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blanksIt’s back!  Fill in the Blank Friday.  As always I link up with the blog: thelittlethingswedo

1.  When it comes to holiday shopping, I   do most of it .  I tell hubby what we are buying…see if he’s ok with it for his family and try to get a good deal on it. Usually I do pretty good, I think.  🙂
2.  A few things on my Chritmas wish list are… American Eagle gift certificate so I can get some new jeans, a gift for a family through World Vision and possibly a duvet for my bed.  Other than that not much.  It’s not about me…it’s about Little E and also the gifts I give others.  I’m ok with what I have….for I am soooo very blessed.
3.  An intangible gift I would like to receive is   a nice weekend away with my bestie.  Just the two of us….doing nothing…hanging out in a hotel and just relaxing.  That would be awesome.  I miss her lots.

4. A gift I would like to give this year is   a baby brother or sister for little E.  That would be so nice.  
5. My Christmas will be spent at my Sis & Bro in laws for a few days and then headed to my mom’s for a few days.  One day of boxing day sales and then back home.  Trying to keep it rather short as we have Florida planned in February.
6. My most favorite Christmas gift of all time was my kindle.  I love love love it.

7.  The best thing about the holidays is being around family.  And this year I have enjoyed watching Christmas movies.  I’m not a movie fan…but I’ve enjoyed having movie time with my fam jam.


I know I’ve said this before…but sometimes I take it for granted how blessed I am.  Sometimes I forget just for a second what my life was like 5 years ago.  Then I remember, especially on a day like today with the school shooting in Connecticut, how truly blessed I am….and I am so thankful.  So very thankful.



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It’s FRIDAY!!!!

I should post a link to: “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday”…but I’m not that mean.  🙂

Lauren from The Little Things we do blog has a sick baby…so there are no normal Fill in the Blanks for today.  So I’m going to make up my own.  She did link up with somebody else but it’s a Europe/USA t hing…and I’ve never been to Europe or watched movies from Europe so that post would be pretty boring for you to read.  🙂  So here goes mine.  Feel free to copy, paste and blog 🙂


1)  Book I am Currently reading (Christmas or not): Cross Roads by William P. Young.  (The guy who wrote The Shack).  It’s ok so far….maybe I should stop reading it at night so I can enjoy it more.

2)  A Christmas movie I recently watched: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer—the original one…the old animated one.

3) My favourite Christmas song: What child is this?  As long as it’s done beautifully….I love a good female singer on this song.

4)  My favourite Christmas snack is: Macaroons (the kind you make)

5)  Favourite Christmas activity: Sledding with my family.

6) Favourite Christmas post I  have seen so far: Oh you just have to check out Rachel’s link at Following in my shoes.  She has this tradition where she does a North Pole breakfast every year!  Go look at it now…you must!  It’s amazing!!!  I definitely want to do this with my family.

7)  A new Christmas family tradition I have started: Elf on the Shelf.  Yup ours arrived today.  I’m excited.

That’s it from me for this week…have a great weekend everybody!  Enjoy it with your family!!


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Again, I am such a slacker…but it’s been a busy couple of days in this old household.  Thursday night hubby and I had an information meeting for adoption….got a sitter who picked up little E from preschool for us and took him out for supper (super thanks to Michelle)….we get up there only to find out that the dude who was supposed to open up the meeting room didn’t show up.  Needless to say the social worker was not impressed….and we were slightly disappointed as this meeting was required for us to go any further in the adoption process.  However, it will be rescheduled so all is not lost.  Then Friday night hubby and I went out for a much needed date.  So…today is Saturday and Fill in the Blanks Saturday it is.   🙂  So…long story short..here it is..enjoy  🙂  As always, I link up with The Little Things We do


1.  “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is…”   smiling, being polite and wishing others, who may just be slightly frazzled this time of year, a Merry CHRISTMAS!
2.  The holiday season is  a great time to be with family, eat good food and celebrate the birth of our Saviour.
3.  When it comes to holiday decorating…    I would love to do more…but this year I fear that my dog will eat most of it.  I’m taking bets on whether or not my Christmas tree will make it through this Christmas season with the dog and kids around it.  🙂
4. The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is  getting together with family and friends.
5. My favorite holiday tradition is  decorating my Christmas tree with my whole family.  It might not look perfect like all those you see in pictures…BUT we all did it together and that’s what makes it perfect in my mind.
6. This year my Christmas plans include visiting hubby’s family, then Christmas day evening heading to my mom’s for Christmas on boxing day morning…then doing some boxing day shopping at the mall.  Heading home after a few days.   Usually we stay a bit longer…but we are hoping to take a trip in January/February…so we need to save our time off for that.
7.  My favorite holiday food is  TURKEY and my mom’s stuffing…that’s the best!
What about you?  Enjoy your Christmas with family and friends this year!!

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Friday is here!  That means a wonderful weekend with my family and my church family.  It also means a Fill in the Blank blog post.  I link up with The Little Things we Do.  Check out her blog.

1.  My best quality is   you never have to guess what I’m thinking.  I just tell you.  This could be good or bad.
2.  One of my less flattering qualities is I’m not good with change….(not the coin type)
3.  I’d rather be    reading .
4. Something I have been challenged with lately is  to spend my change (coins) more wisely.  A blog post will be coming on this soon.
5. I am looking forward to  our trip with Little E to Florida sometime in the near future.  We almost have all our money saved up!
6. A super random factoid about me is  I have to make sure the oven is turned off completely before I go to bed.  I check it about four or five times.
7.  I want to  spend more time focused on others (particularly Little E and my friends) and less on me.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Blessing:  I’m off today at 3 instead of 5:30!!!!

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It’s back…FRIDAY!  And with Friday comes: “Fill in the Blanks Friday” which I lovingly link to the wonderful blog: The Little Things We do

1.  I like  quiet at the end of my night. Relaxing with the hubs (which is few and far between) warm summer nights, the beach and  TOBYMAC!
2.  A life goal of mine is  to complain less and enjoy things more instead of being stressed all the time.  It’s a hard life goal for me.
3.  The last thing you would ever expect me to like (even though I secretly do) is  country music…it’s growing on me. 🙂
4. Some wise words that I love are  “The longer you wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when you get it. Cause anything worth having, is definitely worth waiting for.”
5. Most mornings you will find me  surrounded by children.
6. Right now I am super into  Once Upon a Time…love that show! And of course, TobyMac’s new cd.  AWESOME!
7.  Right now I am super over  people who argue all the time or don’t listen.
Blessing: AWESOME day with my little Man today.

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Fill in the blanks is late, I  know…but I was away this weekend so better late than never.  As usual I link up with the blog The Little Things We do.

1.  Something I swore I’d never do, but have ended up doing anyway is   the gangnam style dance.  Had to do it at Zumba once. UGH!
2.  Something I’ve always wanted to do is  go to Italy.
3.  Something I have absolutely no desire to ever do is   go on a cruise.  Nope….had to get off an island by traveling on a ferry for an hour and a half.  No desire to go on a cruise…even though I know it’s COMPLETELY different.
4. The best thing I ever did was   marry my hubby and then adopt Little E. Two best decisions of my life so far.
5. When it comes to trying new things, I am  very resistant.  I don’t like change.  I never thought I was like that, but the older I get the more and more I see it.  I try to change this unwanted change in me lol.
6. One thing I’ve never done is  drugs.  Saw the outcome of that stupid stuff on so many people I know and I have no desire EVER to do that.
7.  My favorite thing do do is  read a good book in a nice warm bed.  Which by the time I get to do that I only get to read one page and then I fall asleep.  🙂
Hope everybody is having a good weekend and staying dry!
Blessing:  Good reports at the doctor for Little E.  Great Blessing!
Prayer request:  Possibly starting down a new road someday in the future…..pray that God moves everything together in HIS way, not mine.

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I’m a little late on this one this week….we just got back from the YMCA and got the kids to bed.  Nevertheless…here we go.

I link up with the blog The Little Things We do.  You should check it out!

1.  My favorite feeling in all the world is    the moment when you sink down into a full hot tub when you are enveloped in warmth on a cold night.
2.  My favorite smell is Autumn or the first smell of snow coming.
3.  My favorite taste is   the first candy cane of the season.
4. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was   a sunset on the beach on Grand Manan.  I’ll never forget it.
5. The best sound ever is  Little E’s laugh.  Not his annoying orange laugh….his from the belly laugh.
6. A smell that reminds me of my childhood is  sawdust.  Reminds me of my grandfather.  He was always working with it.
7.  My favorite of all the senses is  sense of sight….Love being able to see and read things.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Blessing:  I only worked half a day and was able to get groceries before company arrived.

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