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Ok last week I posted that I saw the 40 bags in 40 days challenge when I was searching for things on Pinterest.  I came across it on this blog:  Little Lucy Lu .  So I decided that I was going to sit down and write a list and do this challenge.

However…I didn’t quite come up with 40.  I only came up with 30.  So I’m going to make it the 30 bags in 30 days challenge.  Sure I could have come up with 40 if I wanted to include my basement in this…however it’s not heated and I wasn’t about to freeze my epidermis (that’s a big word I learned from DC Talk back in grade 8) off so I decided to stick with just the main level of the house.  That being said…I do plan on doing this challenge again in the summer time and doing 40 days of 40 garbage bags just in my basement.  It needs a major garbage haul.

So just to clarify for this one.  I’ll be using regular size plastic grocery bags to throw/give this stuff away in.  You will notice that I have some things listed a few times.  I’m not cheating…..they just need to be done three days in a row if I’m ever going to make a dent in it.  🙂

So here’s my list:

40 bags in 40 days – Winter 2011

1. Kitchen Hutch

2. Bathroom Closet

3. Bathroom closet

4. Little E’s toybox

5. Little E’s toybox

6. My dresser

7. My dresser

8. Office Space

9. Office Space

10.          Office Space

11.          Craft cubby

12.          Little E’s closet

13.          Little E’s dresser

14.          Little E’s shelves

15.          Little E’s Shelves

16.          Little E’s books

17.          Little E’s books

18.          Kitchen cupboards

19.          My closet

20.          My closet

21.          Back room

22.          Back room

23.          Books in my room

24.          Books in my room

25.          Hubby’s sock drawer

26.          Utensil drawer in Kitchen

27.          Fridge

28.          Headboard

29.          Bench in entry way

30.          Movies

I challenged all my readers out there to do this with me and to take a picture of each bag after you did it each day with a tag saying the date and what area you cleaned out.  Remember all this stuff isn’t necessarily for garbage…some of it can go to a thrift shop.  Send your emailed photos at the end of it or even at the end of each day if you want to luvmyadopted1@gmail.com  and let’s see how much clutter we can get rid of!!


Blessing:  My son slept in his underwear for the first time last night!!!  Such a proud mommy here!!

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So Saturday night I was waiting for something on my computer to finish…ok i’m not going to lie.  I was waiting for my Atomic Wings on Cafe world to finish cooking so I could go to bed.  🙂  I then decided that maybe a little bit of Pinterest would be a good thing.  Yes..I decided this at 11:15 PM when I still had to finish my lesson for kids church in the morning.

So…on to Pinterest I go. And I came upon this really cool idea called 40 bags in 40 days.  You can find the original post here: Little Lucy Lu . Basically she’s talking about going through various places in her house and cleaning them out.  A bag per day.  Check out her list it’s pretty cool.  Her first day is junk drawer in laundry room.  So she’ll go through that…clean out stuff she doesn’t need or no longer uses, put it in a bag to either throw away or give away.

Soooo starting on Monday I’m going to revisit this challenge and start it for myself.  I’ll show you my list before then and I’m going to stick through it and get some of this unwanted junk out of my house!!  I feel free just even thinking about it!

Who’s with me?????  Come on you know you wanna…just step out and do it…create a list and take a picture of each bag with the day written on it somewhere.  Just write on the comment for the day on my blog (no matter what the post) this: “I did it” and then send me your pictures each day to luvmyadopted1@gmail.com  At the end of the challenge I’ll post them!  I wanna see what we can get rid of.  If you miss a day don’t give up, just get right back on there and stuff those bags.  🙂

I’ll be back before Monday with my list!


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