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Summer is coming.

For those of you that live in the States and have had Summer for the last week or two…just have mercy on this post. ¬†ūüôā

For those of us in Canada let us just take a moment to soak in the sun.

It doesn’t seem to last for long these days.

I know Cape Breton weather is a little behind the rest of the province and country but man I’m sick of the rain (and I love rain).

Even though the actual date of Summer isn’t here…here are a few signs that Summer is actually on it’s way..(fingers crossed)

The trees are just beginning to bud..FINALLY.

The June bugs are out. ¬†They didn’t seem to get the memo that if they HAVE¬† to come out that they are supposed to come out in JUNE¬†not May 30th or earlier.

My patio door has been opened all day and is, in fact, still open and it’s almost 8:00 here! ¬†How heavenly is that?

I’m not wrapped up in a sweater.

It’s almost 8 PM and it’s still light out.

There’s no snow on the ground.

Country music is blaring from the house down the street. (I really should go talk to them and tell them that not EVERYBODY loves Country music.

And I have the pool out…ready for the first real swim…although we have dabbled in it a day or two ago.

The guy across the street was out washing his truck.

And last but not least…the sunscreen is being lathered on to the kiddos. ¬†(When you have five kids that need sunscreen this can take a long time if you don’t have it mastered already).

So….let’s continue to keep our fingers crossed…and hope that “beach” weather will soon be upon us!



Blessing:  We can play outside again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blessing is the biggest blessing of all when you have kids!

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So Unobservant

I had to go to the dentist today. ¬†UGGGHHHH I hate the dentist..although it’s not as bad as it used to be. ¬†Technology really has come a long way in helping me be comfortable while being drilled inside my mouth.

Anyway….that’s not the point of this post lol. ¬†Well not the main point anyway.

Hubby dropped me off, gave me a quarter and told me to call him when I was done.

Yes…a quarter.

Taken from google images.

So now the whole world (well at least the people who read this blog) know that I don’t have a cell phone. ¬†Well…actually that’s not true. ¬†I do have one that I used before I became a full time stay at home mom. ¬†Before I got my ipod I used to take the old cell phone out and pretend to text on it. ¬†Yup I’m pathetic..but I missed texting. ¬†ūüôā

So I finish up my appointment and I walk out to the place where I thought the pay phones were..except there were none to be seen.  Thinking to myself that they are down the other end of the mall I head in that direction.

Completely bypassing a circular family of phone booths…..not even seeing them.

I take the five minute walk which really felt like 15 because I thought everybody was staring at my face since to me if felt like it was huge because of the freezing.

*Also side note here: ¬†I love the mall. ¬†I’m a shopper…but my word walk the mall walk….don’t walk like you are going 20 in an 80 zone…and for the love of everything stay on your side of the mall. ¬†If you don’t understand what I’m talking about there is a code that most SERIOUS SHOPPERS understand. ¬†Similar to driving: ¬†You always walk on the right hand side of the mall. ¬†So if you are heading down you walk on your right side and if you are heading up you walk on the right side. ¬†So if you are heading in the down direction…all the people that are heading in the up direction are to the left of you..and vice versa. ¬†Ok shopping 101 is over now..back to the main post*

So I reach my destination and realize there are no pay phones there as well.


I walk outside and back to my starting point (which was actually faster than going through the mall. ¬†Lesson learned). ¬†All the while thinking “Have pay phones really gone obsolete? ¬†Does nobody use them now because they have cell phones? ¬†I don’t have a cell phone. ¬†Am I going to have to get a cell phone??”

I decide that the only thing I can do is sit and wait on a bench back at my starting point. ¬†Back to the point where hubby left me. ¬†Just hoping and praying that he doesn’t take an hour.

While sitting on that bench I look over and notice the circular family of pay phones that I passed earlier and realize that all is well with the world.

Pay phones are not obsolete yet. ¬†I don’t have to get a cell phone.

I can sleep much better tonight. ¬†ūüôā

images from google images.

Blessing: ¬†I didn’t have to wait an hour for hubby!

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Sorry it’s been a while since I have written on here but Little E and I were on vacation.

However, now we are back and I wanted to write a small post about the challenge to myself that I wrote about last week.

I talked about how I wanted to reach out to people and show them God’s love just by talking to them and being a listening ear on the city bus.

So the next day when we were heading out I was a little nervous to say the least.  We went to church about ten minutes away and I tried to get up the gumption to strike up a conversation.

However, it being Sunday morning two things happened. ¬†1) ¬†There weren’t many people on the bus and 2) ¬†The bus was actually pretty quiet. ¬†I did sit beside an older woman and smiled at her and asked her how she was. She kind of gave me a weird look and said “good” and looked out the window. ¬†However I was not to be deterred!

So I decided to wait until after church. ¬†I figured I couldn’t push it much longer than that because I knew I wouldn’t be on a bus again until Thursday. ¬†At church on Sunday they gave us flowers for Mother’s Day. Little E cried because he wanted one so bad. ¬†He couldn’t understand why mommy could have one but he couldn’t. ¬†So he ended up getting one.

We got on the bus to head home and we were sitting there smelling our flowers and I asked Little E if he would like to give his flower to the woman sitting across from us. ¬†At first he said “no” and then I explained to him that it would be a nice thing to do.

So he waited for the bus to stop and he walked over and gave her a flower.  The woman was so happy to receive a flower.

A few more stops and another woman came on. ¬†He turned around and asked me if he could give her a flower and I said “sure can”! ¬†He went over and gave her a flower and it turns out her son was in Vancouver so she was celebrating mother’s day all by herself. ¬†She was so grateful for the flower and I actually got to talk to her.

The third flower we gave away on another bus and I’m not sure what the woman thought of us giving her a flower. ¬†I watched her get off the bus and walk towards the grocery store…smelling the flower the whole way. ¬†She might not have shown her gratitude but I think she was really happy to receive a nice gift like that.

So…even though I wasn’t the first one to strike up a conversation with somebody I still, through the kindness and actions of my child, was able to make a difference in somebody’s day.

Actually it was pretty much all Little E…but it gave me a start with a conversation with the lady from Vancouver and it showed me that if my child can do it…so can I. ¬†I can show the love of God in a tangible, non frightening way.

So my overall challenge to myself is to be nicer and more open to people.


Blessing:  I have a child who cares about others and was willing to help make their day happier.

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Public buses

Today I went on the public bus..

For some of you this may not seem weird…but for me…it’s been probably about twenty four years (except for maybe once or twice a few years ago). ¬†Today I had to spend probably about ten minutes driving on two different buses. ¬†Which I know is not a big deal to all you city people…but to me…it’s pretty “cool”. ¬†I’m not sure if “cool” is the correct term or not..but it was definitely different.

I had taken little E on the public bus before but he was really little.  Today he really enjoyed it and sat there just taking it all in.

So…I decided that I was going to do the same.

I sat back and watched people get in and off the bus. ¬†I sat and watched people text, read, listen to their music…do almost everything but talk to each other.

I know I’m in a bigger city than where I currently live..but if there is one thing I love about where I live it’s that people are friendly there. ¬†People will just come up and talk to you on the street and although I have never ridden the public bus system where I live..I know that they would strike up a conversation there too.

I sat and watched people and thought about what I just shared with you and then thought to myself….”well here I am sitting here and not striking up a conversation with anybody. ¬†If Jesus were on the bus…sitting in amongst all those people, or standing up and holding on to the rails…do you think He would keep to Himself?”

Somehow, I doubt it.

I think Jesus would be in conversation with people…listening to them…hearing their joy, their hurt, their love, their sorrow. ¬†I think Jesus would be a real “people” person and truly show people that He cares. ¬†I don’t think He would be scared to talk to anybody just because they make look a little different, or may seem closed to a conversation.

Today I sat beside an older man and I thought maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t have anybody in his life to just strike up a friendly conversation with. ¬†Maybe I was put beside him to ask him how his day was. ¬†Just because I’m in a bigger city doesn’t mean that everybody is out to hurt me…or my child. ¬†What kind of example am I being to my child if I just sit there and not talk to anybody and yet he knows that our purpose is to share the love of Jesus with others.

Am I truly showing love if I can’t talk to the person beside me…can’t even say hi?

I don’t think so.

So….my challenge to MYSELF is that next time I ride the bus…I’m going to try to strike up a conversation with the person next to me. ¬†Correction: ¬†I’m going to try to strike up a conversation with a stranger beside me. ¬†Won’t do me much good if I just talk to Little E. ¬†ūüôā

Anybody else willing to step out and take this challenge with me? ¬†I know we don’t all travel on buses, so how about the next time you are out in the grocery store standing in line…or at the gas pump, or waiting in line at Tim’s?

I dare you to take this challenge. ¬†In all reality it’s not really that big of a challenge. ¬†I would love to hear your story of how maybe you had a great conversation with somebody because you truly asked how their day was. ¬†Not the “Hi, how are you? ¬†Good, how are you?” conversation in passing…but a really good “Hey, how has your day been so far” conversation…said with compassion..so the person knows you truly care.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. ¬†Remember…listen first. ¬†ūüôā

And, if nobody else takes the dare..I’m still going to do it and I’ll report back to you on my challenge to myself.


Blessing: ¬†I found a new challenge for myself…with a few blessings to come I hope.

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My little Slice of Heaven.

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I have a confession.

I love to show off how smart my son is. ¬†I truly think he’s a genius…and it’s not just me. ¬†My husband thinks this as well.

Now, I know what you are thinking…every parent thinks their kids are smart and that may be the case…but let me “brag” if you will a little about my child. ¬†Hear me out for a bit. ¬†ūüôā

Before my child was two he could count to ten.

Before my child was two he could recognize his alphabet.  When letters were pointed out he would say what they were.  In fact, he would go around doing this all by himself.

When my child was about six or seven months old I used to read a book to him about the three little pigs. ¬†It was not the ordinary story, but just a smaller version of it. ¬†It had a pig playing the fiddle, playing the drums, whistling and one other thing that I can’t remember. ¬†When he was six or seven months my child could go ahead and say what was coming next and do the actions.

Little E is now almost three and we were outside the other day playing on the slide. ¬†To keep the kids busy I ask them to go down the slide and I would rate their slide based on a number. ¬†The kids have fun with this and are by no means competitive at all. ¬†However, this particular day, little E wanted me to change the numbers to letters. ¬†I thought this was kind of weird but played along. ¬†He went down the slide and asked me what his letter was. ¬†I said “oh it looked like a P to me”. ¬†He then proceeded to tell me that “popcorn starts with the letter P”. ¬†I quickly caught on to this game and so did the other kids and by the end of our twenty minutes we had all the letters done including the hard ones like Y and Z. ¬†Little E told me that “yogurt” starts with Y and that “Zebra” starts with Z.

(PS…the others kids (well the ones that can talk) were able to play along with this game as well.)

(P.P.S. ¬†There’s a great game to play with your kids!)

Anyway, back to what I was saying…I believe that Little E is smart.

However…not everybody has faith in my child like I do.

I clearly remember going to Walmart one day and a man asking Little E what his name was.

Little E told him and the guy looked at me and said “Oh I bet he’ll have a hard time spelling that one when he gets older.”

Well guess what Mr. Man of little faith in my child.

Little E can spell his name and print it out and he’s not even three!

So take that!

(I’m spitting my tongue out at this man right now…just in case you needed to know)

This little lesson just shows that sometimes we pass over children and think that they don’t know what’s going on around them, or don’t put as much faith in their¬†capabilities¬†as we should. ¬†I have been caught in this time and time again. ¬†Sometimes I will help Little E do a craft and he will look at me and say “mommy I can do it myself” and I let him and sure enough he can! ¬†(This usually has me talking to myself saying, “my baby is growing up so fast!”…then I go back to day dreaming about when my Little E was a tiny E and he needed my help with everything. ¬†Then before you know it I’m sobbing on the floor and thinking “he’s going to be going off to college soon”. ¬†Ok I’m not really that bad..but you get my drift. ¬†ūüôā

On the other hand, sometimes I have to remind myself that Little E is still a kid and not an older kid like some of the kids I babysit. ¬†Sometimes that’s harder for me to remember because of all the things that he can do. ¬†But, I need to remember that…I need to remember that he still needs my help in some things.

So..I guess my lesson in this to myself is to not under estimate my child’s intelligence but at the same time helping him when he needs his mommy around to give him that extra boost.

That’s a huge lesson…one that is learned over and over again every day.


Blessing: ¬†My child still needs me. ¬†ūüôā

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