  I told her:  “I just can’t get my head around this…I’m not sure why….why would you trade coupons?”

Well…let me tell you…I quickly learned….and I learned good.  (yes, I know that’s not proper grammar, but seriously…couponing isn’t even technically a word…sooo)

I learned that there are facebook groups out there that you can trade coupons with other people and in turn get stuff that you really want for stuff that they really want.  It works great!  I also learned some other great “tricks” such as:  Price Matching at Walmart (and other fine retailers).  Price matching saves me so much time and gas money because I don’t have to go around to every store to get the great deals… I just need to go to Walmart and take my current flyers and match the ads in the flyers with products at Walmart.  Walmart will also take competitors coupons (a great bonus as Walmart’s stuff is usually cheaper)

Saves me so much time and money!

So now I usually  pick the grocery store that is going to give me the best deals and go there and price match the other stuff at Walmart.

That’s the condensed version of it.

Now…let’s travel to today.

I was shopping at Walmart today for a few things (and by few…I really mean few…my cart wasn’t filled) and proceeded to go to the checkout.  I usually go to the younger looking cashiers because they tend to know that they are doing when it comes to price matching.  I got in line behind some other people that were price matching and waited patiently.  I did this because I knew that they were going to be a bit and I could get everything organized.  While in line there were several people who came up behind me to get in line and I kindly told them that the people in front of me were price matching and that I would be too.  I told them that it would probably be a while.  I do this so people don’t stand there and wait and wait.  Seriously…I”m being kind. I would want somebody to do that for me.

A lot of people would grumble some sort of complaint and go to the next cashier but I’ve had people stand behind me anyway.  I’ve proceeded to tell them again and they still either don’t hear me or just choose not to believe me.  Then I listen to them sigh and sigh and complain…but hey..I figure if I’ve told them twice then that’s not my fault that they don’t seem to want to listen to me.

After I was done price matching and going through the cash (the cashier was a really nice guy and I made sure I thanked him for being patient…I try to do this so they understand that I really appreciate that they don’t get mad or annoyed at me) I proceeded to go out and wait for hubby to pick me up.

While out there this group of people that were behind me in line in the story and that I kindly told them that I was going to be a while (even though technically I was maybe five minutes) came out and they were talking and saying “I seriously hate people like that…people that have to watch every penny”.  (This was a lady that I had told that I was going to be a while and she went to another cashier).  She didn’t know I heard her…she didn’t even know I was there until after she said this..and then she pretended like she didn’t say anything.

I felt like going up to her and saying “Lady, do you know why I coupon? I coupon to save my family money in groceries so that we can do other things that we would like to do!”  I felt like saying “Since January I have saved my family over $600 by just using coupons!”  But I smiled at her and let her walk away.

I’m posting this to let you all know that if you see somebody in front of you couponing don’t get mad at them.  It’s not their fault that you are in a hurry…just the same as if you got behind somebody that had two carts of groceries.  It’s not their fault that the cashier might be a little slower or not know some of the couponing policies.  They are trying to save money because seriously…now a days every penny does count (or will until we have no more pennies…hahah).  The price of gas is crazy and you can’t tell me that if it dropped drastically in price you wouldn’t be the first in line to get the best deal.

If you want to pay full price for something…that’s ok you can…but those of us who don’t….just please please please be patient with us.  We’re not annoying…just trying to get the best deals on our groceries…PROMISE.  🙂


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“Help!  Oh my goodness..what in the world is happening?  What is the world coming to?  This just can’t be right!”

These were a few of the phrases that were going through my head as I walked down the Peanut Butter aisle (that’s right people, it’s not the condiment aisle…it’s the peanut butter aisle in our household) at our local Sobeys.

Another phrase that was going through my head was:

“You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me!”

The price of peanut butter went up about $3.00!  Yes, we knew it was going to happen…that peanut  butter prices were rising all around the world because people in Japan are eating it like it’s going out of style…and maybe making fuel out of it or something.  (not really…that was a joke…please don’t send me nasty emails)  But three whole dollars??  That’s just insane.

Oh some of you are probably wondering where I’m getting my math in this one?  Well…see my hubby is not normal.

Wait for it…there is logic behind this and my peanut butter story.

Hubby eats peanut butter like  he’s living in Japan…haha no no…that was another joke.  But seriously  he eats Peanut Butter on EVERYTHING.  I’m not exaggerating people….not even in the slightest.  When I met him at college he had it on his fish one night.  Peanut butter and jam.  Yes..I know…I probably should have realized then that my life would never been normal and slowly walked away…but I guess in my own little way I’m not normal either.  (Ok you can stop laughing now).

Hubby’s favourite sandwich is a peanut butter sandwich with cucumbers and chips and jam and anything else he may be able to put on it.  It’s really quite disgusting looking…but he assures me that if I haven’t tried it yet that I shouldn’t be knocking it.  I’m not about to try it…so I’ll just leave it to all of my readers to think of all the disgusting words you can think of for it.

So…that being said…when we get peanut butter we get the big 2kg jars.  The BIG ones…they last us the longest.  Now…being a couponer I do have some coupons in my lovely coupon binder (it’s red…and so therefore it’s name is Red…cause we name everything in our house) but they are only for $0.75 off.  Not about to waste a $0.75 Skippy Peanut butter (yes..I’m calling it out….letting them know their prices are outrageous…but their peanut butter is oh so good) on a price of $11.99.  That’s just crazy talk.

So the other day hubby’s Skippy super chunky peanut butter was on sale at Shoppers Drug mart.  I went and picked up two.  They were only the small ones but we were out of peanut butter and hubby was so desperate for it he even told me that if I had coupons for it he would eat Kraft.  You know he’s desperate when……

So let’s see….it was last Friday (April 13th) that I bought these jars of peanut butter.  On April 21st (just a mere 8 days later) one jar was gone.  Gone, as in hubby ate it all..used it all up.  FINISHED!  GASP!  What am I going to do????????  It’s a crisis in our household I’m telling you!

I’m hoping that the Peanut butter fairies and the Walmart fairies soon collide and ROLLBACK some great prices on Skippy super chunky peanut butter or else…I’m afraid to see what may happen.

The world may truly end in 2012…just because of hubby going insane from lack of peanut butter.  🙂


Blessing:  my amazing family is my blessing today.  I love them all…and am a super blessed person!

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See this thing right here?

This “gadget” has been the bane of my existence for the past….oh….month and a half.


WELLLLLLLL….because I wanted to buy this for Little E for Christmas.  He loves using my iPod touch and I knew that he would just LOVE this.

About a month and a half it came on sale at Walmart for $89…which is a $20 price drop from the original price.  I went to our nearest Walmart and they didn’t have it…so drove all the way to the other Walmart (it’s not really far…but remember my story about going around the rotary?  Yeah…what should have been a ten minute drive turned into about a 20 minute drive).  I found it at the other Walmart…buttttttttttttt…and here’s the BIG BUT…they only had one left and it was in the color PINK.

However  because I can always find a way to get myself out of a mess (usually) I decided to buy it and then later on when they had green ones in stock exchange it for a green one at the same price of $89.

Little did I know that the evil elves of Walmart didn’t feel the need to stock up on anymore LeapPad Explorers.  And the extra naughty elves of the internet were selling them on Amazon and Ebay for almost double and triple what they were worth.

All I could think of was “this is just like the Tickle Me Elmo” scenario a few years back.  However, I didn’t run over anybody (yet) to get one.

So I brought it home…hid it in my closet and probably annoyed all my friends with my asking them if they were going away so that they may be able to get one for me in the color GREEN.  I called other stores…even 4.5 hrs away…and all were sold out.

Then last night the magical elf that loves me came to visit.  He brought me a flyer from Zellers that said “LeapPad Explorer’s on sale $99.00”.  I was soooo excited.  Here was my chance to get a green one. We hurried out to Zellers the night before the sale and the nasty sales lady said “they don’t go on sale till tomorrow…they won’t be out on the floor until tomorrow.”  I replied….”I’ll buy one for regular price.  All I want is a green one”.  She nastily replied “be here at 8 in the morning if you want one”.

Seriously…cause nobody works right?

In my head, though, I was plotting.  How will I be there at 8 in the morning.  I have to babysit kiddos all day…it’s just not going to happen.

I turned to hubby with my sweet eyes and kindly asked “hey can  you be there in the morning at 8 to get this for me?  Pretty please???”

He quickly agreed and he headed in to Zellers at 7:30 this morning.  I really think he was just tired of me talking about it the for the last month and a half.

At about 7:50 I texted him and asked him if there were a lot of people in line.  He said “5 and then me…so 6.  5 Crazy ladies and me…I feel so dumb.  Do I run?  Do I scream while I run?”

Oh the humor of that boy.

I said…”no just walk very very quickly!!”

There was silence and then I heard the lovely “twinkle” saying that I had a text message and this is what it said:

“for it” (yes…hubby is still learning how to text)

Then a reply came quickly after that “Got it!”

Woohoooooooooooooooooo I was so excited.  Little E wouldn’t have a pink LeapPad after all. (Although I’m sure he probably would prefer the pink one)

And what am I doing with my pink one?

Hahaha…I’m joining the thousands on ebay and trying to sell it for more than it’s worth.  If it doesn’t sell then I’ll post it on Kijiji or take it back to Walmart…but a girl has to try right?


Ps.  Note to self:  Buy the popular items ahead of time!

Blessing:  No women were killed or trampled on while my husband grabbed the LeapPad Explorer.  🙂

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Little E made this picture today:

The colorful building is Sobeys.  The green building is Walmart and the person is Phyllis.

Phyllis is our Walmart greeter.

Every time we go to Walmart, Phyllis is there.

Little E was showing daddy what the picture was and was telling him what all the buildings were and then he was pointing to the words that I wrote on there and he said (as he’s pointing to each word)

“I love Phyll”

then he goes down to the next line and says


Lol…we may go to Walmart a little too much.  🙂


Blessing: I love how my child loves people with all that he is.

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